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PE 6.75 seems pretty reasonable
Reading or listening to the analysts during Q&As, it seems like they don't really know how to "value" these companies. I've heard them all asking management at various firms what metrics to use to determine a fair share price. Maybe that's why a lot of the quality firms are seemingly mispriced in the market right now. 5-6x earnings for DHT seems pretty cheap.
DHT trading just over 5x earnings seems silly cheap.
I heard Navios suspended dividends, so that could have been sending a shock through the shipping stocks as well. A lot of my ship stocks were down hard then bounced back, but ASC and CPLP not so much. All the earnings reports have been pretty solid that I have seen so far, but the share prices aren't reflecting the value. The ASC call had analysts saying that its NAV is $13, so they were wondering why the market was selling off shares. Really strange things happening. I think it is mostly driven by fear and misunderstanding. I have holdings in ASC, EURN, DHT, STNG, SSW, CPLP, GSL, GMLP and the waters have been rough to say the least despite pretty good management at the helms.
They didn't announce them in the release or conf call, but these were idle ships, so any rate is a good rate.
after hours doesn't like it.
of course, DHT down nearly 10% in after hours
CPLP went ex div today, so that was part of their fall. ASC, no idea. record earnings. Analysts on the call said NAV was easily $13. Management sounded open to share buybacks. Seems like an overreaction to, well, nothing? lol
ASC announced this morning and I thought their earnings report was pretty encouraging for the overall market, but shares got hammered. Curious what will happen with DHT tomorrow. EURN reported and saw a good boost. Kind of wild action with all the oil/product guys right now. Navios suspended dividends, so I bet that is going to rock sentiment on ship stocks again too.
Capital Product Partners L.P. Announces New Charters for the M/V 'Agamemnon' and M/V 'Archimidis' -
That came sooner than expected. Great new revenue stream.
I had no powder to fire off. Just gotta hold out for my options and common shares to pay off until I free up some other things.
Going ex-dividend today knocked 0.24 cents off from the start. Rest of the fall is probably people selling positions after earning the dividend. Read the transcript and Q&A. CPLP is being well managed.
Record earnings, positive outlook, and shares get crushed. Crazy market.
Last dividend was 0.18 and they declared in earnings report that it will now be 0.21. So that's a nice boost. Earnings were solid considering their was a hit from a ship sale included. $50m share repurchase plan announced.
I've gotten used to ICON being green, the red is a bit uncomfortable. Haha.
Simple straightforward analysis. Hopefully the market sees the value. Large short position could trigger a spike on any good news.
I think you are overthinking this. It isn't in SD's best interest to try to acquire a 20% or greater stake now outside of actually negotiating it with ICON management and working in some kind of private placement or a JV/merger. I would stay long your common shares and look at picking up some of the more "affordable" calls if you like to keep your options strategy simple. I picked up some August calls during the week, as I think $10+ is reasonable by then. Look for the months that have active open interest. I was holding some March calls, but decided to sell and picked up August because there is more liquidity for that month, and I suspect it will keep growing as ICON releases more news. This is all just my opinion of course. I am long Calls and common shares.
The call transcript was a good read and has a lot of great insights that are glossed over in these "news" updates. CPLP seems strongly positioned and the pending charters for the 2 containerships without right now would be icing on the cake.
if you exercise your option and take delivery of the common shares there's no reason you wouldn't be eligible. but if you just keep holding options, you have no shareholder rights.
good to see charters being extended out at higher rates and the next drop down fully funded and chartered. mixed economic outlooks, but CPLP appears to be running pretty steady
They didn't lose $45M. Read the report on how they have to account for convertible debt under GAAP. This was a solid quarter.
LOL. Amazing.
SEC announcement probably triggered more shorts, but that was old news to anyone closely following the stock. Feb earnings call will be interesting for sure.
Yggsdraggl, do your own due diligence and invest based on your risk tolerance. Can't blame others for your choices or how the market performs. Sub $2 I think GSL has upside, but that's my personal opinion.
EA just announced a bunch of new free content for Star Wars Battlefront as well that will be released throughout 2016.
Battlefield 5
Interesting. Management foreshadowing a pop in the share price?
Completely insolvent? Interesting perspective and completely opposite of what their December corporate report would lead most to believe. Fully booked fleet, nearly 100% utilization, 5 years avg left on charters, high inside ownership...
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So to confirm.... Your theory is that TK is going to reconsolidate TNK, TGP, and TOO back under itself? So the three partnerships will cease to trade, and the only active ticker would be TK?
If this is correct, what makes you believe that is what will happen? Seems like rolling those operations all back into one would be a large undertaking and possibly upset investors in the individual partnerships.