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  • Blue Line In Focus As Colorado Court Could Force Feds' Hand On Pot
    Tue, Aug. 26 BLPG 6 Comments


    • Colorado's marijuana taxes are being challenged in federal court on grounds of the 5th Amendment. Paying pot taxes would be equivalent to admitting possession, a Federal crime.
    • So far, the court has upheld the taxes, which in itself gives federal sanction to pot companies. If the taxes are legal, so is the product.
    • If marijuana taxes are overturned, Colorado and Washington will be tax-free recreational pot havens, forcing Congress to perhaps fully legalize in order to reinstate them.
    • Either way, cannabusiness and its associated pot stocks benefit.
    • Blue Line Protection Group is in focus here, which provides security for the legal cannabis industry in Colorado, Washington, and Nevada.
  • Blue Line Protection Group: The Solution To Legal Marijuana Banking Woes
    Wed, Jul. 2 BLPG 6 Comments


    • The recreational cannabis industry in Colorado and Washington, and the medical cannabis industry in other states are in desperate need of banking solutions.
    • Because marijuana occupies a sort of legal/illegal purgatory between federal and state law, most banks won't accept cannabis companies as clients, which means they operate all in cash.
    • The fact that cannabis is legal in some states but not in others makes companies operating in the legalized territory prime targets for thieves looking to export to illegal areas.
    • Blue Line Protection Group is the largest publicly traded security and compliance company serving the legal cannabis industry, with 53 clients in Colorado and Nevada, and more on the way.
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