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Eric Coffin

Eric Coffin and his brother David Coffin ( are the co-editors of the HRA (Hard Rock Analyst) family of publications. Responsible for the “financial analysis” side of HRA, Eric has a degree in Corporate and Investment Finance. He has extensive experience in merger and acquisitions and small company financing and promotion. For many years he tracked the financial performance and funding of all exchange listed Canadian mining companies and has helped with the formation of several successful exploration ventures. Eric is regularly interviewed on North American Radio and TVfor his opinions on resource trends and is a frequent contributor to several third party publications and a ...More
  • Description: Analyst. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Stocks - long
HRA (Hard Rock Analyst) Newsletters HRA is your key to uncovering and profiting from extraordinary resource shares by getting ahead of the crowd. At HRA, we look for companies with the potential to at least double over one or two years based on asset growth and development of metals deposits for production or take over by larger companies. HRA ...More
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