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  • Derek A. Barrett
    Excited about the $ABT $ABBV split today.
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    • Go595lf: Please help us to understand how to keep investment in ABT and ABBv ? Thanks
    • Derek A. Barrett: From what I understood, you should get 1 share for every share of $ABT that you own. The combined dividend is split between both companies.
    • Derek A. Barrett: Also see the comments section here, that should explain it.
    • Go595lf: Thanks. understand company spin off. My question goes more with which stock to keep. I don't see reasoning to keep both, do you?
    • Derek A. Barrett: I'm taking a wait and see approach, although there is an article that discusses here:
    • Derek A. Barrett: Go59 you should be up pretty good so far with your ABBV
    • Go595lf: Yes. after reading Derek's articles decided to sell ABT and keep ABBV. Derek is a great analyst !
    • Derek A. Barrett: Glad you found some direction, and good news is that ABBV just added to Dividend Aristocrats index:
    • Derek A. Barrett: Don't follow daily my I-GARP holdings, but $ABBV had steady decline last week followed by 2 big days up this week, back to 37 again.
    • Derek A. Barrett: $ABBV is funny. There is a big fish playing ping pong with it. Up to 38 then goes back down, rinse and repeat.
    • Derek A. Barrett: $ABBV broke through 40 today
    • Derek A. Barrett: $ABBV up to 44 on a big day. Analyst upgrade.
    • Derek A. Barrett: Not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but $ABBV has hit my 50% Graham profit target so I will be selling. Great job $ABBV!
    • Go595lf: I am a dividend growth investor and enjoy the stock rising and the 3.3% dividend so far. I see the stock moving to $50.
    • wigit5: Go595lf great call its 51$ today... crazy I almost bought this in the 30's never did ...
      Feb 20, 2:26 PM