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For more than four decades, I have counseled executives on their organization’s communications strategy. Much of my career has focused on investor relations issues for public companies in a wide range of industries, facing numerous issues at various times in their life cycles. I have worked as part of the senior management teams of three public companies, and with scores more clients directly and as leader of several successful communications agencies I created and led. I now work as an independent consultant with a limited number of clients. I am also Chairman of Nuuko, Inc., a collaboration platform I co-founded and helped to build for individuals with C-level experience and boutique consulting firms.

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Doug Poretz, Communications Strategy I help an organization think-through their communications strategy. The experience I've gained over more than 40 years of doing that always as part of the senior executive team covers a very broad range of industries including home building, various technology segments, professional services firms, ...More
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Note to Bulls: how much longer will newcomers to unemployment remain able to survive on wits, savings, credit, shuck-n-jive? Then what? Apr 17, 2009