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Eugene Profit  

Eugene Profit founded Profit Investments in 1996, and has overall management responsibility for the firm and client portfolios. Profit Investments manages $2 billion, including large and small cap institutional accounts and mutual funds (tickers PVALX, PROFX). Eugene’s unique investment management philosophy and approach to valuation sensitive growth investing have made him the subject of many profiles in financial media including Business Week, Smart Money, Black Enterprise, Pension & Investments and Investors Business Daily. He has also been a guest on several cable news outlets including Wall Street Week, Money Line, CNBC, Fox News Channel and CNN.

Eugene Profit with the RedskinsAs a five-year veteran of ...More
  • Description: Private equity portfolio manager.
  • Interests: Mutual funds
Profit Investment Management Profit Investment Management (PIM) serves institutional and retail clients investing in U.S. equities. Based in metropolitan Washington, DC, PIM was founded in 1996 by Eugene Profit who had the goal of establishing a first-class investment adviser that delivered more to its clients than benchmark-beating ...More
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