Long/short equity, gold, investment advisor, growth
Long/short equity, gold, investment advisor, growth
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Thank you for your comment. Just to clarify, I did purchase physical gold (Gold Eagles, same as those linked at the bottom of the article). The ticker symbol is just a tag for the article. My apologies for the confusion.
It all depends on your situation, but as some CEFs are taxed as income they could be a better choice than a dividend yielding stock (assuming the dividend tax increases significantly in 2013). But most importantly is the quality of the fund. Research the fund, check the history of their distributions, check their investment portfolio, check their management fees (2% is high), etc., etc. CEFconnect.com is a great place for a lot of this info. Thanks for reading!
That's where I got my info. Not sure if there is a better, all-in-one source out there. I'll check around and post if I find anything. Thanks for reading!
I apologize for any misinformation. Corrections have been made. Thanks!
A full list of high-yield monthly distributing CEFs is available on our website - http://bit.ly/xVVl5W.
Please note, this list does not take into account distribution history or UNII.
Good stuff, thanks for the article. I hesitated and missed ideal entry (ZAGG) at support at the $7.00 level last week but I may get in if momentum stays strong. $10 to $11 range seems attainable, even in the short term. Thanks again.
Thank you for the comment. I'll take a closer look at SDIV.
Great question. I understand your thinking; if you would've held SDS mid/long term through the 2008 crash you would've made some nice gains. But it's a stats game. Statistically, the S&P 500, and other markets, produce positive returns over long time lines. (Look at SPY vs. SDS on a 2, 5, or 10 year time line.) Betting against the market on a long term basis, therefore, is extremely risky. Precious metals like gold and silver (and their ETFs like GLD, SLV, etc.) can be a good long term alternative investment if your weary of the equities markets.
I do like NRF, especially as I am a technical trader and the REIT is still trading near its breakthrough support/resistance level. In keeping consistent, however, I didn't include it in the analysis above due to its negative ROE and negative income last earnings report. I'm curious to see what its next earnings report, on August 2nd, will do for the trust.
Hey Howard, thanks for the info. I'll check out the article from GVI.
I held ANH as well this year, along with ARR. Exited both a little too soon but was very happy with the returns. Thanks for the comment.
Thanks for reading. I used to use Stochastic and MACD as my primary technical indicators but with increasingly volatile markets I have become more of a fan of support levels. I still use other technical indicators (Stochastic and MACD) but support/resistance levels tend to be more telling in my opinion. Finviz.com is a great website for quickly finding significant support levels for an equity.
The above info is actually just sample data. But you make a very good point; a possible expansion to the above trade sheet blueprint. Thank you for reading and thank you for the great input.
Thank you, yes I found AOD after publishing this article. The updated archive of monthly distributing stocks can be found at http://bit.ly/xVVl5W. Thanks for reading.
I've never had significant success with dividend capturing. But I do enjoy a good dividend stock/ETF and if I'm looking to enter the position anyhow I like to get in close to (before) the ex-dividend date. With that said, all equities mentioned in this article are offered as speculation, not for dividend capturing. Thanks for reading.
Great info, thanks. I agree, a great buying opportunity at very strong support at the $22 to $24 range. Also, many of the short sellers (40% short float) likely closed out positions on the quick price dip; this could, in turn, drive the stock back up.
Thank you for reading and thank you for the kind words; I appreciate your input.
Thank you, and thanks for reading!
Just tried the link; works ok for me. Please try again then click "Monthly Distributing Dividend Stocks" to expand the list.
Thanks for the input. My apologies for overlooking AT. My dividend information was taken from dividend.com where they have AT listed as distributing dividends on an "irregular" basis(?).
Thanks for reading. I have made that available for you at http://bit.ly/xVVl5W. (Yields may differ sightly as this report was completed a couple weeks ago.)
Good find, my apologies. I spotted the error after publication and have submitted a correction. Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me know!
Great comment, thanks for the input. Double check those dividends on NZT and STWD though, I'm getting 10.50% and 9.46%, respectively. (http://www.dividend.com)
Thanks again for the good info.
Great input. Thanks for reading and thank you for the kind words.
I'll check these out. Thanks for the input.
As SDS moves inversely to the S&P, and as the S&P historically yields positive over the long term, I would only suggest SDS for short/mid term trading. The same can be said for most inverse ETFs.
Thank you for the feedback. I researched the dividend and have found conflicting numbers. I found the dividend information at http://www.finviz.com, which shows an annual dividend of $5.52. However, Yahoo! Finance lists the dividend as $1.44. I will do further research and submit a correction if necessary. Out of curiosity, where did you find the dividend information?
Agreed! Great article and great comments.
Thanks Super G. I agree, right business at the right time. But that can be said for every successful business right? Either way, I sold too, at the $14.50 level. I couldn't stomach the fear of the many short sellers (74% short float) taking over. But, like you, I wouldn't be surprised if this stock hit $20 next year. If nothing else, and with its volatile weekly swings, ZAGG offers some good opportunities for short term traders. This one is always on my watch list.
I've only purchased one of ZAGG's products, the InvisiShield, but I was very impressed and think they're well worth the money. I'm curious to see more of the other product lines, ZAGGfolio, etc.
Thanks for the feedback. I agree, the stock looks to have price resistance around $1.60 and $2.00. If it can break above that $1.60 level I think it could really start moving. Great info, thanks again.
Thank you for reading and thank you for the great info! With analysts' profit targets where they are they, like you, must be expecting profits very soon for similar reasons. I'm keeping my eye on all three of these stocks.
Thanks again for the additional research.