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DeWayne Reeves is the founder of CFRN and host of a popular radio program heard daily in over 20 countries. A former equities trader, he has focused primarily on the S&P 500 Emini Futures Market for the past 5 years. His insights and trading methodology are a blend of traditional technical... More
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CFRN - Christian Financial Radio Network
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Christian Financial Radio Network
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  • CFRN Multiple Time Frame Class For Emini Trading

    Multiple Time Frame Class Using dtPro

    In today's class you will learn to use Multiple Time Frames in all Markets using dtPro and the CFRN EMINI Method™.

    Burt will lead the class as he does each Monday and will walk you through a simple process of viewing the market from a slightly different perspective. This "view" from the top will do wonders for your trading no matter what markets you trade.

    Ever wonder why the market turns and runs the other way just as soon as you enter?

    Is it a conspiracy?
    Is your office bugged?
    Are you cursed?

    No, No and Heck No!

    You may simply be suffering from what is commonly diagnosed as "Tick Vortex" or "Range Syndrome". The Good News? We have Strong Medicine that reaches across both Time and Space and puts you on the same side of the street as the "Big Boys".

    Keep in mind, even "Mr. Big" doesn't get it right 100% of the time. However, he has learned what Burt will teach you TODAY!

    Many are cured in just one treatment. Some may need to return for a Booster Shot.

    "Sick and Tired of being on the wrong side of the trade?"

    "Want to get well once and for all?"

    Run download the dtPro Platform.

    Dr. B will be using the exact same platform (dtPro) as he walks you through, step by step, how to see what's up around the corner and just over the hill. This will be an Eye-Opening experience for all.

    Multiple Time Frame Class

    Monday (today) 07/13/15 / 3pm EDT

    Register Now - Click Here!

    I also want to spend 1 Hour with you in a One on One Mentoring Session to help you spot what's preventing you from being a consistently profitable Trader.

    If we can find it, isolate it and put it to sleep once and for all... you really can Learn How to Trade for a Living.

    Let's talk about that after the class.

    I remember the struggle and frustration like it was yesterday. No one was there to lead me out of darkness. In fact every corner I turned I got mugged again. Now, thanks to CFRN there is help available. I look forward to seeing you at 3pm EDT Today!

    Take our 1 Week Trial and I'll show you how to do this!
    One trial every 6 months. Special hardship exemptions are available. To apply, email us -

    Multiple Time Frame Class

    Monday (today) 07/13/15 / 3pm EDT

    Register Now - Click Here!

    If you need more info call us @ 949.42.EMINI or 866.928.3310.

    Trading's Not Easy - but it Can Be Simple!

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  • CFRN Trader Stories - Marianne Ep.1
    Ready to share your Emini Story?

    We are on a quest to build the world's largest Emini audio library of individual Trader Stories. What's your story?

    (click to enlarge)

    Traders from all backgrounds, all walks of life are recording, sharing and preserving the story of their trading careers. This is more than tales of hedge fund wizards, these are the tales of real people just like you. Your level of success or defeat is not important. The sheer fact that you stepped into the arena and squared off against the market makes your story not only worth telling, but worth preserving as well.

    Here is the story of Marianne - An Emini Trader

    (click the headphones upon arrival)

    Over 10 Years Now Teaching Traders How To Trade

    In we celebrated 10 years streaming 24/7. Catch our Panel of Emini Experts LIVE from 12-2pm EDT M-F / Every Trading Day. Join our Daily #Emini Radio Show!

    Miss a show? The only 5 Hour Emini Podcast is available Here and on iTunes. Catch up on Recaps, Webinars, Classes, Articles and much more.


    As part of the trial you will receive:

    • The CFRN Weekly Trading Zones
    • 5 Days In The Live Trading Room
    • 5 Days Use Of Our Platform And Proprietary Indicators
    • 5 Days Of Our Concierge Trade Alert Service
    • Unlimited Private Mentoring

    We will spend 30-60 minutes your first day in Orientation to make sure you understand how to trade the Alerts and to allow me to answer any questions you have. When you sign up for the Trial I will reserve you a spot in the next class. Get started here.

    Trading's not easy, but it can be SIMPLE!

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  • Bloomberg Crashes While "Smartest Guys In The Room" Deliver On Time

    Phoenix AZ - April 20, 2015 2:15pm EDT / CFRN CEO - DeWayne Reeves, spoke this morning regarding the "Global Bloomberg Crash" which began during the Asian Session last Thursday evening, and carried on through the London Open, leaving many Traders stranded and in the dark.

    "This is the danger we have cautioned Partners about regarding Wall Streets complete dependence on one network to carry both "big data" and communications. Despite the redundant architecture put in place by the 'Berg to prevent just such an outage, the inevitable finally happened. The only saving grace was the timing of the catastrophe..." according to Mr. Reeves.

    As the Globex Markets continue to play an ever increasing role in overall market activity, Wall Street, City of London, not even Valley Forge Pa (home of the world's largest Mutual Fund complexes), can continue burying their head in the sand while precariously balancing such a fragile basket of eggs on their backside.

    Mr Reeves went on to say; "Interestingly enough this event happened just weeks after we announced our new strategic partnership located at Bloomberg Terminals have done an extremely fine job of making ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg a Billionaire. Charging $21k annually per terminal, with over 325,000 terminals deployed worldwide, Bloomberg created a massive monopoly as the only player, at the only game in town, with the possible exception of Thomson Reuters (NYSE:TRI), ... until now.

    If this had happened at the New York Open or possibly anytime during the Wall Street Session, automated trading systems suddenly faced with an absence of data could have begun triggering Sell Side Orders, programmed into many systems as fail safe technology, but far too akin to the infamous dead man's trigger, for my comfort.

    The results could have easily lead to a systemic crash with much deeper ramifications than the "Flash Crash of 2:45" which took place on May 6, 2010 and dropped the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)1,000 points in a matter of minutes.

    This lone incident serves as a warning shot across the bow of every Financial Wizard, a clarion call to all Traders, Bankers and Money Managers 'round the globe that placing the worlds Financial Faberge' Eggs, all in one basket, is no longer an acceptable practice.

    While we have great respect for the groundbreaking work and miles of track laid by Mr. Bloomberg and Co., these trains of the past must now give way to the future of flight."

    Meet our new Strategic Partner -

    An article on CFRN's Emini Community Blog last night (the worlds largest and oldest network of Emini Professionals) rather humorously asked:

    • Does your Streaming Live Data Equity Platform smell like mothballs?
    • Is it reminiscent of Mr. Rogers one fashion statement (the grey cardigan)?
    • When you take it out for a spin does it handle like Dad's 1988 Oldsmobile?

    Don't get caught with your Data down - visit our new Strategic Partner today and take advantage of a very special offer created just for you -

    Wall Street has a new address, YOURS!

    Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!


    Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

    After Dark - email or call 949-42-EMINI

    Connect with us: Follow Me on PinterestFollow us on Twitter! Follow us on Facebook! Read the MailChimp blog Learn MailChimp on iTunes

    Please leave a review on iTunes

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