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  • Retirement Strategy: Preparing For The Unknowns [View article]
    Paul, very nice observation. The trend away from materialistic things is in place, different types of consumptions have become available and productivity has grown. So has the availability of efficient retail, via web shopping, logistics and such. I had a long talk with my wife about the struggling box retail model, she said they need to make enough money to be able to change, and she thought the Dollar Store/Family Dollar thing was going to be the first to go,,, already suffering from lack of store refresh creating a bad shopping experience. Fascinating trend and great great point.
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  • 3M Is Growing, But Some Metrics Matter More Than Others [View article]
    Great look into the debt and margins, I have been watching 3M margins too. Long 3M, great bunch here. A quick thought, do you think the Sumitomo buy out made the Q2 numbers? That's almost a billion dollar move for 3M, looks like it's planned out for closing in September. If that's in it should bump the leverage but not much.

    I agree with you 100%, 3M....rock solid. Love the re-purchase plan, love the 30% increase in the dividend this year, and I'm watching some of the high margin areas they are starting to get some traction in, like software as a service. Check out the Encomapss 360 piece if you want to see an example of some smart people in the right place at the right time.
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  • A Review Of The Dividend Safety Superstars [View article]

    Best of luck to you, nobody cares as much about your money as you do. It's a fact, listen to Bob Wells, he has a questioning mind that refuses to stop learning he'll be the smartest guy here before long and close to it already.

    about my prices....if they go more, but be smart find out why?

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  • A Review Of The Dividend Safety Superstars [View article]
    Big, I think about the market efficiency all the time....lot's of dollars are trading technical numbers. I do have the conviction to act when buying, and every situation so very different. I always buy in steps, unless things look cheap, I did hit the SO pretty hard today at that low spot (strongly under $42), and I'll adjust to more aggressive buying after the summer. This has been a tough time to have new portfolios coming on line, patience needed. The typical summer set ups have not appeared, yet. Will they? Like a divergence between the utilities and the S&P? hard to say as interest rate fears have affected the utilities. I bet I get GIS at $49 and O at $42, I'm waiting.
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  • Retirement Strategy: Preparing For The Unknowns [View article]
    just the truth,

    that is precisely what happens with dementia, it is an illness of the mind. When another part of your body is sick, we can look at that and think...."wow my dang kidney is failing". When it is your mind that has become ill, you very often are not able to look at it and say or 'think' the same thing. It's a progression, and the way it starts cut's slowly, so very slowly into these decisions.

    In retrospect, it starts earlier than you think. Get the plan together.

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  • Retirement Strategy: Preparing For The Unknowns [View article]
    RS, and others......I have gone through the dementia struggle as well in my family. Often finances are left out of the struggle, and often dis-trusting, non-trusting goes along with the struggle to manage care. It is difficult. My prayers are with you all who are dealing with this. Find time to take on the estate issues, early is better than late. Do the best you can, and try to rest your body and spirit.


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  • A Review Of The Dividend Safety Superstars [View article]

    I starting adding Southern Company (NYSE:SO) the last few days, where it makes sense. Mostly where income is needed inside the next 5 years.

    Also small steps in CVX, and Inter Pipe, STAG and LTC. Waiting for more downside in the big blue chips, but orders are sitting on the books for JNJ at about $96, PG $77, GIS $49, O $42, HAS $48....many others are still waiting as well, if that was out summer dip, I'll will increase targets were needed to develop income in about 30-60 days. Waiting costs money as well.
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  • Retirement Strategy: The ETF Only Portfolio Vs. Buy The Dips Portfolio: Update For July [View article]
    mutual funds=di-worsification. nuff said
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  • Retirement Strategy: The Apple Juggernaut Should Be In Every Retirement Portfolio Right Now [View article]
    jb, the products are the best from Apple. I'm typing this on my new MacBookAir. I paid three times what a Windows base machine would cost for this machine. After having ten PC's and switching to a Mac (that i gave to my kids when I got this one) I can tell you with a certainty that this machine was a bargain at triple the price, I would happily pay double what I paid and I'm grateful that I did not have too. The quality has made Apple what they are today. I'm at the 7 year mark with no anti-virus software and no mal-wear infiltration. Hard to even calculate the hours these Apple computers have saved me.
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  • Retirement Strategy: The ETF Only Portfolio Vs. Buy The Dips Portfolio: Update For July [View article]

    I was shocked when I started running the top ten holdings from mutual funds against the fund itself. The top holdings in the three largest mutual funds held in 401(k) plans outperformed the fund itself over 3, 5 and 10 years in all three cases. I just made a portfolio out of those ten holdings, equal weight, and it trounced the fund. It would take no work to look at the funds you like and cherry pick the best holdings and outperform in those cases.
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  • Toy Industry Losing Its Glory [View article]
    Bad parenting in the US might be an issue, you are correct. Public schools are just struggling, and there is a big movement toward home schooling and not just for fringe reasons, we home school because the math curriculum was so bad we could not deal with it. We actually use a European math model (possibly Norwegian) at home and it not funny to see how far ahead my kids are than the kids at the public school 100m from here. I have not lost hope all together in our kids, the world has changed and keeps changing. The next group of leaders will emerge and we all will be proud of them. This is the first generation to have these type of devices and this is a very interesting way to think about them. Parental weakness has always been around, but are these things exploiting that weakness and hurting our kids? Great question.
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  • 3M: Watch Out For A Correction! Levered Returns Interactive Model Included [View article]
    Musings, you're welcome of course. Thanks for sharing your research. I talk to some engineers at 3M over some beers from time to time, I also know quite a few things about how they handle themselves with local economies. The people are 3M are doing some good business in many aspects, I think most people know this. It's that quality premium that pushes us outside the fair value box, but not by much....

    3M is a good company to watch in a bear market, from price and business standpoints. That was a nice 30% dividend increase this year, share buy-backs are meaningful and I'm interested in the software as a service business they are into, like Encompass 360.

    best regards,

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  • Toy Industry Losing Its Glory [View article]

    I agree with you, but every generation looks at the next generation and thinks the same thing. Right? I know I was rather worrisome for my parents, but I turned out pretty good.

    It is odd to see the next generation doing something so totally foreign to what we all did as kids. I still like Hasbro at $48, they have the best chance of figuring it out.

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  • Holly Energy Partners: A Dividend Growth Powerhouse With A 6% Yield [View article]
    LONG HEP, been Long for years and we are adding HEP at these levels. I focus income for clients, this has been a nice part of our model. It won't take long to get noticed again for the revenue growth.
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  • LINN Energy and LinnCo Announce Monthly Distribution and Dividend [View article]
    sigh.....more ponzi money I guess. Where are the analysts that were attacking LINE/LNCO? Every month LINE answers the critics. I usually forget about the bashers, but they worked so very hard to make it sound like this LINE thing was going to explode into a mushroom cloud on any day. Doom and gloom and negative outlooks always seem to have the peace of strong convictions, but relatively little humility of being wrong.
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