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The name "Dutch Trader" refers to The Golden Age. This was a period in Dutch history, roughly spanning the 17th century, in which Dutch trade, science, military and art were among the most acclaimed in the world. Dutch ships hunted whales off Svalbard, traded spices in India and... More
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  • Book Review Locavesting, the Revolution in local investing and how to profit from it
    The book Locavesting is an interesting book about alternative ways of investing. The traditional funding sources for small businesses - savings, friends and family, venture capital, and bank credit and loans - have become scarce since the financial crisis.
    Today a lot of people, are buying local and eating local, but we are still not investing local. Financial markets have evolved to serve big business (corporates), at least it seems when you look to the numbers. Of all the trillions of dollars flashing through the financial markets, less than 1% goes to productive use. Meaning poviding capital to companies that will use it to hire, expand or develop new products. More than 99% of the money is sucked into trading and speculation.
    Small businesses create three out of four jobs and generate half of GDP, but each year a staggering amount of subsidies, grants and tax breaks go to the most profitable and politically connected corporations with little economic or social pay off. In our 21st century financial system we can conclude that there is a massive misallocation of capital away from its most productive uses.
    The book Locainvesting offers and explains new ways of investing from crowdfunding to direct public offering (NYSE:DPO). Did you hear about the story of Cops&Doughnuts, nine cops in Michigan that saved a 111-year old bakery. Just read the book and act accordingly!
    Tags: book review
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  • Crowdfunding Initiatives Important for Apple

    A lot of articles are written about Apple every week, some with new insights and others with well-known information. A relatively new insight regarding Apple is the growing crowdfunding sector. Every week new websites are established.

    As a crowdfunder I really think the concept of crowdfunding is becoming more and more important and could become a real competitor for the traditional stock exchange in the future. What is crowdfunding?

    , inspired by crowdsourcing, describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Crowdfunding occurs for any variety of purposes, from disaster relief to citizen journalism to artists seeking support from fans, to political campaigns.

    Crowdfunding can replace the need for specialized grant applications or other more formal and traditional fundraising techniques with that of a more casual, yet powerful, approach based on crowd participation. 

    Crowdfunding, like crowdsourcing, is very much related to online communities and social networks. The crowd can already exist as a community but they can also suddenly form from disparate groups around the world who all happen to share an interest in funding a person, project, event, campaign etcetera. The Internet allows for information to flow around the world, increasing awareness. A Crowdfunded network can assemble and disassemble at any time. This is the primary difference to traditional co-ops.

    Nowadays there are a lot of crowd funding websites. Some examples:

    • is a new crowdfunding platform enabling startup companies to raise funding by offering real equity. Uniquely, Investors can invest very small amounts of money (minimum £10) allowing the average Joe to build their own investment portfolio.
    • funds all types of creative projects through donations, where donors receive "rewards" of products, benefits, or experiences. Some projects have received donations as high as $200k, and a large portion of the projects are movies.
    • A crowdfunding website specifically focused on helping entrepreneurs raise the capital they need to launch or grow their business. Donors receive tangible rewards for backing the businesses.
    • SellaBand ( is a service for musicians and bands to promote their work in an effort to gain "believers" who will help to fund the production and distribution of an album. Believers must raise $50k in order to graduate the artists into contractual agreements. Believers can earn money back from ad revenue used in tandem with giving away the music for free online at sellaband's site.
    You will ask yourself now: What has crowdfunding to do with Apple?

    In fact a lot. At several crowdfunding websites, entrepreneurs and designers are working at apps for the iPhone and iPad. Several successful apps for the iPhone were funded by Kickstarter.

    I found even a  wholesale marketplace for iphone + ipad apps. The crowdfunding website is called:
    The website allows Apple developers to get funding upfront for iPhone, iPod and iPad apps in the concept stage by selling the app wholesale to backers, who receive a percentage of the profits for the apps they have purchased. Many app buyers also assist developers with marketing and promoting their apps to ensure that their investment is fully recouped. With a growing number of social enterprises tapping into the explosive apps market to raise awareness and sell products or services, AppBackr may be a useful tool to help offset app development costs, and even gain some extra promotional help.

    All these crowdfunding initiatives will become the growth drives for Apple the coming years and investors can profit from both sides. As an investor in Apple shares or as a crowdfunder of promising apps.

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

    Additional disclosure: I have no position in shares of Apple, but I invest in some crowdfunding initiatives regarding iPhone apps.
    Aug 03 8:39 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Royal Ten Cate, Materials That Make Difference
    Nowadays it is also possible for international (American) investors to buy shares on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. One midcap stock that is interesting for investors that want to diversify their international portfolios is a company called Royal Ten Cate (ISIN NL0000375749, Ticker KTC NA). It has a market capitalization of almost EUR 600 mln and trades around EUR 23.

    The TenCate share is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and has formed part of the AMX (midcap) index since 2008. The share is followed by around ten analysts from leading Dutch banks and securities houses.

    Ten Cate is an industrial company active in the production of technical textiles and engineering components. The company is divided into three sectors: Advanced Textiles & Composites, Geosynthetics & Grass and Technical Components. Above these sectors is the Holding. Each sector consists of commercial divisions. See organogram

    One of the key products from the Sector Textiles & Composites that is supplied by their division TenCate Protective Fabrics USA is TenCate Defender™ M  Since 2007, TenCate Defender™ M fabrics have repeatedly been chosen by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps for ground troops in the Flame Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FR-ACU) and Marine Corp’s Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (OTC:FROG) programs. TenCate Defender™ M fabrics are made from a unique fiber blend that includes Lenzing FR® Rayon. As the leader in inherently Flame Resistant materials, TenCate Protective Fabrics also provides fabrics used in other American programs such as Inclement Weather Combat Shirt (IWCS), Army Aircrew Combat Uniforms (A2CU), Improved Combat Vehicle Coveralls (ICVC), Navy Shipboard Jackets, Army Flash Hoods and several others. TenCate Defender™ M is also delivered to the Norwegian Navy and to the Soldier of the Future program of the Italian Army.

    Ten Cate published very strong H1 results, with sales increasing by 30% (of which 27% autonomously) to EUR 592.4 mln. EBITA increased by 47% (organic growth 60%, currency impact -11%, divestments -2%) to EUR 56.1 mln and net profit came it at EUR 33.1 mln, 69% higher. Earnings Per Share EUR 1.30 (H1 2010: EUR 0.78).

    The strongest sales and profit increase was recorded at Advanded Textiles and Composites TenCate Defender M products and Tecasafe Plus products were important drivers. At the Geosynthetic & Grass sector, an solid increase in sales was recorded, but profits dropped by 26%. This was partly due to raw materials increases at Geosynthetics and a restructuring process in the synthetic turf market.

    The company maintains  its positive outlook for this year, stating that it expects record revenues for the full year.

    Royal Ten Cate has strong positions in very attractive growth markets, leading to a solid growth path, also in the longer term. At a P/E multiple below 10, the shares look attractive. The recent share price of EUR 23.61 offers an opportunity for investors that are looking for a company with innovative products and strong market positions. With an EPS of EUR 2.62 (2011) and EPS of EUR 2.88 (2012) I believe the share should trade around EUR 30. Dividend yield is 3.8%.   

    More information you can find on their website:

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
    Aug 02 6:03 AM | Link | 3 Comments
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