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Delian Naydenov
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Actually hardware is one of the reasons people buy from Amazon or Apple and also hardware provided by cable companies make it more difficult to change providers. Also, a Netflix device makes sense as most laptops/tablets/TVs are NOT made specifically for watching streaming movies. The TV was made for watching movies but it has not adjusted to the new reality. The iPad comes close but it is more of an app device. Superior Netflix devices sold at a loss or cost will reduce churn and hopefully reduce dependability on an internet connection (i.e. you can download up to 3 movies for offline viewing such as camping/airplane rides).
Netflix is winning on content but to stay relevant it needs to focus on hardware. Most respectful companies have their own hardware today - Apple, Kindle, Cable Cos, and even Microsoft. I think a Netflix exclusive tablet/laptop specifically made just for optimal viewing, on and off-line, experience makes sense.
Great article. I've been following the company and recently noticed they are involved in a patent lawsuit with Swingaway Sports Products. Do you think this could have a material impact?
I think long-term Amazon is a great investment. Prime is their hidden weapon. It would be nice if they could offer one free magazine/newspaper subscription with Prime. I would definitely sign up for Prime if a WSJ subscription or Barron's was available with Prime. Also, many baby boomers could sign up for it as it bridges the printed press with the new (on-line movies and free 2-day shipping).
I think Nintendo is still a risky stock as the company is being outdone by Microsoft (Kinect) and Sony (mobile and online). Also, Apple is taking a big chunk of gaming with the iPad and iPhone. I would wait to see improvement in profitability on Nintendo.
Nice article. I have a gut feeling the situation in Spain, Italy and Greece will be resolved.