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  • Shares of Ford on the move after dividend hike [View news story]
    $0.125/quarter--$0.50 annual
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  • An Example Of Achieving 'Critical Mass' [View article]

    I always enjoy reading your writings, and this is no exception. Just another great example of why DGI is a great strategy for investors with an eye towards their future/retirement.
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  • Booz Allen: As Of Today This Name Is Untouchable [View article]
    Agree with most others on this note. This represents a setback for the company rather than a trend or long term implication. Regardless of what company this person worked for, it could have been just as easily an employee of LMT, NOC, or any other defense intelligence contractor. I think if anything this represents an opportunity to buy into the stock for longer term gains.
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  • General Electric: A Dividend Growth All-Star In The Making [View article]

    In theory, I agree with you. Most blue chip stocks have recovered to reach and exceed the levels from prior to the crisis; however, most blue chip stocks dont have a near $50 billion dollar a year finance arm. At the time of the financial crisis, the size and scope of GECC was even greater. In a lot of ways, GE must be compared to some of the larger banks. In terms of comparisson to the large banks, GE has significantly outperformed those blue chips, given the share price and dividend growth since the height of the crisis.
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  • General Electric: A Dividend Growth All-Star In The Making [View article]

    I agree completely. It's about the company, the business, and the financial implications of the investment.
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  • General Electric: A Dividend Growth All-Star In The Making [View article]
    I've had the same question. I own stock in GE because I believe in the business. While may people do not care for GE leadership, over the past 3 years management has done a lot to benefit investors who climbed on board after the financial crisis. Many shareholders who have held GE stock through the crisis never seem to be satisfied with the performance and leadership with the company; however, they continue to hodl the stock in their portfolios. I feel that if I were so opposed to an organization's leadership, that regardless of performance I would have such strongly negative perceptions, I would be much better off investing my money elsewhere.
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  • General Electric: A Dividend Growth All-Star In The Making [View article]
    Thanks Maybe,

    I'm watching for the pullback to add to my position.
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  • General Electric: A Dividend Growth All-Star In The Making [View article]
    While I certainly can't agree with or support the totality of Immelt's past, in terms of announcing that GE would not cut thedividend prior to slashing it at the height of the financial crisis, I was not one of th investors burned by his misinformation or the mismanagement of GE Capital.

    I watched the stock through the fall, and was able to buy in as management got their house in order enjoying the capital gains and steady stream of growing dividends. I think where it stands now, GE is poised to be a great investment for the long term. I think management and the Board of Director's could certainly use a refresh, but I would applaud the execution by and shareholder friendly policies of GE's management over the past 2.5-3 years
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  • General Electric: A Dividend Growth All-Star In The Making [View article]
    I think one thing worth noting is that the majority of talk surrounding a possible spinoff of GE Capital has focused on spinning off portions, not the entity as a whole. GE has established a target for GECC to provide 30% of revenue and earnings, and the company continues to consolidate the unit to reduce the size and scope of GECC. Losing 40% of earnings would be incredibly disruptive; but my understanding is that most talk has surrounded divesting portions of the unit to focus GE on its industrial elements.
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  • Luxury Goods Stocks Offering Luxurious Dividend Growth Opportunities [View article]
    Perhaps the term "boutiques" is not accurate, as the stores formerly operated as Movado Boutiques have all closed; however, the company still operates 35-40 retail outlets, and continues to gradually and selectively expand the retail footprint of the company.
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  • Coach (COH) will increase its push to become a full lifestyle brand as it seeks to keep up with Michael Kors and Tony Burch, but could face an uphill battle. The analyst take: Typically, high-end retailers have more success expanding into new products when dealing from a position of strength - instead of playing catch-up. Though early results for new shoe products have been promising, Coach faces some margin risk as inventories expand in new areas. [View news story]
    COH looks like a great long term investment, and the push to become a lifestyle brand will support long term growth:
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  • More on Movado's (MOV) Q1: Operating income and revenue grow 18% and 6.1% respectively while margins fall 240 basis points as favorable currency impacts weren't enough to offset changes in the product mix. The company reiterates FY14 guidance of $1.80/share on sales of $570-575M (~12% top line growth), largely in line with consensus. Shares +7.56% premarket. (PR[View news story]
    Long term opportunities for MOV look strong:
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  • Dividend Stock Bargains In An Overbought Market [View article]

    I don't know much about the technology CAT has versus that of their competitors, but I am aware of the significant investments in R&D the company makes consistently ($2.5 billion annually). In addition, the dealer network is absolutely a strength of the organization, and a massive benefit providing the company unmatched ability to distribute equipment worldwide
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  • Dividend Stock Bargains In An Overbought Market [View article]
    While not every "Also-ran" pans out to be a great investment, at times these competitors turn out to be the better investment. XOM has clearly been the market leader for oil and gas over the past 10, 20, or even 30 years. In fact an investor who bought into XOM 10 years ago would have made a 250% gain on their investment, but that same investment in "also-ran" COP would have returned 295% over that period. Similar stories play out across the market year with others such as PG (177% gain) and MJN (318% gain).

    Long term, DD has much more to gain in these markets where they are not currently the leader. The size and scale of DD offers them the flexibility to invest selectively grow and gain market share in all of these growth areas associated with agriculture.

    I like DD as a long term play for a number of reasons. Sales targeting 40% of total sales from developing markets by 2015 signals an effort to move to more growth markets. Aggressive cost cutting will enable the company to grow EPS rapidly through both sales and margin growth, and cost savings, and a $1billion share buy-back program initiated in late 2012 should begin to attribute to earnings over the course of the year.

    All in all for a long term investor, entry price is everything. I think at the current price, and with the opportunities on the horizon, DD is a sound investment at this level. I know David Crosetti, whose opinion I respect immensly, stated that the stock has traded in a $40-50 range for the past few years; however, I see the period ahead as a period of share price growth for DD. JNJ had traded in a range from $50-65 for several years before climbing to $80+ over the past year.

    While $80 may not be in reach for some time, I believe DD has the opportunity to climb to $65-70, while returning capital to investors, over the next 12 months as the company capitalizes on some of the opportunities to grow.
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  • Dividend Stock Bargains In An Overbought Market [View article]
    While past performance of DD has not been stellar, the forward looking opportunities appear to be brighter. DD has been taking steps to move more and more into higher growth areas like agriculture. While the company lags behind others, such as MON, they are poised to be a significant competitor in the industry. In addtion DD has been investing in higher growth markets like India and other developing nations and has grown sales in developing markets by 22% CAGR over the past four years. Additionally, divestitures in slower growth markets and acquisitions in high growth areas should enable DD to meet many of the performance targets (12% CAGR for EPS) and grow dividends in line with earnings for years ahead. At the current price, and a 3.3% yield DD looks like an attractive potential investment for the years ahead.

    The famous investment disclaimer states that past performance is no guarantee of future results. DD has underperformed the market for years, but offers potential for investors as a sound long term investment, at the right price.
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