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  • Can Gold ETFs Push To A New Record High In 2012? [View article]
    No but we can love 'em. =)
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  • Is Paper Gold A Safe Investment? [View article]
    This particular viewpoint is often relegated to the tin foil conspiracy folks. It becomes more difficult to dispute however, when one shares not his own opinion but quotes directly from the prospectus itself. Let this serve as a clarion call to all who would sleep better at night knowing they have a little Gold in their portfolio.
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  • Can Gold ETFs Push To A New Record High In 2012? [View article]
    If people continue to buy paper instead of Gold that is a very "real" possibility.
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  • E-Mini S&P 500: Santa Rally Slump [View article]
    We live "today" exactly as it was written "then".

    Geopolitics? written
    Power? written
    Politics? yep
    Energy? uh-huh
    Domination? over and over.....

    Not only "is it written", we can't do anything to change it. I think that's what disturbs most people. Our job is to be ready for it.
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  • E-Mini S&P 500: Santa Rally Slump [View article]
    Everything is unfolding "as it was written" over 2,000 years ago.
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  • Can Gold ETFs Push To A New Record High In 2012? [View article]
    In answer to your question - "Can Gold ETF's rise in 2012?" the easy and obvious response is an emphatic yes. However, I believe that many investors are under the belief that owning shares of GLD means that part of their investment portfolio is actually in a tangible precious metal asset i.e, Gold. The truth is, nothing could be farther from the truth. Is that fact clearly disclosed in the prospectus? Yes it is. As I recall on page 70'ish.

    Do I think GLD and SLV are adequate short to mid term trading vehicles? Yes. In that respect they are as "real" as a Comex Gold or Silver Futures Contract. In fact they are almost as "real" as a warehouse receipt. The real truth in regards to any of the above is this - You only own the idea of owning Gold. You own a piece of paper. As long as an investor clearly understands the difference, and knowingly chooses to own an idea and not physical Gold or Silver, then he understands the risk he faces. If you do not clearly understand the risk, read the prospectus completely, consult with a licensed investment professional, and talk to investors at MF Global who were quite certain they owned physical Gold. They even had the paper to prove it.

    Imagine what the price of Gold and Silver would be today if all the money spent buying an idea had actually been spent buying real Gold and real Silver. Things that make you go hmmmm...
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  • E-Mini S&P 500: A Merry Market Move [View article]
    In response to your comment I'm going to talk about the old butcher. He's the guy who's been a butcher for forty years, and if you're his apprentice and you call out for two and a half pounds of roast beef, you'll get exactly that. When you put it on the scale, it's not an ounce over or under. You keep practicing, and someday you'll be him; in the meantime, he'll teach you the little things that, while they don't really make sense, they make work flow so much easier.
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  • E-Mini S&P 500: Euro Accord Restores Market Assent [View article]
    We have an open forum every day from 12noon to 2pm Eastern. Join us for live charts and lively discussion. Share your thoughts and ideas with our panel. We are now in our 6th year of broadcasting. Thanks very much for the comments and tomorrow I will specifically address your questions in regards to the anticipated ranges.
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  • Gold's Glitter Not Yet In Jeopardy [View article]
    Here a video to support my post. The American Dream - not intended for kids.
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  • Gold's Glitter Not Yet In Jeopardy [View article]
    It really depends on what kind of gold you're talking about it. If it's the real Gold you speak of, the stuff He's not making anymore, then we are dealing with a finite supply. In a world where Governments just print more money, and companies print more shares whenever they need liquidity, we lose touch with the concept of true "supply and demand" the most basic ingredient of what makes a market.

    A big problem today is that many people around the world hold monthly statements from ETF's like GLD and are firmly convinced that they actually own GOLD. If they only took the time to read the prospectus of GLD they would understand that what they own is a journal entry backed up by a statement. The same can be said for those who take delivery of a Futures Contract via a Warehouse Receipt. It's one great big shell game. A line from an iconic television commercial said "Where's the beef?" I say "Where's the Gold?"

    I take no issue with GLD or SLV as short term trading vehicles. My concern is for those who believe they have placed a portion of their long term portfolio in a safe haven investment. At some point the veil will be rent and the group consciousness will experience a great big aha moment. Unfortunately as people rush to liquidate their GLD they will be faced with the reality that there really isn't enough GOLD because He stopped making it and man kept printing it.
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  • Pre-Holiday Slide As The Risk Climbs [View article]
    Today's downgrade of Belgium prevented the market from trading higher. The hourly chart shows a bottoming pattern. On the daily chart this could look like a V bottom by next Friday. The open on Globex Sunday night will point the direction and hand us our next trade. We will TWEET as it develops.
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  • CNBC would like to interview investors and/or financial advisers who use Social Networking sites. [View instapost]
    Twitter has become for us an invaluable tool for the dissemination of instant trade information. We primarily trade Emini Futures and the Euro. It wasn't so long ago that Wall Street was the engine that drove the world economy. More and more we are seeing the emergence of a true global market. Globex has stepped out of the shadows and we are relying more and more on Twitter to light the path for our international clients as big moves take shape during both the Asian and European sessions.
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  • Emini Bullish Breakout Ahead Of Triple Witching [View instapost]
    With a good broker that's a pain you should never feel.
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