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  • Some Reasons To Buy Barrick Gold [View article]
    Kyle and gmmpa make good points. Suppy will continue to stagnate or contract if short-selling, devaluation continue with resulting risk-off and negative sentiment. Yes, ABX should have 2-3 seasoned mining and metallurgical engineers on its Board. Still, retiring $1 billion in debt & deferrring $2 billion more (to be paid at pennies /$) will help. RBC, BCS & other underwriters are buying the tender because they know the shares will appreciate significantly. There are better PM Co's but this major is a strong value buy. Take care.
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  • Precious Metal Miners: Value Buy Or Money Pit? [View article]
    As for the original Aphrodite-Venus, see "Hippolytus" by Euripides or the little -known but great "The Women of Trachis" by Sophocles. It should be plain that QE is no panacea for PM miners. To Bob's Q: it seems ABX sees bullion in the $1300-1350 area for awhile. The news about its suspension is no news, really: since April it is focused on the water-protection project & cost-control: shorting &.sentiment rule. Re-read my penultimate paragraph above, take it to heart and apply it to events.
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  • Do QE Markets Validate A Buy And Hold Strategy? [View article]
    Thanks, fellows for the interesting, witty (Bob) and thoughtful comments. If you look at my Sept 26 piece, "Have cash to re-deploy on some of these great plays" you will see the focus on identifying companies to own long-term not just for their current high profitability but because their various features, power & audience / customers align them w trends in socio-economics & culture. You will find similar attempts to define a basically conservative but flexible investing strategy in "layered over-weighting." Since early August my pieces mainly seek to examine Co's in cons discr, media, industrials that will endure our difficult times. Take care.
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  • Precious Metals: A Tempered Case For Growth And Value [View article]
    Thanks for reading Bob and the insightful and amusing comments on a sector where there often is heard a discouraging word & the skies can be cloudy for days, or weeks, or months. Three-card monte is an apt reference. The tip-off on the artificiality of PM action is Ag which should trade strong w a steady, rarely broken uptrend. Instead, it's tulips and onions. Still there are great values: one must not hesitate to reap occasional profits. Take care.
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  • Precious Metals: A Tempered Case For Growth And Value [View article]
    Thanks Agbug; a very good point re not locking in paper losses. Free 55 true: I often discuss problems w official #s. That is what Sprott is trying to do.
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  • Move Over Starbucks, America (Will) Run On Dunkin' [View article]
    Anyone interested in a fuller discussioin of the way DNKN and SBUX complement each other and what their place in the socio-economic structure is could look at my piece, "Two Great Coffee Companies for 2 Americas."
    I agree with the author's premise, also that the markets are pausing now because there is considerable resistance at 1750-60. Good luck to everyone.
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  • Layered Over-Weighting Can Maximize Portfolio Strengths [View article]
    "At least 5-7%", Kyle. You know I agree with you it merits more & PMs remain the most (almost the only) undervalued asset class. True price discovery in all classes would help everyone but don't hold your breath. Take care.
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  • The S&P's Tragic Rise Will Continue [View article]
    Thanks, people: USD devaluation is purposeful. The empowering of China is blatant, many-faceted and longstanding. It has farcical aspects but is not at all funny. Bahamas, yes on FCX: its energy acquisitions were sound & create big upside. Hope all have read my focus articles on it earlier this year. with best
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  • 5 U.S. Dividend Growth Stocks For International Exposure, Revisited [View article]
    Thanks for the solid and lucid analysis. Also, the acknowledgements are a touch of grace in a world & time dearly in need of it.
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  • Precious Metals Paradox: Good Fundamentals Help And Hurt [View article]
    Good points, Alan: very well-taken. Enter the best Co's and hold: if it suits your means & income stream, add at the artificial super-lows. Trim a bit when you are green. Thanks, ykaji & Wally. Try not to over-do the trading (though the sector encourages, almost demands it) because the 'friction' adds cost. Take care.
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  • Precious Metals Paradox: Good Fundamentals Help And Hurt [View article]
    Gradually shifting does not mean selling at a loss. Take care.
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  • Precious Metals Paradox: Good Fundamentals Help And Hurt [View article]
    Skyzer makes good points & no, real metal is not needed to whittle down the spot price. Apberusd, appreciate your observations & the thesis on dwindling supply is sound, I mention it often. It will kick into play. However, one pt raised above is that by the time it overcomes the artificial trading, it is not clear how much those who manage the system will allow retail investors to share gains. The power to game the system is extreme & raises many yellow flags on expectations.
    Take care & thanks for reading.
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  • Skewed Rhetoric On Metals And Markets Obscures Best Plays [View article]
    Ken & Physical Receipt thank you. Bahamas, yes: it will be hell (in many respects it already is) & yes, it is being done with & to boost China. They, like most, would much rather buy at $1200 than $1800. Oliver you raise a good caveat. Most sentient people know that Orwell, at least in his last decade & best known works, hated above all authoritarian manipulation of people & official lying via media. The last 60 pages of Spengler's masterwork make clear his views on the power of big finance to use media to destroy democracy & the ability to think. In his 3-page comment on "the New Idol" in Zarathustra, Nietzsche details his views on the self-serving deceits, greed & inhumanity of the modern State. As for the lengthy blurts above, let a verse from Schiller suffice: "Against stupidity even the gods contend in vain." Thanks for reading.
    Oct 13 12:38 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Skewed Rhetoric On Metals And Markets Obscures Best Plays [View article]
    Thanks, people, for the appreciative comments and good points. Ken, after the Nov 2014 elections when the need to mislead will lessen. Take care.
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  • DC Frictions Hide Basic Dangers: Balancing Growth And Value [View article]
    Thanks, Cornelius. You're right about Asia although I think that theme is over-stressed at times. Bob Johnson made an interesting pt about playing EM's while limiting one's exposure to their volatility by investing in developed economies heavily invested in EM's. Kije also makes a good pt in his question: the pressures on retail investors are intense. The tree is shaken often & not only re investing. Try not to sell on red days & become windfall for strong hands.
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