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  • Projected T-Bill Rates Jump 0.25% In 2017-2018, Peak Still Seen In 2021
    on Thu, Apr. 17 BOND, TLT, TBT 5 Comments
  • Credit-Adjusted Dividend Yield: A Comcast Corporation Example
    on Thu, Apr. 17 CMCSA 4 Comments
  • Comcast: A Bond Market View
    on Tue, Apr. 15 TWC, CMCSA Comment!
  • Vodafone Group PLC: The Bond Market View
    on Mon, Apr. 14 BND, T, TBT 4 Comments
  • Projected T-Bill Rates Peak At 3.92% For 2021, Down 0.13% From Last Week
    on Fri, Apr. 11 TLT, BND, BOND 13 Comments
  • The 20 Best Value Bond Trades With Maturities Of 10 Years Or More
    on Fri, Apr. 11 AIG, AMGN, APC 6 Comments
  • General Electric: Credit Spreads And Credit-Adjusted Dividend Yields
    on Wed, Apr. 9 GE 4 Comments
  • General Electric Capital Corporation Bonds: Big Volume, Small Value
    on Tue, Apr. 8 GE 1 Comment
  • Projected 1-Month T-Bill Rates Show Peak In 2020 At 4.05%, A 1-Week Jump Of 0.19%
    on Fri, Apr. 4 TLT, BND, BOND 2 Comments
  • The 20 Best Value Bond Trades With Maturities Of 10 Years Or More
    on Tue, Apr. 1 AMGN, C, COP 2 Comments
  • Projected One Month T-Bill Rates Show Peak In 2021 At 3.86%
    on Fri, Mar. 28 BND, BOND, TBT 6 Comments
  • Yellen's Wednesday Comments Cause A Surge In Treasury Projections For 2015-2021
    on Fri, Mar. 21 BND, BOND, NUV 4 Comments
  • Prudential Financial Inc.: A Bond Market View
    on Fri, Mar. 21 MCO, MHFI, MS Comment!
  • The 20 Best Value Bond Trades With Maturities Of 1 To 5 Years
    on Wed, Mar. 19 AON, AXP, CAM 2 Comments
  • Stress Testing And Interest Rate Risk Models: A Multi-Factor Stress Testing Example
    on Tue, Mar. 18 BAC, JPM, WFC Comment!
  • The Coca-Cola Company: A Bond Market View
    on Tue, Mar. 18 KO 2 Comments
  • Sharp Drop In Long-Term Treasury Forecast But Potential Volatility Is High
    on Sun, Mar. 16 TLT, BND, TBT Comment!
  • Stress Testing: A Credit Spread Ranking Of 12 U.S. And 12 International Banks
    on Thu, Mar. 13 BAC, BBT, BMO Comment!
  • The 20 Best Value Bond Trades Of 20 Years Maturity Or Longer
    on Wed, Mar. 12 AIG, AMGN, AXP Comment!
  • Bank Of America: Bond Market 'Stress Test' Results
    on Mon, Mar. 10 TBT, TLT, BAC 40 Comments
  • U.S. Treasury Forecast: Forward Rates, The 8.00% Scenario, And The Japan Scenario
    on Mon, Mar. 10 BOND, NUV, REM 9 Comments
  • The 20 Best Value Bond Investments For Maturities Of 10 Years Or More
    on Thu, Mar. 6 KMP, SU, RDS.A 10 Comments
  • Stress Testing And Interest Rate Risk Models: How Many Risk Factors Are Necessary?
    on Thu, Mar. 6 C, JPM, WFC 2 Comments
  • RadioShack Corporation: Bond Risk And Return Analysis Looks Grim
    on Wed, Mar. 5 RSH 19 Comments
  • Credit Spreads Of Puerto Rico General Obligation Bonds Decline 2.00% From Peak
    on Tue, Mar. 4 Comment!
  • Kamakura Reports Improved Credit Quality In February
    on Mon, Mar. 3 EGFEF, PDGRF, PDGRY Comment!
  • Novartis A.G.: The View From The Bond Market
    on Mon, Mar. 3 TBT, TLT, NVS 7 Comments
  • Treasury Forecast: A Sharp Drop This Week And A 7% Scenario For Treasuries In 2017
    on Fri, Feb. 28 BND, NUV, REM 16 Comments
  • City Of Detroit Bonds Show Dramatic Decline In Credit Spreads
    on Fri, Feb. 28 MUB, PZA, MUNI 4 Comments
  • Cisco Systems Inc. Leads Bond Market Top 40 In Trading Volume
    on Fri, Feb. 28 C, CMCSA, GS Comment!
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Leads Best Value Long Maturity Bond Trades
    on Wed, Feb. 26 AXP, BUD, CB Comment!
  • Cisco Vs. Apple Vs. Google: A Bond Market Battle
    on Tue, Feb. 25 AAPL, GOOG, TBT 27 Comments