Edgar Ambartsoumian

Momentum, long/short equity, value, event-driven
Edgar Ambartsoumian
Momentum, long/short equity, value, event-driven
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great article, its a possibility.
yup, i've been buying july $11-$12 puts in the morning, too fast too quick, another BVSN lol........ irrational exuberance at its finest
lighting money on fire to cool your house lol.....i gotta remember to use that phrase.
Great article, i'm long FIO and AAPL with may calls. Great way to diversify within the tech realm
I share your joy Todd, I turned my 6k march and april call holdings into 47k since February, my largest short term gains ever.
I honestly don't understand why traders are bearish on Apple, even after the run up, the stock is so undervalued. $650 easily by May.
Interesting observation, I sold my $515 and $550 April calls yesterday, and I got very lucky. As soon as I sold, my OTM option premium dropped like $250-$300, when the stock price itself didn't make any large swings. Great article, I gotta keep my eye on AAPL vix from now on, didn't even know it existed.
Interesting observation marketquant, looks like you're a numbers addict like I am. Your thoughts on CMG, overvalued or could go higher?
Doubling in price will just be the beginning Cholee
Apple's going to $675 by April. I think it should be a trillion $ company, people are just starting to wake up.
i'm not an investor, i'm an options trader.
There is always sarcasm in my articles as I like to entertain my readers
option strangle could be the answer
see above comment.
It amazes me how much people don't understand about finance and confident they love to sound. Having graduated from Texas myself, let me just say that the timberland that you're trying to sell me is probably mesquite which survives the 100 degree weather and has no leaves, so I'll probably pay you no more than 2 x its worth, $6,000. What i'm driving at is that people value companies and yes, they do pay sometimes 200 times its earnings, because of safety. I will wholeheartedly pay 100 x Apple's earnings just because of the brand loyalty i've seen, which to me translates into confidence, certainty. Let's say you buy a Spurs jersey from the store for $80, but if the same Jersey was worn by Tony Parker, people would pay thousands. This is the same concept. I rather pay 100 times more per $1 earnings for a company with a decent balance sheet, low debt, growth potential than pay 5 times more for a company that is in a sector with a lot of competitors, has a poor management, and is drowning in debt. Hope this explains it a bit, finance is not clear cut black and white, sometimes bubbles form from irrational exuberance, and sometimes they don't. Who knows maybe Chipotle's PE is forming a bubble as well, you fellas honestly think that short covering alone is driving up the price? What about fund managers who need to put their billions to use and are running out of quality stocks, so they drive up the price of the few that DO deliver. Also, I'm not sure how you thought my article was bias and more on the bullish side when I clearly stated the bearish case as well. Anyhow, thank you for serving our country.
I was always horrible at picking title lol.... good luck on your trade as it seems like chipotle wants to retrace a bit. I'm on sidelines with CMG, but watch it like a hawk on daily basis. Saving my $$ to get in on the facebook IPO.
Thanks Insightful, hopefully it doesn't rebound right before the Mayan calendar prophecy coming true. lol
Schmulik Karpf, you would've sold 10 Jan. 2012 $6.00 put contracts pocketing $1,090. Then today you would buy to cover those 10 for $930, gaining $160 - $30 commission = $130. - capital gains taxes = $100. (granted you would need $6,000 to trade 10 options {obligated to buy 1000 shares at $6.00}, $600 was only for one option).
exactly what jknasin said
only this time, my timing was right on point :)
Medhanie, writing a put means to "sell" a put, which means you want the stock to go up, which also means that you should give as less time as possible to the put buyer so that you can have the time decay work for you. If you think nflx is going lower, then you buy a put, i think you got confused.
Great analysis, i always pondered the same question, in which instance/sector is it better to hold that particular etf or the stocks individually. Thank you
its an illiquid penny stock that trades as a pink sheet, stay away.
Great article, it'd be even better if the average wages were included for the non-eurozone countries. Poland, which makes up a large percentage of EU's GDP has seen its cost and standard of living rise against Euro countries. I think those who are able, will use this opportunity to hedge.
I like writers that think outside the box and show alternative problems that the public has overlooked. I wrote an article on PIIGS and how it affects US directly through imports/exports, an interesting piece you might also enjoy, see the link below.
Haha , whats up fellow Road Runner!! what a small world! It's always good to do quan. and qual. analyses, both don't hurt. For example, RIMM is trading at almost cash, but that doesn't mean it'll go up right? However, I am long BAC with covered calls, waiting for this Eurozone contagion to go away. Few years ago BAC dropped to similar levels and even lower, i risked and bought a lot of call options and boy was i right. This time it will all depend on how US markets will react to Eurozone's contagious debt problems in 2012, although we have our own $13 trillion to worry about. We'll be trading sideways for a long time in my opinion. I also think Buffett's going senile and people usually follow him because he has power and moves stocks, not that he's going to be right all the time. He's talking more about "family love" with shareholders rather than why Berkshire stock retraced to 100K/share. And I'll spell his name right when he can spell my last name right :)
You're actually right on point, in order to benefit from a "possible" short squeeze, I own the BAC outright, but since i'm expecting short term volatility or at least for BAC to remain flat for a while (which it is doing currently due to the European contagion), then you write calls to get that extra income while you're waiting for your BAC stocks to appreciate in value. Hope this makes sense.
Did you do do any quantitative analysis to arrive at Bank of America near $10/share? and if so, what were your variables?
Go for it Cynthia, ask away. I haven't got a message from you.
Hidden, I am long BAC, and I agree its all about money management, and knowing when to add more to your position by allocating the right amount at every retracement.
Thank you Market, welcome to Seeking Alpha :)
I think its the equity offering news that's causing volatility, and the strong backing of Sprint. Sprint is showing a lot of strength and its CEO recently bought 100,000 more shares, keep an eye on S.