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DeWayne Reeves is the founder of CFRN and host of a popular radio program heard daily in over 20 countries. A former equities trader, he has focused primarily on the S&P 500 Emini Futures Market for the past 5 years. His insights and trading methodology are a blend of traditional technical... More
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  • The Flash Boys - Where Are They Now?

    Earlier this year that's all anyone could talk about - The Flash Boys. Their popularity may have even eclipsed the Beach Boys... for a moment. In fact, Forbes, a magazine I hold in high regard even penned an article which said life for the retail trader had run its course. Done, over, kaput!

    I also was motivated to pen an article, in defense of the retail trader. I also went on to say that rather than run with our tail between our legs, we should stand our ground and click the mouse only when we saw the whites of their eyes.... Actually, I worded it a bit differently, but I'm pretty sure I got the point across.

    Here's the article in case you missed it, and a link to it in it's entirety. Nothing earth shaking at this point, but at the time (check the date)... a timely point of view. Agree or disagree? I would love to hear from you either way.




    A little piece of me died when I read that headline and the article that followed. The same little piece that smokes a pipe, wears a Mr. Rogers sweater and drives an Oldsmobile.


    Now to prove I'm not making this up, let me quote directly from the article written by John Wasik a contributor to Forbes and published today:

    "How do you beat Wall Street at trading?"

    "Don't trade."

    That's my advice in a nutshell because it avoids the mostly true, but old news of Lewis's book. You can't beat robotic high-frequency trading programs unless you have what the big boys have: High-speed fiber optics lines to exchange servers, precise algorithms and the budget to finance all of the latest software and hardware. (Source: Forbes)


    I agree with John, I'll never beat the Flash Boys in a foot race down to the exchange and back. More importantly... I don't need to! I also don't need high speed fiber optic cable tied directly to exchange servers. The same fiber my kids watch Saturday morning cartoons on is the same fiber I use to transmit sensitive data around the world. Granted, I do pay my bandwidth henchmen (Cox Cable) an extra $150 a month to "goose me" when I need a little extra pipe to get the job done. As for software, I use dtPro which is free from Daniels Trading.

    Last but certainly not least, I do need some hardware to run my software, to get my S&P 500 Emini order into the pipe. We do recognize the need for a "rock solid" machine to bring all the magic together. You've been told to spend $4k for a "trading computer", haven't you? In fact, you've been told that to be a Professional Trader you need a "special" machine. What you need is simply a fast, reliable computer. Google the search term "Emini Trading Computer" and check out the top result.CFRN Emini Trading Computer.

    When you do the Google search, I'm not referring to the expensive advertisements at the top and by the way, unless you're really serious, don't click those ads. Why? Those keywords run the advertiser about $12.00 per click. However the first organic result you get, yes that's us. Click away... it won't cost us a dime because that's not an ad, that's Google's choice for the best search result for an Emini Trading Computer. Yes we're humbled and honored to be in the #1 spot, but more importantly, we're excited to be able to sell you a "rock solid" machine, hand built, right here in America.

    Will the $4k computers in the ad above us outperform us on some benchmark tests? Sure. It's akin to owning a car that will go 160 mph when the top speed limit is 70. In other words, you could be paying for stuff you'll never need. Can we bump you to an i7 chip? Add umpteen video cards? Sure. We prefer to give you what you need at a price you can afford. Don't get me wrong, those other computers are awesome, but if you think they are going to make you a better trader, forget about it. Our machine will send your order down the pipe and bring you back confirmation in the blink of an eye. Whether you're trading 1 contract or a 1,000.


    So before we all loose our train of thought drooling over our need for speed, let me get back to the point. If we get a Slingshot setup that tells us to buy the ES Emini at 1882.75, we enter a limit order. Sometimes we get filled, sometimes we don't. That's been going on forever. The S&P, above and beyond every other market out there, channels back and forth and back and forth, whether it's in an uptrend or a downtrend. So why am I a "Fan of the Flash Boys"?

    It's the liquidity st_ _ _ d. That's an old joke, on an old play on words, by an old politician. If you don't get it, forget it. If the ask is 1883 and the bid is 1882.75 and my limit order is 1882.75, that means I'll pay 1882.75 and not a penny more. Unless, I clickMIT which means "market if touched". Now as desperately as I want to buy at 1882.75, in the S&P, someone else is most likely just as hot to trot to sell 1883. Now if he thinks the Flash Boys are going to beat him to the exchange... what might he do? He might click "market if touched" or better yet he just drops his offer a tick because the new best seller on Wall Street tells him "if you want to play, you gotta pay".

    Flash Boys - New Kidz On The Block?

    For those of us who earn a living pulling 2 points (8 ticks) a day out of the most liquid market around - the S&P 500, we've been thinking fast on our seat for a long, long time. If my 1882.75 order doesn't get filled that's ok. I'll wait for the next train. However, with all the buzz about SPEED SPEED SPEED, I'm no longer waiting on a train, my ship has come in. Straight up.

    Why? While everyone is focused on being the first to the table, we're already at the table. We still have time to think. We still have time to wait for everything to come together just the way we like it. Worse case scenario? We get more opportunities every single trading day. Once the initial shock wears off, and everyone comes back out to play, us dirty rotten scoundrels, "the scalpers", we're about to have it better than we've ever had it before.

    Don't Forget Your Algorithm Flash Boy

    We have some pretty fancy math here at CFRN. We don't tout it as an Algo, but we could I suppose. We've color coded things for simplicity and we honestly hide all the dirty work behind the scenes. The heavy lifting, the grunting and squealing... all you hear are Michael's dulcet tones. Cool, calm, collected, pointing you towards the next trade.

    Our math is fluent in over 7 languages.

    • S&P500
    • Russell
    • Gold
    • Crude
    • Soybeans
    • Natural Gas
    • Euro

    and those are just the ones we discuss outside the family office. Our math was never designed around speed, the cornerstone of what we do is called opportunity. At some point, the car moving so fast the driver can't see is bound to crash and burn. At our speed, we still have time to think, to analyze, to make decisions that are in our best interest.


    I'm just another voice on the internet. Why should you believe me? You shouldn't... not yet. First, come see what I've just told you. Watch our Lead Trader in action as he puts on and takes off trades in real time, with real money, in front of real people.

    Once you see it, we'll even let you try it. Take the controls and go for a spin around the track. In fact, take 5 days. At the end of 5 days ask yourself which makes more sense:

    • Skimming a penny off a million trades in a week? ($10k profit)
    • Making 2 points a day (8 ticks) as a 20 contract trader in a week? ($10k profit)

    Remember now, according to the writer at Forbes, choice #1 requires:

    High-speed fiber optics lines to exchange servers, precise algorithms and the budget to finance all of the latest software and hardware.

    While choice #2 simply requires you to come hang out with us for a week at no charge. Chances are you already have a computer. In fact, if you're reading this... thank a teacher, if you're reading it in English, thank a soldier, if you're reading it on the Internet, thank Al Gore.

    Seriously, our 90 day course is designed to make you Guru Free Forever. Once you have our software and learn how to read a chart, you've been set free. On top of that, the price probably has 2 less commas than you're thinking of right now.

    There has never been a better time than now to take advantage of the "Chicken Little Sky Is Falling" mentality on Wall Street. It's like slam dunking a basketball with a step-ladder from Home Depot. Don't believe me? Smart man. Come see it for yourself....

    There appears to be a podcast attached to the article. You can click the headphones when you go to the the original article.

    The original post can be found at

    There appears to be a podcast attached to the article. You can click the headphones when you go to the the original article. No promise that days podcast is connected to the article as I tend to write after the Daily Radio Broadcast. You have been warned.

    This might also be one of the first days I spoke with Wayne Jett author of extremely popular non-fiction The Fruits of Graft.

    Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!


    Call us @ 949-42-EMINI or 866-928-3310 or email:

    Since we wrote this article we have completed our 3 year public beta test of our Concierge Trade Alert Service. Should you choose to become a Client you will receive 5-8 trade alerts via email each night Sunday through Thursday. If you visit this page

    you find Charts, Articles, Video Recaps etc... why not use our own website you ask? Simple... we would never want their to be even the slightest hint of a question or idea that we had tinkered with the Timeline or Date Stamp. The good new? You see it all - The Good / The Bad and the Brutal.

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  • CFRN Emini Trade Alert Service

    Concierge Trade Alert Service - Crude Video Recap

    Our last Recap Video presented 2 back to back days of the #SP500 . Were they 2 shinning examples where everything just fell into place? Far from it. Very far....

    Concierge Trade Alert Crude Oil Video Recap

    So why a video? To show you the opposite of the "cherry picked" pablum you often get fed. Everything we do from the Trading Room to the Trade Alerts, are all steeped in one thing - the Truth About Trading.

    I believe one of the single greatest reasons many Traders fail to achieve success in the markets, is because they have been led to believe that it's easy, takes only 30 minutes a day, requires no thought or skill on their part, in fact, it's often presented as so easy and so attainable, they might start spending money before it's even been made. Recipe for disaster...

    Reality? If you have experience, you can be up and running in a few days to a few weeks. Brand new to trading? Expect it to take a bit longer... You are preparing for a career so relax, be patient and don't leave the simulator until you are consistently profitable.

    You will be tempted to leave the simulator before you're ready.

    In life, we can fix almost every thing, from a car that doesn't start, to a leaky roof, shoes that don't fit, overgrown yard, computer with a virus, blown out knee, poor vision, hernia, a freezer with no ice cream, by simply throwing some money at it.

    Throw some money at a car that won't start and soon it's purring like a kitten. New shoes, lawnmower (or gardener), custom built trading pc from CFRN, Doctors, Surgeons, a trip to Baskin Robbins (do they deliver?), whatever the dilemma, in most cases (not all of course) money makes it right. Right? (I'm stating the obvious so just agree.)

    Of course in matters of the heart, relationships, where we stand with our Creator, or the fact we never saw the Beatles play live... ALL the money in the world can't fix some things. I'm here to tell you, Trading is also one of the things, money can't cure. Yes, if you have an itch to trade, money can scratch it... for a while. Long term though? No.

    Please hear me because I'm preaching from my heart and my own life. If you are struggling to become consistently profitable in the simulator, that's exactly where you need to be. Many of us like to tell folks how we were "Killin' It" in Sim, but as soon as we go Live, mysteriously every thing changes. (read "the rest of the story"...)

    After you read the rest of the story and watch the Crude Video, or maybe a few videos... you might want to take the Trial and see if what we do is right for you. I've already bored you with the Lists and Awards and what not. We are humbled whenever someone takes the time to recognize the work we've done, but hey... maybe your simply in it for the money. (lol) If so... you can take a Trial.

    The Alert Trial includes the Live trading Room - Private mentoring - Platform - Indicators, the works as they say. If that's what you want, it will cost a dollar, but if you don't take the offer we make at the end of the week, I'll give the dollar back. True Story. Sad to say PayPal forces the Dollar issue on this type of offer. It also tells me you are actually serious about learning how to be consistently profitable in the markets, and I can focus my attention on you instead of 97 tire kickers.

    DeWayne Reeves
    Founder / CFRN (now approaching 1 Decade of Service)

    Tune in Live M-F from 12-2pm here -

    or here -

    or download the Free App - TuneIn Radio / search CFRN
    (we stream 24/7 - live market commentary 2 hous daily)

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  • CFRN Trade Alerts / Friday Open House In Our Live Trading Room

    Live Trading Room Open House

    Today! Friday Nov 21, 2014

    9:30 to 11:30am EST

    Register -

    Password - concierge

    Everyone is welcome. Don't let our name throw you. Yes we are a Community of Believers Who Trade For a Living, but our doors are open to all people, from all walks of life.

    If you've never been on the internet you might not know who we are. We'll tell you later today or you can Google this -
    God Chasers and Emini Traders.

    To clear the air though, we don't get secret signals from God telling us when to buy and sell so please don't get your hopes up.

    We aren't a charity, we won't pass the plate, in fact if it weren't for the name, lack of profanity and racial slurs, plus the fact that some of our sharpest Traders are women.... you might think you were somewhere else. You're not, you're here... and we're glad.

    So WHY then do we have to drag God into it? If you really want to know I'll be happy to share our story with you, just ask.

    BTW - if you want Kool-Aid it's BYOKA.

    You can show up wearing a Turban, a Doo Rag, a Stetson or a Wig. Even a Ball Cap Spun Backwards is fine with us, but please young man.... "Do pull up the pants".

    Seriously though, you'll be treated with the same dignity and respect you show us. We're not out to convert you, we're here simply as a Safe Harbor, a Rest Stop if you will on that mad journey to Wall Street.

    Warning: Some Traders do find it so warm and inviting, they decide to stick around a while and learn how to trade.... some still haven't left.

    We first broke the Air-Waves in April of 2005. Since then (over 9 years ago), we've been streaming 24/7, sharing the good news and helping Traders learn the one thing ALL good traders need to know - How To Trade Profitably and Consistently.

    We also do it as simply as possible. Our company motto-
    Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple! says it all.

    You drop by and we'll show you just how simple it can be.

    On Open House Friday we invite both Professional and Retail Traders, Brokers and Fund Managers, to watch us
    _Trade Real Money / In Real Time / While You Ask Questions_.

    Sound good? Then bring a friend.

    Our Methodology is unique. The elegant simplicity will stir you, the repetitive manner in which we trade ALL markets will bore you. Our humor will grate on your nerves, but chances are... when we hand out a few select invitations to return Monday for more Live Trading and an Afternoon Q&A Session, you'll ask for 2.

    There's no Time Share Presentation at the end or Slick Willy Sales Pitch. We want you to see what we have. At the end of the day, you either want what we got... or you don't. That simple.

    Hope to see you there.


    password - concierge

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