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Long/short equity, value, special situations, contrarian
Eric Compton
Long/short equity, value, special situations, contrarian
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For anyone following this, President Obama signed into law an extension of the WOTC into law on Friday, however it only applies retroactively for 2014, it does not include an extension into 2015. So while this is good news as it means taxes for 2014 will see positive reversals, I was hoping it would also apply for the future as well. Hopefully an extension for 2015 will be passed sometime in first quarter of 2015.
Good Article JKenser,
Will have to research more. I wish I had more medical expertise, haha, sometimes it's hard to sort through all the mixed opinions on new medical technologies. Looks like the current price is implying roughly a 45% or lower chance of this product gaining any real market share. I guess the negative cash flows are also a little scary, but again, if this product gains any traction that shouldn't be a problem. Interesting stuff
"Insiders have been selling Radcom stock - at about $5 per share - "
"And for far less than the current price."
"All that insider selling - predominantly at ~ $5 compared with shares currently fetching about $11 - raises red flags."
It's almost like you're trying to imply they were selling shares at $5 when they were significantly above $5, the fact is even a month ago the shares were selling for less, like on Nov. 7 shares closed at 8.80 while the 144 sale you have listed for that day was for an average price of 8.68, not quite as bad as 5 vs. 11. And all those shares you have listed as selling around 5 dollars were back when shares were actually selling for around 5 dollars. The way you have it stated is a pretty sensationalist way of stating it.
Micro Cap also makes a good point, the selling is pretty minor in comparison to overall holdings.
Your thesis could be restated as "Insiders selling minor amounts of stock at market prices over the last several years", doesn't quite sound so bad then.
Thanks Hardog, appreciate it, I actually saw they still have the "Kelly Girl Story" on their website, they've certainly changed a lot from the original women on typewriters days, always interesting how these companies change over time
I believe you're referring to the potential risks I outlined. My thought was these risks could potentially materialize, but do I personally think they are likely, no. My personal opinion is that the current direction and investments will benefit the company in the long run, and I don't foresee Adderley doing anything to hurt shareholder value.
Thanks DP44189, appreciate the feedback
Hey everyone, first time ever doing anything like this, so I would really appreciate any feedback you have, positive or constructive criticism. Thanks
I'm not a legal expert, but it seems to me that the 340 million is assumed to be awarded based on the latest legal document, right? So i guess my question is, why isn't it trading for at least 12 dollars right now, what am I missing?
Well, if $INTC "under performs" like it did in those previous 18 months, I'm OK with that
Lagom, a Swedish word
definitely brings insight to the Swedish ethos
Hey Chris,
I currently track SC TO-C filings and SC TO-I filings from edgar to attempt to track odd lot opportunities. Do you use any other techniques to find them? (If you/your friends don't mind sharing)
that's the best thing I've heard all day, haha
Thanks for the article, you don't see someone analyzing an investment mistake after the fact too often, so this is refreshing, and in many ways I think reading this is more informative and helpful than the normal bull/bear articles before anything has actually played out.
Great article Steve, articulate and yet simple enough even for me to understand, I guess it does help that GPT has simplified the business so much. Have enjoyed following this story with Chris and now you.
Hey Chris,
Excellent postings and articles, have really enjoyed reading through your work, my question is regarding options. Do you use any options strategies currently or have you used them in the past? If you do use options, how do you go about conceptualizing when they will make a good contribution to your portfolio vs. when it would be better to focus on other investment methods?