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Erik Sorensen  

I am twenty-something investor who has a great interest in Dividend Growth Investing. Currently I am in the process of rebalancing my portfolio to more of a DGI approach. I began investing (admittingly foolish investing) when I was 20 and have learned so much in a short span of five years. I hope to bring a fresh take to the DGI contributor scene in the future as most contributors steer their work toward the baby boom and Gen X SA readers.

I enjoy reading articles written by DVK, Chuck Carnevale, RAS, RS, Bob Wells and all the others I am following. I truly appreciate the articles written by the younger SA contributors such as Tim McAleenan, Eli Inkrot and DGM.
  • Description: Compliance Manager. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, Retirement savings, Stocks - long
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The Mask of Sorro The Mask of Sorro is a newly minted blog that chronicles my adventures in personal finance & investments, personal fitness, and soon to be fatherhood. Join me over there and sit up your feet, fill up your scotch glass, (may be best to do this first if your lazy) and prepare to be entertained.
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18% divy hike for $IBM is nice. Still closely watching the underlying business. Apr 28, 2015