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Dhierin Bechai  

My name is Dhierin-Perkash Bechai,

As an Aerospace Engineering student I have a more indepth knowledge about Aerospace products, so most of my articles will be about companies in the aerospace industry or airline industry, comparing products and looking at market outlooks.

From time to time you will also see quantitative analyses, comparing various airplanes. These comparisons are not easy to make since manufacturers refrain from publishing exact performance figures for their latest aircraft. In order to come up with results I perform a detailed research and use the various numerical results as input to obtain results about fuel burns and efficiency. These results are not fully accurate but give a nice ...More
  • Description: Occasional Investor.
  • Interests: ETFs, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
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$ING: 10% upside potential and a 7.5% dividend yield: May 27, 2015
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