Dr. Kris

Research analyst, portfolio strategy, long/short equity, special situations
Dr. Kris
Research analyst, portfolio strategy, long/short equity, special situations
Contributor since: 2008
Company: Stock Market Cook Book
22 hours ago
Dr. Kris
Payton Manning: You think he'll be doing commercials for $BUD? Duh, ya. More importantly, do you think it will help the stock?
Fri, 4:21 PM
Dr. Kris
Bio-hazard: Biotech etfs $IBB $FBT $BBH all breaking support levels to notch new yearly lows.
Fri, 3:41 PM
Strange. Do you mean today? None of them broke new 52-week low today, when I check on google finance.
Fri, 3:19 PM
Dr. Kris
Rays of light on a very dark day: Muni bond funds, gold/miners, utilities, rails.
Wed, 3:12 PM
Dr. Kris
But Int'l bond funds popping: $WIP $IGOV $ISHG $PID all up 1-3%.
Wed, 3:08 PM
Dr. Kris
Treasuries topping: Very negative technicals in Treasury etfs over all durations. Protect or take profits.
Wed, 2:54 PM
Dr. Kris
Ore you in it? Gold miners $GDX pushing above major resistance; $GLD reaching above 3rd resistance level.
Thu, 3:14 PM
Both & some coins, and some Silver, certificates & real.... Not my idea, but the family likes to spree for guns & gold for the holidays :)
Fri, 3:46 PM
What's Christmas without a new luger?
Tue, 2:44 PM
Dr. Kris
$RACE-ing to the bottom: Ferrari shares -13% today on profit miss & analyst downgrades. Stock off 40% since 10/21/15 debut.
Tue, 2:27 PM
Dr. Kris
There's a sucker born every minute: Recent $1.50/share cash offer for $ADTM--real or not?
Feb 1, 3:00 PM
Dr. Kris
On another note: Just started watching Amazon Prime's series "Mozart in the Jungle." Wonderful! Music lovers do yourselves a favor & tune in
Feb 1, 3:31 PM
will be the Super Bowl half-time headliner. A first for classical music! Will probably be the most interesting aspect of the game.
Feb 1, 3:46 PM
Yep! Might reinvigorate classical for a new generation. Didn't know Dudamel will be at the Super Bowl, good to hear.
Feb 1, 2:57 PM
Dr. Kris
In-coming: Of the 53 stocks @ new yearly highs (>$5), 47 pay a dividend. Utes, REITs, staples are the current winners.
Jan 29, 3:16 PM
Dr. Kris
Utes heating up: 13 utilities hitting new highs today. 3% gainers: $IG $OGS $SPKE. Highest dividend yield: $BKHU 6.8%
Fri, 3:27 PM
Bud, I'm not familiar w/$SPKE as a company, sorry.. Just reporting on stock movement.
18 hours ago
Thanks Kris, This market is pretty freaked out, not knowing how russia or the banks can play nice, another different search for safety
Jan 29, 3:06 PM
Dr. Kris
Ya-Boo! I've had it w/Yahoo biz. Site takes FOREVER to load & brings up very annoying videos. Marissa Meyer should be booted out now!
Feb 1, 5:16 PM
add disconnect for a day, search the web and you'll see how many sites are getting info...you have reason to be paranoid
Tue, 3:53 PM
Every site is now tracking all of your cookies which is where they get the customized ad content. BTW, I'm tired of looking at shag rugs.
Jan 28, 2:36 PM
Dr. Kris
Bio-bad: Biotech etfs $IBB $BBH $FBT all off 30-35% since mid-July peaks. Still looks like they have more room to fall.
Jan 27, 2:27 PM
Dr. Kris
Investors losing their sweet tooth: Sugar etf $SGG dropping below key $31 support. Next tests at $30 & $28.
Jan 27, 3:17 PM
Too much sugar supply world wide not to count CUBA is ready to unload theirs.
Jan 27, 10:27 PM
Good thing Hawaii got out just in time. No more sugar plantations there. Alas.
Jan 20, 3:15 PM
Dr. Kris
Big cajones plays (high risk/high reward): Long $YINN $RUSL $HYG $JNK $XOP $XES $UTWI $DBO
Jan 22, 2:53 PM
Thanks for the info!
Jan 22, 2:57 PM
BTW, $YINN +9% $RUSL +22% $DBO +8% $UWTI +21% today.
Jan 20, 2:44 PM
Dr. Kris
Strategy of the Day: High volatility & bottoming tails in some sectors suggest writing cash-secured puts on stocks/etfs you want to own.
Jan 20, 4:37 PM
Jan 19, 3:24 PM
Dr. Kris
Least dirty shirts in the laundry basket: Utes $ED & $WEC both popping above resistance. Dividend yields 3.5-4%
Jan 19, 3:30 PM
I like WEC. A little pricey now for me.
Jan 19, 3:14 PM
Dr. Kris
Major avg breakdown: Small-cap $RUT breaking 1000. Next support levels @ 950 & 900.
Jan 19, 3:07 PM
Dr. Kris
Gold miners slacken: Gold miner etfs $GDX $GDXJ both falling below major support levels to all-time (post-IPO) lows.
Jan 19, 4:45 PM
Que disastre. GDX looks slightly oversold technically on the weekly chart. I'm looking for a bounce so I can short it at the 30-week ema.
Jan 12, 2:30 PM
Dr. Kris
Oil isn't the only commodity at multi-year lows: Copper $JJC, White mtls ($PALL $SPPP $WITE), Miners ($SIL $XME), Steel $SLX.
Jan 11, 11:34 PM
Dr. Kris
Please don't let 'Bama win. Please, please.
Jan 12, 9:22 AM
Good competitive game but I to was hoping Clemson would win. Could have easily gone the other way and Clemson should be proud of that.
Jan 12, 10:37 AM
They gave up so many big plays otherwise they should have won. I guess lol
Jan 8, 2:23 PM
Dr. Kris
Let's end the week on a high note. Here's a photo of a very rare natural event that occurred here yesterday: http://bit.ly/fwh5il
Jan 8, 5:14 PM
Was that you in the Lambo driving through 3.5ft of water doc?
Jan 11, 2:37 PM
Yep, that twas I. Didn't know a lambo could float, did you?
Jan 7, 3:28 PM
Dr. Kris
What do $FB & $AAPL have in common? They just broke $100 support. So much for $150 - $200 analyst price targets.
Jan 7, 3:50 PM
The app store alone in worth $200b at least, by the way.
Jan 7, 3:56 PM
Agree> on 10% I will buy for the granddaughter and grandnieces. Wife just swore her US citizen thing & now I don't want 2 make a plug nickel
Jan 7, 3:23 PM
Dr. Kris
Investors finger gold: Gold funds $GLD $IAU popping above resistance forming bullish island reversals--aloha!
Jan 7, 3:44 PM
Retail has been bad for months & Christmas sales dropped 12%.It wasn't the weather.The net took the share
Jan 8, 2:21 PM
No kidding. Nearly all the boxes filling the dumpsters were from Amazon Prime.
Jan 5, 4:10 PM
Dr. Kris
Screeching to a halt: Auto parts makers & retailers selling off. $ALV $GT $LEA $PAG all breaking support levels on heavy volume.
Jan 5, 3:38 PM
Dr. Kris
Incom-ing: Big inflows today into muni bonds & bank preferreds ($GS, $JPM, $C, $WFC). Most of them yielding 5-6%.
Jan 5, 6:15 PM
Yep. Notice the dumping in riskier areas--biotech, healthcare, internet.
Jan 5, 6:28 PM
Great play as 2 to 4 hikes should help those common shares & thus protect principal. So, that yield does it ALL ON IT'S OWN
Jan 5, 3:02 PM
Dr. Kris
Rainy day read: Why the $1.5B Nevsky hedge fund is closing. http://bit.ly/1VFXo61
Jan 7, 3:20 PM
JR: I'm glad you're not opinionated.
Jan 7, 3:26 PM
yo tambien
Dr. Kris
No hand-me-downs: The only way LA will accept an #NFL team is to have a brand new one. How about the LA Photons owned by Elon Musk?
And pardon OJ while he's at it. Need a running back.
Seen OJ lately ? He's quite a porka now >)
Dr. Kris
Beeth-oven alert: Really nice interactive Google doodle today celebrating Ludwig's 245th b-day. The dude still rocks!
Happy Birthday Beethoven.... Both were geniuses!
Actually, my fave classical composers are Tchaikovsky & Saint-Saens. I annoy my neighbors by cranking up the volume on the organ symphony.
Dr. Kris
Commodity/Sector/Currency all-time lows (post etf debut): $COW $GLD $IAU $SLX $OIL $FRAK $DBC $SEA $FXC.
...and rent them out when I wasn't there. I like homes that can at least cover my expenses.
Only 2 places. Otherwise, it makes for complicated accounting & taxes. More and more I prefer to keep it simple, as time is money to me.
Dr. Kris
Investors put money into storage: Shares of storage providers $CUBE $PSA $SSS hitting all-time highs today, up 400-2000% since '09 bottom.
Not enough room in the new place?
Tons of room since we literally have no furniture.
Dr. Kris
All I want for Xmas is a .44 magnum: Gun maker $SWHC shooting to all-time high on 4x vol. Interesting stocking stuffers...
The larger caliber are too expensive to practice with.
No doubt weed. 30.6 is crazy