• DC Capital
    How long before CLF can no loner pay dividends?
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    • cfb5006: Have they announced the div for this quarter yet? They have 35M left in cash, so they are going to have to use the revolver to pay the div.
    • DC Capital: No, they announced their earnings though and they did not even come close to projections.
    • cfb5006: They kept deferring questions about the div to the board. I can't believe that they would keep the div this high, I bet they lower it
    • DC Capital: Yeah, honestly I do not think cash flows will not allow them to continue to pay out this high of a dividend for much longer
    • Ocean Man: A few quarters ago EPS were over $4. A 63-cent divvy made sense then. Now EPS are under 60 cents. I think they cut it.
    • DC Capital: I agree.