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Wish I had a home like that :)
Fusion has talked about Tupperware's South America business (not the whole company) you dumbo
And William Keep ran away when Fusion asked him to comment on Ackman's analysis because he knows he is wrong.
ARC = rP - ( r(P-W) + fW) = (r - f)W
P gets cancelled out.
In terms of retail sales, they are going to provide a proper classification from April onwards which will clear the air.
And in terms of use of products, I don't think anyone who wants to loose weight will continue to drink protein shake for life. Health freaks can do it but others are likely to return to their normal diet once they have achieved there weightloss goals.
Regarding Pyramid scheme, try to understand Koscot test. It will help you and read Vander Nat's paper a couple of times. It's not difficult but takes time to absorb and understand. Unfortunately Ackman's analyst couldn't do it in 18 months :)
P in Peter Vander Nat's paper is the price at which product is actually sold. It is same as suggested retail price SRP of 0.65x(Label Price) which Ackman suggested in his presentation.
Please read second part of Vander Nat's paper and it won't take much time to figure it out.
Anyways P gets cancelled out in the equation while determining ARC. ARC is the fund left with the organization from retail sales which is available for paying distributor rewards. As long as it covers more than half of distributor rewards, the organization is said to be primarily based on retail.
You are a smart guy, read the paper. Try to understand the concept. It won't take long.
Willy, its silly to talk about negative mark ups. People are not that crazy.
Mark up price is getting canceled in the equation. Read the article and Peter's paper properly
Ackman himself has assumed 70% sales is outside the company's distributors network
Liberman research has indicated 92% sales outside the network.
The truth is somewhere in between.
Frankly, after the company classify "discount customers" properly Ibeleive it will reach a point where 90% plus sales will be outside the network.
Well that sums it all! Doesn't it William.
Look, I understand you don't like the fact that Herbalife hired Kellog professor Anne Coughlan (http://bit.ly/YuWRnt) and not you to defend it. You are renting your frustration by spreading misinformation, calling others work nonsense and dismissing Anne as paid consultant. Its amazing how well you lied calling US retail sales to be 31% despite of Bloomberg anchor asking you twice about it. A simple glace at your twitter page will indicate your actual motto is in line with that nuts Herb Greenberg who thinks he is a financial analyst.
You are calling even the 31% sales data which company shared with the public wrong/unverified. You want audited data for that. Which auditor can verify data on millions of end user customers? Does FTC has resources for that? No matter how much detail company will share, you will always dismiss it as unverified.
No one is questioning requirement of more transparency. It always help analysts not only in MLM industry but in other sectors as well. Who wouldn't want more clarity on the toxic assets on a Bank's balance sheet. No harm in that.
But here a short seller is misrepresenting facts and claiming something wrong to meet his ends. You are not commenting on it because you are biased.