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Most of the insider sales came from individuals who are still with the company. The CEO, CFO, COO, and General Counsel are all selling. Maybe I'm being a wuss but that's an alphabet soup you don't wanna see on the sales list.
As far as your second question goes, I'm not sure. Humana's revenue, net income, and cash flow (especially adjusted for changes in working capital) are all up in the most recent quarter, so I'm not sure what the hold-up would be, especially since this receivable is a flea bite compared to their overall income/expenses.
I guess that's true - North Wilkesboro Speedway isn't a Nascar track anymore, though it does still host other races. Still, I think that's relatively unimportant to the general thesis here. They've still got a strong competitive position and much of the revenue declines have still been from ticket price discounting.
As far as the Bruton/Burton thing goes, mea culpa. I've never seen a Bruton before, I guess I just read it as "Burton." A lesson learned!
That's an interesting point. Still, it's been around for a year and a half without making any real dent in Gamestop's margins - I wonder how successful it's been? I haven't seen much data online about their sales numbers, so I guess it's off to the annual reports to see for myself...thanks for the tip!