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Durwood Dugger  

Mr. Dugger trained as a marine biologist, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with extensive independent management training (military and AMA) during his 40+ year career he has contributed to commercial biotechnology development through research and business development, environmental impact analyses, and economic feasibility analyses. His most recent and ongoing professional activities include:

-An economic and sustainability development pathway analysis of biofuels - particularly for algae based biofuel aquaculture based on his commercial algae production experience through most of the past 40 years.

-The algal based recovery of waste nutrients and energy from recirculating aquaculture ...More
  • Description: Company executive.
  • Interests: Stocks - long, Tech stocks
BioCepts International, Inc. BioCepts International, Inc. (BCI) is a broadly-based biotechnology development firm founded in 1997 as a Florida corporation. BCI was established to provide a wide assortment of professional biotechnology services to support and refine the business of biotechnology and particularly to resolve related ...More
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MVIS pico projector in the new iPhone, iPad and now in the new Fujitsu laptop? Any confirmations on these rumors? Apr 22, 2011