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Long only, value, long-term horizon, dividend growth investing
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Long only, value, long-term horizon, dividend growth investing
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That info isn't registered yet on dividendinvestor.com (not our site).
Windows 8 and their move into mobile will be the force that drives MSFT higher. I like the stock over the next 18 months.
That was according to Yahoo Finance but it looks like Gfinance has numbers closer to what you are saying.
Its pretty simple:
2010 annual dividend: $.04
2011 annual dividend: $.21
2012 annual dividend: $.32
That is two consecutive years of increases. We didn't say they were going to increase the dividend above current levels.
2009: $.61
2010: $3.57
2011: $3.74
2012: Estimated $2.60
The company's dividend was absolutely increased in 2010 and 2011 from the previous years annual dividend.
"Deutsche Bank set a price target of $37 and said they now have a more defensive stance on oil-levered stocks as a reason for the downgrade."
I think the reason for the downgrade was made very clear.
I think its pretty clear. 35 years or more of consecutive dividend increases and a low payout ratio gives us good reason to consider the dividend of these stocks relatively safe.
GTY made an extra dividend payment in 2011 which meant they increased their dividend in 2011. They have not declared their dividend for the first quarter of 2012 yet.
Cramer is a fickle man.
The last 20 years were good, but that doesn't mean the next 20 will be. If they continue down the path they are headed now they will be a slow growing dividend paying bank like company. There may be better places to put your money for the next 20 years.
Morningstar has it at 111% and dividendinvestor.com has it at 116%.
SXL pays a dividend and has a 4.5% yield based on today's price. The next ex-dividend date is 2/6/12.
You make a very valid point, however we can only measure an annual dividend by what is paid in that year.
According to the link you sent CYS made 5 dividend payments in 2010 for a total of $2.90.
Pay dates:
Dec 29: $.60
Oct 20: $.60
Jul 28: $.60
Apr 28: $.55
Jan 27: $.55
2010 dividend - $2.9, 2011 dividend so far - $1.75 (possibly going to $2.3). At least a 20% cut now, if they declare a dividend in December then over a 20% decline year over year.
You can't count the current year towards a stock's years of consecutive dividend increases but you are correct, the quarterly dividend was cut and their consecutive annual increases will end once we roll over into 2012 unless they declare another dividend this year.
There aren't any errors with the numbers for HCBK.
Your star performer CTL did not increase their dividend in 2011.
Thanks dbtunr. That was a mistake on my part. I've edited the article.
Thanks for highlighting these stocks. TESS has only been paying dividends since 2009 so it will be interesting to watch and see if they can continue paying and increasing their dividend.
Thanks for covering DRIP stocks. I agree with you on PAYX and their payout ratio. I generally try to avoid any stock with a payout ratio over 60.
Why do you think these stocks have "superior long-term return potential" other than the fact that they currently pay a dividend?
I like Target's dividend growth rate and their commitment to increasing their dividend. love your dividend cushion formula. Where do you expect Target's dividend yield to be in 3 years?
I missed that SXL is an MLP, thanks for pointing it out.