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  • Eric Sprott's Gold Analysis Deconstructed: What The Gold Bulls Still Don't Get [View article]
    Thank you. the author makes some valid points on Eric Sprott (who is not present to rebut or elaborate) but he undermines his own views and credibility by not even mentioning that the plunge through support was catalysed by the GS short sell guidance and low ball estimate. Moreover, many of his slogans sound like a pitch for a position at a major institution or govt agency, maybe not intentioned but that is how it reads. In any case, there is no credibility to a discussion of Au value and recent behavior that does not focus considerable attention on the GS call and subsequent waterfall. If you care to read my SA pieces on this I hope they are useful.
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  • Weak Economy Will Hit Markets, Lift Gold And Some Miners [View article]
    thanks for reading, people. I find it difficult to review all the measures (like the many linked or quoted in the piece above) and not to see a significant and continuing contraction in the economy. Also the similarity in the charts on retail & PMI manufacturing to the period between 2005 - 4Q 2007 is troubling is it not?
    Dom you are right of course that markets and economies often are out of synch: e.g. the cyclical bull of 1933-7 a prime example. Aside from the indices n corporate profit, not growth, profit, where do you see substantial growth in the economy?
    I certainly hope you're right but I see, talk to and read about lots of people over 70 re-entering work force and people seeking low-pay work outside of their field.
    Do read Pento and J. Williams. Robert Fitzwilson head of the Portola Group since 1979 (check out their site: very cogent) is no gold bug but he views the economy and fiscal policy with alarm, too, one of many.
    Hope you're right and the economy ff's the indices ad astra....
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  • Weak Economy Will Hit Markets, Lift Gold And Some Miners [View article]
    Dominic, re the economy: look at the site of John Williams, a deocrated economist and review what he has to say. Google him and listen to a recent interview with him; catch up on Michael Pento's writings and weekly podcast. The problem is the govt #s as Williams explains in detail and also the boost from Central Banks buyingi equities and resulting investor sentiment. I hope the indices rise 25% this year: I have counseled everyone to participate and overweight equities. However if your review the economic BASICS cited in just this one article you will see that there is a huge disconnect between the markets and economic basics. That is the main fact of which everyone should be aware. Let's hope the rise continues forever! Maybe they can pull it off. Just recognize the ISM-PMI #s and give it some thought. Look at workforce participation.
    Int Times, I do remember the hint 3Q 2012 that the injections might end and the resulting drop. All the stats, barring some official govt #s (again, see Williams on these) suggest the difficult times most people see. I hope that through the happiness of the big green days like today folks will glance at the larger picture. Hope everyone does well and maybe they can keep the party going.
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  • Why I Wouldn't Touch Barrick Gold With A Pick Axe [View article]
    Nothing new here: it reads like a simplistic summary of many other articles that have covered these issues in depth and with insight. sad
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  • Endless Euphoria: Markets Rise On Central Bank Buying Of Stocks And Gold [View article]
    re my longer reply here, note that again today FCX was far far better than JJC: -.26% vs. -3.98%, been like that lately but today particularly marked. SCCO was down -.96%.
    check my articles on Europe and on the interface of gold with economies and markets. the disconnect between the latter two is one of the major stories of these times.
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  • Endless Euphoria: Markets Rise On Central Bank Buying Of Stocks And Gold [View article]
    Thanks for your appreciative words and for reading. Buyandhold, thank you: you might find interest in my archive in which I've been developing the theses you see here.
    Yes, evan, Cu will sag in the stagflation - deflationary period: Chinese & USA pmi both are down to about 50.6. No one seems to have noted the Dallas Fed regional pmi #s monday: they were terrible and the ongoing sag in retail sales is alarming: we've seen that film before. The diversification of FCX is important longterm as is the still enormous gold reserves at Grasberg site. PSLV & other hard assets should be good in the correction which charts suggest will be harsh. But will those who are creating this disaster allow retail folks to enjoy fruits of PMs? If one lives in a state where commerce can proceed in PM, good: if not.... the times suggest things are a bit harder to call. At this point it's hard to argue against short term investment grade and cash though as I suggest there are majors that will weather the storm. The level of manipulation is very troubling as is its increasingly overt nature. As noted in closing, despite the recent events the case for bullion strengthens, part of the plus of sprott resource...
    Thanks for reading.
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  • Freeport McMoRan's Outlook Lifted By 3 Events [View article]
    Thanks, jacks. Were it not for floods of digital liquidity that enables Cb's and major institutions to gorge on equities the extent of the recession and potential depression would appear. Check China's April manufacturing pmi. NB: in recent days FCX has outperformed scco and by an even larger margin JJC which is ailing.
    Consider my piece "Gold's Crash, Europe's Woes" for bellwether's to watch and, in some cases, shelter near when the storm rises.
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  • A Golden Stock With A Golden Income [View article]
    They are currently (4-/9 - 5-02) offering $5 b in mid and very long term notes, more than a third not due till 2042 !! The basic thesis of this piece is sound. Just remember this sector will continue to be volatile because it is at the matrix of economic decline, monetary policies (which are being re-structured sub rosa) and geopolitics. You might glance at 2 pieces i wrote on ABX and several on miners.
    Thanks for a good overview.
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  • If The Keystone XL Is Rejected, Canadian National Railway Will Benefit The Most [View article]
    They are not so much ignorant as malevolent. the merits have been explained often. Though your heart and points are in the right place, the capstone of your education remains incomplete.
    CNI indeed is at the matrix of future commerce regardless the degree of growth.
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  • Freeport McMoRan's Outlook Lifted By 3 Events [View article]
    No, I am NOT bullish on miners: on the contrary. See for example the links directly above this section to my recent discussions. If you look through my archive you will find several pieces addressing unique problems faced by miners generally, not only PM miners in the midst of a continuing global economic decline. I simply note the FCX is a strong Co getting stronger and likely to be diversified in scope & materials and large enough to weather the storm already beginning. The comments by major analysts also are notable.
    Thanks for reading.....
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  • Freeport McMoRan's Outlook Lifted By 3 Events [View article]
    Thank you Free State and Case evaluator: it was my hope that the research and interesting links would be informative and helpful. The indications are that global growth is declining and economic outlook in USA has many red flags. I have discussed these in many articles. There is a possibliity that stagflation will lead to deflationary depression. A recent piece suggests that "Miners are for Trading" (see the archive) and that there will be shakeout: it is a difficult sector as I discussed in 2 pieces on ABX. However it looks like FCX will outperform. If there is substantial deflation and recession-depression, quite possible, nearly everyone will suffer. A sounder monetary system would help: see the piece "emerging world monetary order" and the ex-USD bilateral trade agreements should be monitored.
    Thanks for reading and I hope the information is helpful.
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  • Freeport McMoRan's Outlook Lifted By 3 Events [View article]
    Thanks for reading and considering the discussion of outlook.
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  • Gold's Crash, Europe's Woes Signal Global Decline: Companies To Watch [View article]
    Yes, Lyn, they are co-directing the take down: it is a consolidation of wealth and power. America is the main target, and the West generally because citizens have "too much" power and there still is a bit of accountability in govt, not much, a little. There was no necessity for our prosperity to end but it was inconvenient to those whose goal is facilitated management of generic human inventory. On the PGMs, check my piece on "China Pollution...Platinum Group Metals."
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  • Eldorado Gold: Growth And Value [View article]
    Thanks, ndras: yes, SAND has a great chart and good contracts. The GS smackdown of the PM markets hit a day after this piece appeared and driving down prices by short-selling paper ironically triggered massive CB and individual buying that is establishing a new floor and improving prospects for every well-run miner among which is EGO. The values now are very deep and the ability to manipulate via paper selling has been curtailed. The sector is vital to the pending new reserve system and, in the case of silver and PGMs to industry, for example battling pollution in China as I've reviewed in one piece. The 'hit' was brutal, very cruel to many people but prospects overall are better.
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  • Precious Metal Miners Are For Trading: Add Some On Dips [View article]
    Thanks June, for the link and appreciative words. You and phenix make many good points. I seek to offer best alternative to play a very important but also manipulated sector which is deeply involved in all factors creating by intent or de facto a new monetary structure with large implications for world economies. I sought also to address these issues in my recent "Gold against Paper" and "Gold Crashes." Have been ff'ing ex-USD trade developments: everyone should.
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