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  • Confessions Of A Herbalife Distributor 2.0 - Inside The Recruiting Cartel [View article]
    I'm a little surprised that these MLM companies don't change the terminology. By now all these terms like "Royalty Override, upline, downline, volume points, distributor allowance" etc have started to be closely associated with MLM's. By switching the terminology and the pay scheme ever 2-3 years, they could make it much more difficult for people to understand what they are doing. I mean it would be hard for a paper or report critical about the MLM industry to be relevant if every single industry term referenced was changed. And the MLM industry could say with a straight face "All that stuff mentioned in XYZ, we don't do any of that anymore"

    Completely unrelated to the above discussion, I read an article about Nigerian scammers deliberately using well known nigerian scams, terms, and tricks to "self filter" out even the slightly wary leaving them with a pool of totally unwary people who had never heard of a Nigerian scam. Nigerian scams have no bearing on any MLM company nor do I imply anything like it. Just a tangential digression on my part.
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  • Cincinnati Bell Offers Good Value And Opportunities For The Future [View article]
    Even in relatively new suburbs like Mason, there is still only copper running to the houses. Where is CBB going to find money to lay fiber optic?
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  • Hot Coffee [View article]
    "Coffee drinking is a sign of “trendiness” in emerging markets (e.g. India)"

    Thanks. That statement helped me value this article.
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  • Cincinnati Bell Offers Good Value And Opportunities For The Future [View article]
    How do you compare the share price derived from shareholders equity, which is net of assets - liabilities, by just comparing the value of one asset? What about the liabilities on the book per share?

    CBB has 2.1 B of assets and 2.8B of liabilities. It has a net stockholders equity of negative 700 million making the shares worth negative money on the books.

    Cherry picking one asset and comparing to the stock price which should be reflective of both assets and liabilities just doesn't make any sense. At this point, CBB is trading well above book value of assets - liabilities.

    CBB has a history of making disastrous acquisitions, and the wireline business has been shrinking for years, even if now and then it shows a few green shoots. The wireless business is soon going to be gone. CBB will be competing against Time Warner for the cable business. I'm pretty sure the wireline business will be sold at a discount down the road too. I read somewhere that CBB spun off its consulting business All that will be left is CBB the holding company holding a stake in CyrusOne.

    Cassidy & and the bunch on 4th street will find a way to put that stake in their pockets soon enough.
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  • Court ruling permits Yelp to manipulate ratings [View news story]
    Yelp will be making more offers that businesses can't refuse. It's "our thing".
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  • Twitter gains after CFO hints at major product changes [View news story]
    so long as whatsapp remains ad free it will remain after text, voice, email, the 4th most convenient option. who needs twitter group chat?
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  • Tibco +6% AH; strategic review officially launched [View news story]
    Thanks Chris...TIBX has been on the block for a while now regardless of takers so far I think...mgmt is now basically hanging out the biggest "For Sale" sign and attaching balloons...soon there will be a "Buy Here, Pay Here" sign too.
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  • Tibco +6% AH; strategic review officially launched [View news story]
    I thought loeb was in the stock and this thing was on the block a while ago. why the 6% pop?
    Sep 3 05:00 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • IBM Vs. Social Media: Real Financial Engineering [View article]
    You might have two babbling people being wheeled around, being fed from a spoon and having their diapers changed. Difference is one might be one year old and the other might be 100 years old. There's a lot of expectations for the one year old, not much for the 100 year old.

    IBM is organically declining, FB, for all its overvalued exuberance is increasing revenues by leaps and bounds. The overhang for IBM is not so much EPS manipulation but lack of revenue growth. Declining revenues have a way of steeply accelerating at some point. Much sharper than longs usually expect.

    IBM looks like a has been...
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  • Mindsets And Valuations Are Mimicking The Bubble [View article]
    For bubbles to form these conditions must be present

    1. A narrative for why the companies swept up in the bubble are so extremely valuable based on future sales

    2. A explanation for why this time it is different

    3. Smart whales pumping it up until the retail arrives like moths drawn to the flame

    Retail is very emotional and if you read the responses to your article above, you can see them regurgitating the 1 & 2 above, which has been fed to them by the whales.

    Add in boatloads of emotion & denial which will make them hang on to the stock in the initial steps of the bubble bursting and which will transform into despair at the fullest depth of the market crash and lead to panic selling at the lowest prices.

    Bubble tops are marked by euphoria. There is plenty around TSLA, GILD, LNKD, and yes FB too, YELP, etc etc etc
    Sep 2 06:30 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • China getting tougher on pyramid schemes [View news story]
    my guess would be that certain unnamed MLM's have paid off the bureaucrats in China to clear the field of their locally grown competition.
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  • Apple partners with credit card companies for iPhone wallet [View news story]
    I would support something that makes it harder for the wife to shop and pay, not something that makes it easier...
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  • Rousing upgrade on Tesla Motors from Stifel Nicolaus [View news story]
    I place a target of $0 in the brokerage account of the retail investors in this stock.
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  • Apple partners with credit card companies for iPhone wallet [View news story]
    NFC payments - an inconvenient solution hunting for a already solved problem (credit cards)....
    Sep 2 07:15 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Chesapeake Granite Wash - Seriously, This Junk Is Worth $11 Per Share? [View article]
    I get a cynking feeling when I read 0.5B market cap company trading 300k in volume being written about as a potential short. The danger is that the short thesis may be very well founded, therefore luring in the small investor who does some due diligence.
    Aug 30 11:02 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment