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  • Erick McKitterick
    A couple months ago the buyers of the AUTH 7.5 - 10 OCT call spread may get paid. News still pending, I was one of them!
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    • SteadyOptions: Erick, we want you back!
    • Erick McKitterick: We'll see stay tuned
      • Erick McKitterick
        SEC should investigate this! INHX had 2 blocks on Friday. A Feb 10-15 call spread 2K times for 1.35 and a 2.3K May 15 - Aug 25 Call diag!
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        • humahuaca: but Erick, the SEC has much more important stuff to look into. I hear some new videos were released on youporn
        • Erick McKitterick: No I understand overall it's a drop in the bucket but once again shows common investors are left out to dry without inside info.
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