Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales

Short only, long/short equity, etf investing
Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales
Short only, long/short equity, ETF investing
Contributor since: 2011
Company: Virtue of Selfish Investing, LLC / MoKa Investors, LLC
Since 2001 (11 years ago), we have heard numerous arguments of why gold should not continue higher. One can intellectualize all they want, but we have found that such mental processes are destructive to making big money in the markets. We go with the trend. Gold is now in its 11th year of a long term uptrend.
That said, should our sell stops get hit, we will sell, no questions.
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To imyoung, Chris Kacher here. To address your concerns, I received a Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry from UC Berkeley. It involved much work in Physics, as most of my work was done at the 88" Cyclotron and at the Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator (HILAC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory adjacent to UC Berkeley, hence at this level, is considered equivalent to Nuclear Physics as the line between the two is blurred. You'll note from my list of publications (Physical Review C, etc) that circles in science consider my research work to be as much if not more physics than chemistry.
That said, I was part of the Dr. Darlene Hoffman/Dr. Glenn Seaborg research team that helped to confirm the existence of element 106 www.lbl.gov/Science-Ar..., and thus we had the privilege of naming it Seaborgium. That said, I dont want people thinking this was MY group, as it was headed by Hoffman and Seaborg.
To those who have asked, my triple digit percentage returns in the stock market have been verified by KPMG and are available here: www.virtueofselfishinv...
William O'Neil + Company, Inc also stated in their literature "Advanced Investment Workshop" (c) 2000 my having achieved five years in a row of triple digit percentage returns. They could not have stated this without proper verification of my account otherwise they would be subject to potential lawsuits for stating an inaccuracy on something so critical.
Finally, for the argument on wikipedia and other sites that Chris Kacher is two different people and not Christian Casher, just look at the picture on the cover of my debut CD Teardrop Rain. Going under my stage name, Christian Casher, I came out with my CD in 2008 then released it in 2009 www.amazon.com/Teardro....
You can also see me doing a studio recording of my latest song I composed which is the love theme of the upcoming musical production Ilios, based on Homer's The Iliad.
I believe music is the shortest distance between two people, and as we discuss in Chapter 10 of our book "Trading is Life; Life is Trading," we are all on an evolutionary path, not just as traders but as high level mammals. We help others including ourselves along this path by teaching and coaching, for teaching is the best way to solidify the understanding of concepts. And we hope our book and website will help others optimize not just their investing, but also their lives.
I am, and will always remain, a student.
Eighthman: go to virtueofselfishinvesting (dot) com/about-us then click on the links to see our audited/verified track records.