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Value, growth at reasonable price, special situations, tech
Dustin Moore
Value, growth at reasonable price, special situations, tech
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How much of the ZTE settlement will they really net after lawyer fees, taxes, etc? I don't know if you can assume their cash will truly be $35M.
I wonder if $UA's very public bid for Durant was a deliberate ploy to force millions from $NKE's budget to leave room for $UA to pick up more of the lesser known names.
Thanks for the tip. Great work here Chris!
Thanks for the tip. Great work here Chris!
Such great depth of analysis here, while still being grounded in fact and conservative assumptions. Thank you.
So you were bearish on the stock before earnings, but you were "...expecting a $100 million to $300 million increase in the full year guidance"? That would be an extremely bullish assumption for someone who was bearish.
Great discussion all. MARA appears well positioned. If they continue to execute at a high level, the market will take notice, eventually. The realized numbers will speak for themselves.
Thanks for the reply.
While I largely agree with you, MARA shouldn't be the last company to worry about dilution. They will dilute. They need the cash. But I don't disagree about the magnitude of it (hopefully). I'm trying to fully understand the stocks lack of movement based on the revs..which seem enormously positive.
What are you thoughts on dilution? Thanks.
Great setup this AM. Good work again here.
Again GOMO has problems, but they are still the 4th largest by download and 2nd highest revenue generating app company in the world on GooglePlay. They could be smoke an mirrors with the numbers, but AppAnnie independently validates that they are generating a very significant amount of money from these apps.
Nice work Trinity.
I will say there is plenty of issues with GOMO. Active users shrunk (albeit only slightly). However, I will say Sungy is still a top company as far as downloads as of July.
This is iOS and Google combined. GOMO has no iOS products as far as I'm aware so showing up on this list gives them some credibility still. Valuations may make this a bit more interesting if they can grow the user base again.
All true Jeff. I did buy a small amount recently as the price seemed to have found a bottom. IF they can turn things around even a little, there is plenty of room upwards with such depressed valuations.
I will be watching the Telefónica deal closely as I think that has the most potential in the mid-term, rather than app monetization.
$CALL has NEVER formally sold MJ devices outside the US...until now. Telefónica will purchase devices from us branded as magicJackGO and sell into 4,000 proprietary Movistar mobile retail stores. It’s also anticipated that Telefónica will act as our distribution partner selling the magicJackGO to an incremental 5,000 third-party retail doors such as Wal-Mart and Copal in Mexico.
Thanks for the reply.
I agree we need to see how Q3 and, more importantly, how Q4 pans out. But isn't the transition from plus to GO largely irrelevant? Anyone can download the app regardless if they have a magicJack device or not.
They spent $$ updating the app and the download rate decreased due to making users register for free. I'm just wondering how they are going to get these app users to pay for a service if asking them to sign up for free made many think twice about using the service (even after said service was improved with the "refresh"). I'm just hoping they can differentiate themselves enough in this space.
Nice post. Why the lack of much (or any?) discussion of wireless 4G data access? I'm assuming that isn't a focus any longer.
One issue I'm having..so the active user base DROPPED Q/Q, as did the rate of downloads as well. Management blames this on making users register. But if asking users to register for free caused such a drop, what will these users do when the company starts asking them for money to use the app?
That said, much risk is removed at these prices and, if they can stop the bleeding, there is decent upside.
In the middle of something else. I'll get back to you.
2 quick points:
1. Revenues were high with Cisco took license (upfront payment of $32M helps) Since, they are focused on the rest of the industry titans. HPQ, Dell, etc. Those will boost revs far above last 2 years.
Even still, ongoing royalties from existing clients hit a high last Q.
2. Patent assertion company can't be looked at with same lens as other companies in other types of businesses. Revenues will be uneven.
That is the vibe I have gotten from mgmt in the past. I don't see any pretensions, SEC filing, etc, that discuss any goal or even starting a process to move to a higher exchange.
I'm not sure if uplisting is a company focus at this time.
Perhaps we'll see more coverage of the company soon.
Thanks for the support. I'm glad you found value in it.
I think the stock price has some support here with share repurchase program, maybe room to run a bit w/o news. It's thinly traded so we'll see.
Totally agree Barry. Horowitz finding and extracting value from the RP Patent is no coincidence. He knew what he was acquiring and has proven his is able to monetize..
CEO: "...yet another increase to our repurchase program to benefit shareholders at a time when we believe our stock is undervalued"
Breaking: Network-1 Increases Share Repurchase Program, authorized to repurchase up to 1/5 of shares outstanding. Should really help to further support stock price.
Thanks for an article with actual facts and math. I do have a slight disagreement on your stance regarding deferred revenues.
I get that sales have declined Y/Y. But the 2012-2013 y/y change for example was only "$10.7 million decrease in deferred revenues as a result of less sales of magicJack devices". I agree it sales likely continue for fall into 2014.
I actually think the deferred revenues make MJ a LESS risky investment because even with a dip in sales, the company will still realize a fairly large amount of essentially guaranteed revenues over the next 5 years:
$ 54,541,000
$ 114,492,000 in future revenue. This does no include any future sales.
And that picture doesn't look particularly different from the previous year. At least not as negative as you paint IMO.
$ 67,038,000
$ 125,203,000
Meanwhile the company works to monetize its app (for future growth), which is the real risk in this investment IMO.
Geez. I think this could be considered stealing.
My only guess is that it is speculating about CAFC..
I don't see how Order for Ongoing Royalty can be construed as negative.
I fact, nobody can tell me how it would be.
Yes. He is 0 for 4
You can't seriously disagree with someone point by point for 130 pages straight.
In fact, in the case of Cisco, on a few claims his rationale was so far removed from the original rejection that the Director considered it a new rejection entirely and is forcing him to re-respond there as well.
I should note, this was VirnetX's second attempt to get the testimony on record. Complete reversal for the Office..from December:
Once Europe or Canada begins sales (which is inevitable), stock will jump.
Sales and Femprox will then be key focus.