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Well yes I am a newbie to Sirius. That is why I posted the question. Does the fact that they are willing to give subscriptions cheaply to retain customers concern you? Can it spread enough to pressure margins and the free cash flow that everyone is so excited about? Valid questions in my mind.
Just search the subject and you will find multiple forums with people claiming they have negotiated super cheap prices and encouraging others to do the same.
I have 0 capital invested into SIRI. When I heard that the company gave us the subscription for dirt cheap, I was skeptical of the business. Read this article, asked a question based on what I have heard. Did not expect people to get worked up...
Yes, I made that up completely in hopes I could drive the stock price down through my comments on Seeking Alpha....
Call the company about your subscription and threaten to cancel unless you get a lower price. If this does not work, I will indeed be the imbecile.
"In September, the company fell from its 13-year hold as the world's most valuable brand, falling behind Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG), according to Interbrand"
We'll have to keep a close eye on AAPL and GOOG stealing market share in the beverage industry.....?
Once the free trial ended in multiple family cars, we called to cancel the service. Sirius ended up giving us the service for $5 a month, in three different cars. My uncle said he even bargained them down to $2. I know this is a spreading case, so should it concern investors? Also curious, do the auto companies pay for the "free" trial, or is it actually given for free by Sirius?
Very true. I know we've been believers for a while now. Yes, the company is still very speculative, but it is well positioned to achieve their goals.
Not as much of a 'longshot" and "speculation" any more. Plenty of contracts signed and future revenue streams continue to build
Any thoughts about JMI? Aren't they owned by ARR??
This MIGHT be an issue if Apple were to stop inventing and selling things and just pay out their cash. Highly unlikely though... Seems like just another AAPL article with no real info
Great article. I'm a new follower of the stock, and looking to buy. One thing I am wondering though: does management want to/have plans to try and grow more internationally other than Japan? I didn't see anything about it in their recent conference call, so I wasn't sure if their plan is to stay put or try and expand any time soon.
What are your thoughts on DLR today after reporting Q1? Ive been wanting to get into the REITs for a while, and this has been on the top of my watch list
I don't see #2 and 3 as a big headwind. Fed policy will likely stay the same for a few more years, making the valuations ultimately appropriate. The market will also stay questionable. While the defensive names might seem overpriced, it might be the new norm with the current fed policy and global economies.
The stock was up over 20% YTD before today's decline...
Bought below $50 because I thought I could make a quick buck. Now I'm thinking ill hold for the long haul after this earnings report. STILL undervalued!
It is also helpful to share a market sometimes. CLNE cannot build stations everywhere. With others coming in and building some, nat gas is more readily available to the entire country. Just strengthening the movement
Great article. I'm a shareholder and believer of CLNE
Good info, but one big growth point to Coach is international expansion. The popularity is just getting started there and should add plenty of revenue. While I do agree Kors seems a but more trendy, I still think COH stock is greatly undervalued
Let the articles keep coming. Buy during the pessimism and the company will continue to do well
Coca-Cola makes many many more products than just sodas. It has been around for decades and will continue to be around for decades.
Well they have already started to issue a dividend so obviously they won't treat it like the last 10 years...
Who is left to buy them? Did they not just report record revenue and iPhone sales? And sure, all of your friends might have an iPhone or iPad already. But will that one last them forever? No, people that own Apple products typically replace them for new ones and buy other Apple things. There are also plenty of international markets in which Apple has plenty of room to grow
If you were trading it for a post-split bounce then it was a bummer. But KO should be a long term investment
I too am a 19 year old investor. I added my first position in KO to my IRA just before the split. Wish I had enough cash to buy more on the dip, but oh well. Its definitely a long term investment. It's good to see another young investor on SA!
Maybe not 6 months, but it will get there
Who else in China is gonna be better than Apple?
I've been following it for a few months now but haven't pulled the trigger. I think the reliance on such a narrow pipeline is why. Sure, the stock has been doing well as along with the product. But as you said, it's still in trials. What happens to the stock if this one product goes awry?? I like the company's vision, but just can't justify the investment
Interesting contradiction
Thanks for all of the comments everybody. I'm now looking into buying bullion, but still keeping a close eye on GLD
Great article and analysis. I say ride the QE3 wave for a little bit and then take your profits
I think the weaker iPhone 4 sales last quarter are a hint at how huge the 5 will be. Apple disappointing with a new product? Not gonna happen, I agree completely
Not that I'm aware of haha. More common of a name than most people think