Dividends Paid

Dividends Paid
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Good article DG. DPS appears to be a good value at current prices and a solid dividend to boot. Including dividend growth and buybacks management shows its dedication to return value to shareholders. I'll have to put it on my watch list.
Best of luck churn.
Ha! Good info maybenot, thanks for sharing.
What about TD makes it the most appealing to you maybenot?
Thanks Juice 9, that's certainly something to keep in mind when evaluating the Canadian banks. I am curious about the real estate market there and if there are simlarities to the issues that caused the US mortgage crisis.
Thanks for your comment jstratt. Personally I need C and BAC to get their payment and yield up before I will consider them. I do agree, If they can get past their legal troubles then each of their dividends should come up considerably.
They certainly had a nice fat increase just recently.
I was unaware of that, thank you eternal. I do state that I was only looking at the latest quarterly increase so I wouldn't say my statement was inaccurate, but this fact does lead to a misleading representation vs the US Banks. This is good information to know when doing further DD on the Canadian banks.
Hi Tom - According to Yahoo Finance, just once during the mortgage crisis in 2009. It went from $0.66 (quarterly) to $0.10. It has since rebounded back to $0.44. The first quarterly dividend they paid in 1988 was $0.235 (split-adjusted).
For those who are looking for additional information on AMGN, Chuck Carnevale recently published a very detailed article on on SA. http://seekingalpha.co...
Great article Chuck, very detailed. I am one of those investors who got in based on the dividend and hope to be DRIP'ing it for a very long time. I think its got a bright dividend growth future and recently wrote an article highlighting that.
Hi Bob. Good question, yes they have. In April 2011 as part of their "Amgen Outlines Strategy, Growth Objectives and Capital Allocation Plans" news release they stated that they intend to "return an average of approximately 60 percent of adjusted net income in the form of dividends and stock repurchases to stockholders through 2015." Obviously as long as they are achieving their growth goals there is no reason to assume they would not continue this beyond 2015.
I agree as well Mike, AVA does have potential. I began looking at it when David Van Knapp mentioned it in his earlier comment. I intend to do further DD on it along with the others. Thanks.
EXC did not make the list due to its flat dividend since 2009.
Thanks for the info lucky. Further regulation could have an affect on their bottom line if they don't have a transition plan. I'd be interested to see if any of their plants have plans to move to natural gas. Or if that is economically viable for them.
Good question kolpin. I currently haven't done enough analysis on these to give a good answer. Maybe other SA readers could share their thoughts based on their knowledge of the companies.
That's good to hear David. I am a follower of yours so I look forward to seeing your final analysis.
Thanks Mike, I'm glad I'm not alone in regards to Utilities. Is there anything about SO or PPL that have stood out to you in your research? I'm just beginning my DD in each to further narrow down my potential buy list, so I'd be interested to hear any pro's and con's to each.
And thanks for the recommendation, I'll have to take a look at Chuck's series on utilities.
I couldn't have said it better Robert, thanks.
Thanks for reading Baron, I hope it was helpful.
Yes, my main focus is on the dividend and its future growth. The points you make are absolutely valid and something I will have to consider when doing further DD on the stocks I mentioned. This analysis was done to narrow the field down, now additional research needs to be done before I make any purchases.
Great first article DG, you make some excellent points. I hope to see more in the future. Long AFL
This is impressive, very cool David.
Thanks Robert!
True, but he's not an outsider coming in. The new CEO is the former COO and President so I would expect more of the same from him.
Their management is certainly another Strength of the company. That was demonstrated when they stayed ahead of the rising commodity prices. Thanks for your thoughts Blaky.
I expect that as well. I wonder if recent events will have an affect on how much of an increase though. I think investors will be disappointed if it's not a double digit increase again as I'm sure they've grown accustomed too.
It appears that the growth hit the company will take on the Battleship movie this year is currently reflected in the price of the stock. Based on previews of the move I certainly wasn't expecting a blockbuster anyway. The current price weakness allows for great entry point IMO. There is still plenty of room for dividend growth this year without significant bottom line increases, and I would expect growth to get back on track next year.
You make a good point about about them producing proven winners in the toy department. I certainly look forward to buying my son his first GI Joe and Nerf guns (so I can play with them too). Thanks for the comment.
Good question Bob. When evaluating a stock for dividend income purposes I want a stock that has low volatility. Although there is not a direct correlation between dividend safety and beta, you will typically find the more reliable dividend paying companies also have lower beta scores. I wanted to include Beta in my analysis and "Reliability" seemed like the best section for it. The section should probably be renamed "Safety & Reliability".
Sounds like we have similar methodologies. I hope they have been rewarding for you as well. Best of luck.
Thanks for the kind words george. Please feel free to check out my blog dividendspaid dot com. I try to review stocks requested by my followers there, so feel free to send me a note on ones you'd like to see analyzed and I will do my best to put together a growth or income analysis like this one. Best of luck.
Thanks Rudester
And one or more lucky grandchild. Good luck to you Bob.