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@O.Lee - well said, the moment I saw the comment about only the 911 contributing to the bottom line, was the moment it dawned upon me that this commentator doesn't know Jack **** about the luxury car sector.
If Google didn't buy Tesla when they were on their knees first time around, I doubt they'll step up to the plate when they near bankruptcy.
"He is much closer with Larry Page and turned down repeated offers from google" ???????
Which Bizarro world do you occupy when you write that? Tesla was on it's knees when it begged Google to buy it, Thankfully, Larry Page politely declined.
Link to Bloomberg article
it's not Apple that puts me off. it's my experience with iTunes which must rate as the worst piece of software ever written. No thanks. Once bitten twice shy
I was following your article 'word for word', thinking this could be one of those rare impartial SA article on TESLA, then out of the blue, you just drop in the sentence:
"Ideally, everyone would agree on the best standard and that standard is Tesla's supercharger network"
In 15 short words, you destroy any credibility, as you make no attempt to substantiate or justify such lofty claims.
Please explain.
@WulfherSS - the words "blind faith" couldn't be more apt for Tesla drivers. I could probably say the same about long investors.
'Chinese Robots have wages that are 30% lower than US Robots' - what would Isaac Asimov say?
Boeing are probably giving Norwegian them 'free of charge' given the pair of lemons received from Boeing in 2013. Norwegian had to wet lease some white tail A340s for about a year because of the patchy reliability of their debut 787s
I keep on reading the word "epidemic" (widespread across several places) when I'm sure the author means "endemic" (specific to one location)
'I don't know why so many people want to see Tesla fail.' - the last time I checked, SA was a forum for investors not 'battery acid-heads who's only investment in Tesla was 'emotional'.
If people criticize TSLA, it's not because the want it to fail but because the believe the stock is 'over valued'.
First rule of investment: check in your emotions at the door.
The key to the movie theatres' survival is to work with Netflix and not fight it. What Netflix and Amazon is a massive database of their subscribers' viewing habits. No other studio has this wealth of information, if only the theatre chains realised their future lies with the digital age and not with the 1930s business model.
Great article - reminds me of John Dahl's 'The Last Seduction' where Linda Fiorentino was all but guaranteed an Oscar nod but for the fact that HBO broadcast it before its cinema release.
Forget Tesla, after reading your comment I'm going long Alcoa given the amount of aluminium hats that must be worn in the US.
Kudos to you that you managed to get internet installed in that bunker of yours.
"Guarantees are easy to make, honouring them is somewhat harder" - 1st rule of Credit Analysis
Neither Tesla, not any other 5 year old manufacturer, will reach Honda's reliability ratings in such a short time and such low volumes. The law of numbers will work against them until they have production numbers in the 100,000s every year.
Wow, given the large intersect between Apple and Tesla worshippers, what's a fan boy gonna do? Shall we worship at the shrine of Steve Jobs or bow to the idol of Elon Musk?
Which one is the False Profit (sic)? some whacky concept that correlates liquidity with default risk. On that basis I'm ditching my US Treasuries.
"A lot live in apartments with (underground) garages or parking spots" -
Really, are you serious? Have you ever visited a European city? On a Sunday night when people get back to the appartments for the weekend, it can take 20 mins to find a spot within walking distance of where you live, much less chance of finding one outside your house.
Introduce a little rationale to your investing decisions and check in your emotions at the door.
400m with garages? When was the last time you visited Europe? Very few people live in detached villas with garage parking. Most live in appartments and semi-detached accommodation.
You do realise that the 25 year average for oil prices is $48/bbl?
The price hike in the last 3 days has been driven by short covering at Q3 end.
"Apple Watch: Expect Much Better Sales In The September Quarter"
Much better than what? Tim Cook, with all his emailing Jime Cramer, never had the time to break out the iWatch sales for the June quarter.
Apple fanboy got lost and come to the wrong comments section?
Elon Musk is not only an anagram of Me Sunk Low but also a latter day John DeLorean - smart money says that the Feds bust him for narc trafficking :-)
"Et tu, Brute?"
Wow, you guys live in the dark ages when it comes to TV. In Europe the model has moved to the SmartTV platform where you have a menu of options pre-loaded onto your new TV (Netflix, Free to View Channels, HBO, etc) and you subscribe to the ones that suits you. Moreover, once you have subscribed you can choose which platform and OS you want to see them on. Why bother being tied down to AppleTV, I can't see the advantage?
What planet do you come from - Bizzaro?
You really think iOS users are going to use Bing or Yahoo? Apple can sign whatever deal they like but iOS users will drift back to Google the same way they went back to YouTube when Apple decided to remove the YouTube App from the AppStore.
Wow. Google wants to implement a change that would knowingly destroy shareholder value. Sorry, nul points, can't see that happening.
Wow, expect some flack from the Naysayers who still believe in men walking with red flags in front of non-horse drawn vehicles.
On paper, it makes so much sense not only in terms of vehicle utilization rates but freeing up parking space in urban environments.
There will be head winds, not least from the auto-makers whose business model relies on selling vehicles to people who use them for less than 10% of the day (can you imagine an airline executive parking a jumbo jet on the tarmac for 22 hours a day!!!).
Assuming that Google can overcome the fears of the above said, the real challenge comes when they put driverless cars into formation for driving on the interstate in caravans.
You're missing a key point that actually backs up your case. Xiami would have a problem selling its devices in any major Western Economy on the grounds of patent laws. It rips off every major manufacturer and has only be launched in PRC, HK, Singapore and India.
That said I'd buy one in an instant if they could legally sell one and take off its Xiami skin.
Dude, hold your tongue cos you look like an idiot.
Apple, in particular Tim Cook & Luca Maestri use IDC numbers when it suits them.
Don't believe me? Look at the transcript of the latest July 2014 earnings call from Apple.
Of note, Maestri refers to IDC's numbers (presumably as a credible source) in the very educational market that is the subject of this discussion.
Wow $11 billion. That's based on how many data points of sales?
As if your 1267 comments are jammed full of data. A quick look through your comment history suggests otherwise
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