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Emanuel Balarie  

Emanuel is Managing Director of Balarie Capital Management, the managed futures division of Archer Financial Services, Inc. Emanuel works with institutional and high net worth investors regarding their managed futures investments. After graduating from the U.C. Berkeley, Emanuel started his career working for the San Francisco branch office of Merrill Lynch. After working for several other firms, ranging from dealing with commodities, stocks, futures, and alternative investments, Emanuel decided to combine his expertise and industry experience with the financial integrity and resources of Archer Financial Services, Inc.

Throughout his career, Emanuel has been an advisor to clients and institutions on the ...More
  • Interests: Forex, Options
Balarie Capital Management Balarie Capital Management is a division of Archer Financial Services (AFS), a wholly owned subsidiary of ADM Investor Services, Inc. (ADMIS). BCM is focused on providing institutional and individual investors with alternative investments to their traditional portfolios of stocks, bonds, and real-estate. We ...More
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