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Deborah Weir
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Less sarcasm and more proof of your assertion.
How does the recent insider selling figure into your analysis?
Here is a performance update since this article was published one year ago. Hospitals did well.
SPY +25%
CI +55%
WLP +55%
THC +62%
HCA +40%
I hope this article made you some money.
For the cash distribution!
Believe it or not, the doctors I have interviewed since the election think that our medical system will be OK. They are pleased to have some of the uncertainty eliminated from the business of medicine.
I apologize for missing the fact that WLP will buy AGP. Regarding access, do you think that the poor will be the only ones who will have trouble access to medical care?
Adding enterprise features takes AAPL from being a toy to being a business machine. Brilliant!
The price "under the hammer" is basic to securities analysis. Deborah Weir, CFA
(Chartered Financial Analyst)
Agree that tech icals drive AAPL, but so do devoted fans of their products. Grown-ups need toys, too!
Will we see an iPad on every schoolchild's desk?
AAPL is suffering with the rest of the market today. Are you adding to your position?
Hi Howard, I thought you'd include Apple Computer in your list of overvalued investments. What do you think? Best, Deb
The market is going your way today. Let me know when you buy XOM at your target price!
I like to look at the fundamentals of the whole stock market and the economy as well as those of AAPL. All are favorable right now.
Deborah Weir, CFA
Instructor, NY Institute of Finance
Bret, how do you evaluate RSI? At 58, it's above average so could be considered overbought. I agree with you that POT has room to run, but that RSI concerns me.
Most "Dear Wives" aren't interested in investing; we marry smart men in the hopes that they will take care of us. I wrote a very simple book to introduce DWs to the subject: TIMING THE MARKET (Wiley, 2005). Each chapter stands on its own, so your DW can read any part of it and learn something valuable.
There are too many stories in it for the Dummy series of books. If DW just reads the stories, she'll get the message.
Is POT an inflation play? Does the price of fertilizer go up as agricultural prices increase?
Potash has close to a monopoly on the fertilizer market in Brazil. How does that affect the future price?
Good question! SHOULD one put this in an IRA?