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  • Dmitry Kovalchuk
    Panasonic upset with $TSLA's marketing. Have been offering Powerwall for 3 years already in Japan. (german)
    May 17, 5:48 AM
      • Dmitry Kovalchuk
        I guess $BBRY might buy $MOBL for 2-3 USD/Share in a few quarters.
        Apr 29, 1:24 AM
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        • caligrowthresearch: But only for the customer base, not their crap technology.
          Apr 29, 2:01 AM
        • D-struction: Negativity notwithstanding, good to hear. $MOBL has been frustrating.
          Apr 29, 7:54 AM
          • Dmitry Kovalchuk
            $BBRY, why so many r expecting a bad Q?! The only metrics that will matters this Q is the № of paying BES 12 customers & future guidance
            Mar 26, 3:27 PM
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            • caligrowthresearch: I'm positive, but I'm sure the stock price will decline after earnings because of low revenue but be back up by the end of the day.
              Mar 26, 7:02 PM
            • Energysystems: That's quite a bullish/cautious call, cali. How low will revs go until Chen finally starts to grow revs? 600M? 500M?
              Mar 26, 7:39 PM
              • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                $SNDK and $MU are getting slaughtered this morning due to SanDisk's outlook.
                Mar 26, 7:16 AM
                  • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                    $BBRY bears, please finish this sentence: "I want BlackBerry to fail and go out of business, because _________."
                    Mar 25, 10:32 AM
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                    • sfinvestor: It starts with the top, the Board of BBRY has no clues to technology.
                      Mar 25, 3:54 PM
                    • Thepianist: they don't give what the customers want.
                      Mar 25, 3:54 PM
                      • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                        $TSLA Thursday preview: if ur battery died & u r in the middle of nowhere an #uber driver will be automatically sent to your rescue! :-D
                        Mar 16, 10:52 AM
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                        • agliata: Or rescued by a drone
                          Mar 16, 11:19 AM
                          • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                            Morgan Stanley on $BBRY taken from @amberkanwar
                            Mar 16, 10:30 AM
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                            • NBohrQM: "NOISE"
                              Mar 16, 6:55 PM
                            • Godwin Chan: They must had people standing all day every day for past couple of weeks at all major carrier stores in US and "checked" all the "demands"
                              Mar 16, 7:06 PM
                              • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                $BBRY Quote: "The SecuTABLET is a new, secure tablet that supplements the SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 portfolio" what does it mean, exactly?
                                Mar 14, 2:33 PM
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                                • Ivan Jimenez: PCWorld explains
                                  Mar 14, 3:49 PM
                                • Dmitry Kovalchuk: It still doesn't say exactly what Secusmart's contribution to this tablet is. Leaves me wondering whether they only provide secure microsd
                                  Mar 14, 6:30 PM
                                  • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                    Ouch! Toyota Recalls RAV4 EVs to Repair Tesla System Posing Crash Risk $TSLA
                                    Mar 12, 2:57 AM
                                      • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                        $BBRY @BlackBerry has experienced a steep rise of the MS in FR, IT, DE, ES & JP. (Dec14/Jan15) according to:
                                        Mar 5, 10:35 AM
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                                        • Dmitry Kovalchuk: Canada is not on the list, sorry.
                                          Mar 5, 5:25 PM
                                        • anstin: Canada not considered as a country at all...
                                          Mar 5, 7:45 PM
                                          • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                            $BBRY introduces "leap" full touch and "Keian" the new slider
                                            Mar 3, 3:58 AM
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                                            • Dmitry Kovalchuk: sfinvestor, a lot of people wanted a slider from BlackBerry. There is a demand for that kind of devices.
                                              Mar 3, 4:21 AM
                                            • Ivan Jimenez: I see some trolling gong on! ;-)
                                              Mar 3, 5:31 AM
                                              • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                $BBRY waiting for the articles on SA / analysts statements that all partnerships announced by BlackBerry don't matter & r nothing special:-)
                                                Mar 2, 11:14 AM
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                                                • Dmitry Kovalchuk: EZR, there will be more old BES/BIS Revenue dying off which has to be offset by new services/software revenue.
                                                  Mar 2, 6:59 PM
                                                • Dmitry Kovalchuk: I will look closer at the "unearned revenue" position in the next quarterly report and try to derive some conclusions from it.
                                                  Mar 2, 7:02 PM
                                                  • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                    $BBRY unveils BlackBerry Experience Suite:
                                                    Mar 1, 1:43 PM
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                                                    • surinotes: $BBRY Cup & Handle Pattern (Long handle) and targets
                                                      Mar 1, 2:18 PM
                                                      • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                        $BBRY and #Samsung Expand Partnership.
                                                        Mar 1, 1:36 PM
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                                                        • Ivan Jimenez: Dmitry I guess this was also the announcement that Secusmart sent the invites for. I kept my shares because of the of it.
                                                          Mar 1, 1:45 PM
                                                        • Splenosis: Buckle up $BBRY longs.
                                                          Mar 1, 3:21 PM
                                                          • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                            $BBRY more on next BB 10 full touch device here:
                                                            Feb 24, 4:25 AM
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                                                            • Dmitry Kovalchuk: Chris Lau, my Passport has become really buggy after the update. Before that no troubles at all.
                                                              Feb 25, 8:46 AM
                                                            • Chris Lau: Heard the update is a mess. They're on it, with the small staff they have. Hope Passport update gets fixed.
                                                              Feb 26, 1:21 PM
                                                              • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                                $BBRY QNX advances ;-) and
                                                                Feb 24, 4:24 AM
                                                                  • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                                    Hmmm BofA statement is not worthy enough for "SA Breaking News" on $TSLA?
                                                                    Feb 23, 9:27 AM
                                                                      • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                                        $BBRY meanwhile on #BlackBerryPassport (Black) is sold out & is available from 3d party retailers.
                                                                        Feb 17, 2:09 PM
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                                                                        • caligrowthresearch: Did someone say $11? Coming sooner than shorts wish:)
                                                                          Feb 17, 2:15 PM
                                                                          • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                                            $BBRY rises on another rumor! This time it is a rumor on a possbile #BlackBerryRumor
                                                                            Feb 17, 10:48 AM
                                                                              • Dmitry Kovalchuk
                                                                                $BBRY #BlackBerryPassport and #BlackBerryClassic will be available on @ATT stores on 20.02.2015
                                                                                Feb 16, 9:58 AM