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    I appreciate the comments Orchids. It seems quite logical that IGXT would be bought out and I think there may be some level of leverage that could be used by a suitor during this waiting/resubmission period. One interesting near term thing will be the class designation of the resubmission. It would be terrific to see this back up for consideration by mid-year but you never know.
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  • CHTP: Why Chelsea Therapeutics May Be Set For Exponential Growth [View instapost]
    Thanks for your comment Don. I would have been and am persuaded by them also. Best to you as well and thank you again for expressing your thoughts here.
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    No question about it but only those who are willfully ignorant about what appears to be a significant move toward adoption of PLUG products on the part of many major companies are naysayers here. I see plenty of backward looking data points used as current factoids which is clearly inappropriate in assessing what this company is all about. They surely need to translate orders to revenue (everyone gets that or should) but I think anyone willing to guide for all quarters as early as March 13, 2014 is pretty confident in the kind of year they are having. I see major opportunity here and am investing. Whether anyone follows suit is their own business and once again should be made on the basis of their own due diligence not on anything we say or do. Thanks for your comment.
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  • Vringo: How To Lose At Winning [View article]
    Agree that the backslapping was a bit frothy in the aftermath of the judge's order. You make some very good points here. It was predictable that "oppressed" longs would sell. And you are right that they helped the short cause. I think the appeal is a joke and is no more than a delay. Extremely cheap here in my opinion. Good article.
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  • Recapping Recent Events In Rosetta Genomics - 2014 Could Be A Breakout Year [View article]
    Interesting stuff Jonathan. I really haven't studied DSS at length but from the little I have reviewed I think they have a good shot in their case against FB. The recent suit against Apple caused a spike but until agreements are made and details are able to be reviewed/verified it is hard for most of these stocks to hold significant gains.
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  • Recapping Recent Events In Rosetta Genomics - 2014 Could Be A Breakout Year [View article]
    Hello Jonathan,

    I have been watching this stock in my personal portfolio (I invest with others in the IP space) for quite some time and I think you are right that it has significant potential. People have often been wrong when it comes to trying to time stocks that are engaged in medical processes but it sure seems that ROSG is well positioned for 2014 to be a different kind of year for the company. Thanks for your article.
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  • Vringo: Belief And Seeing Are Both Often Wrong [View article]
    Can't argue with the fact that Vringo has been dead money for a while and indeed each announcement of relatively positive news is met by VRNG not holding any gains. We sold down our position significantly in late August but have now bought back to nearly 80% of the previous level. What the market wants is something quantifiable as you suggest and intelligent people can disagree about how soon that may be coming. The December 17 date for a ruling in Germany is surely significant on the ZTE front. While the company communication may be less than desired there is obviously considerable motivation there to achieve the kind of results all investors desire. If a significant settlement is dropped on us any perceived negligence to telegraph or hand hold will be forgiven.
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  • Is Document Security Systems Going To Go Parabolic Like VirnetX Did? [View article]
    I appreciate that you take the time to write first and foremost, so thank you for that. Anything can happen here and sure, this could go parabolic as you say but there is a long way between now and whatever recovery one thinks DSS may achieve. The problem with Patent investments in general is that the retail investor community is not sophisticated enough where these cases are concerned. For example, investors react as though they have never seen a MSJ before when one is filed in any case - the reality is they should be expected in every case! Filing a petition for review with the PTAB is much the same thing. Since it is and will be available as an avenue to many defendants, it should be expected and reviews should be expected since the requirements to get a review aren't all that stringent (one claim in question). My point here is that until this investor class becomes more savvy people will be able to manipulate events which are commonplace in any case. This reality makes this a veritable minefield for investors to have to wade through and while there can be great gains, they can be erased in an instant and it won't necessarily be because the underlying viability of the investment has changed in any significant way...just the perception of that investment by those who actually control the stock.
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  • Groupon's Achilles' Heel: Blue Calypso's Patents [View article]
    Very well done Natty!
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  • Patent Juggernaut: The Damages Endgame [View article]
    My positions on these stocks has never been about the folks who are day trading. If people can't wait or average down until August 22nd I don't have a lot of sympathy for that. The Markman is two months away and while it appears Thom Kidrin may have misjudged his finance partner the facts of the case are as they were. There are two reasons the stock was not going to a dollar as it stood given a June 27th date. 1) The stock was heavily shorted by said finance partner and 2) People completely misunderstood the nature of continuing to ask for r/s authority - so much so that TK had to update the proxy to spell it out more clearly. You can argue with me all you want but lets see how this turns out post Markman. I agree with the unpredictable sentiment, absolutely, but what matters to me and what I place money on is how I think it will likely end not every bend in the road. If it goes down I think investors should average down as I plan to. If Kidrin steps in and can do something to clean it up pre-Markman no doubt shareholders would welcome and respect that, plain and simple.
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  • Patent Juggernaut: The Damages Endgame [View article]
    Didn't fly anywhere. I agree that the hearing being pushed back was problematic. My guess is that the company is trying to take steps to protect their own and shareholders interest as we speak. I do not think they thought that their financing partner would aggressively short the stock and perhaps they are guilty of a naive supposition. No one banked on a delay but because it happened a new script must be written. One thing is certain: If Thom Kidrin is able to buy out the A & B notes at a premium in order to protect the interests of the company and its shareholders all comments about Kidrin only being focused on himself (and ready to enact a r/s as soon as he "continues" to have approval to do so in July) should stop. In fact should he do such a thing my prediction is that the stock hits a new high in short order. Because at that point we would have an unusual level of proof of a CEO's commitment to his company and its shareholders. I hope this happens and I suggest that people should not rule it out.

    For us, we are not going anywhere. If shares continue to move south we will continue to buy. This has been and remains about the merits of the case, period. Do I think the deal with Iroquois could have been structured with some guarantees, sure. The bigger problem is that the deal was done with the idea the hearing would happen in June. A couple more points: As far as the MSJ, I'm looking forward to Susman's response. Despite a well written article by Markman Advisors I think the central focus of their article will rise to the level of a "red herring." I would have liked to see them spend a few lines on their thoughts about the merits of the case beyond just the MSJ which is likely not to even be heard until well after the Markman order.
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  • Markman Hearing Preview: Worlds Vs. Activision Blizzard [View article]
    Sure..."We have been considering moving to a senior market exchange pending a successful Markman hearing and litigation," stated Thom Kidrin, Worlds CEO. "We have authorization for a reverse split from a prior proxy and want to maintain it in the new proxy so that we have the option to move to a senior exchange in the event of a successful outcome to the pending patent infringement lawsuit. Uplisting typically exposes the stock to a broader range of investors and funds, which ultimately may benefit our entire shareholder community."

    Also, I think a consensus is beginning to emerge that while the headlines may be titillating, the reform you seem to fear is pretty much hot air unless anything meaningful passes both houses of congress. The President's "proposed" actions don''t have a lot of teeth and I don't see the connection here or in many of the other patent cases currently underway. If you want to make the leap to judicial activism fine, just don't see how you can qualify it with anything that isn't sheer speculation.
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  • Markman Hearing Preview: Worlds Vs. Activision Blizzard [View article]
    Here are my thoughts on that Rick...appreciate your comments!
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  • Markman Hearing Preview: Worlds Vs. Activision Blizzard [View article]
    Rick, I'll respond to your thoughts on each of your posts. You are correct, I was surprised by the laches decision in the VRNG case but I knew that some game was afoot when Google handed JJ the thick binder on their laches argument at the end of the day the day before he made his decision (he said he would review it overnight). He came in and ruled the next morning and nothing has been the same since. I have made that point numerous times and I have also said that the vagaries of these cases can have harsh consequences. Not sure what point I should have clarified with respect to Judge Casper because I think I was quite clear. Most of the other things I mentioned you seem to agree with but you then want to import facts from other cases on to WDDD which is inappropriate.

    At this point Patent law is not a state issue so while Vermont may be trying to flex their muscle or show lawmakers in Washington the way, it doesn't mean a lot. I do expect some further legislation on "patent trolling" though no legislation is occurring in this country without first being significantly watered down - I expect nothing different here. I might also add that it would be hard to consider Worlds a patent troll as they are the original owner of the patents in suit.

    Finally, as I mentioned before Worlds has shown the ability to be judicious with any authority it is given by shareholders. To raise authorized shares from 100 to 150 million is hardly earth shattering when you consider many legitimate motives and again it does not mean they will utilize the additional 50. As you have stated the point will be moot if they have a poor Markman showing so why argue it. They have had A/S of 100 million for quite some time now. They had earlier authorization to enact a reverse split and did not use it. They have further stated (just in the past two days) that any r/s would be to up-list to another exchange and attract funds with strict minimum share price requirements.

    As for where Worlds goes from here, that will depend on the market. This stock could go up .25 in one day and I suspect we will yet see a day, if not several in succession, where it dawns on investors what may be gained here and they will make a very strong move.
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  • Markman Hearing Preview: Worlds Vs. Activision Blizzard [View article]
    Just from Activision...
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