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Special situations, deep value, growth, momentum
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From a very good analyst at Zacks today -- http://yhoo.it/1F1B8NL
IDRA - Tripled down on the small call biotech fade and averaged in the low to mid $3.00's in my accounts.
It should be a good stock for 2015.
Thanks for the replies everyone.
This move by the FDA is suspicious and I don't expect that MNK management will just take this reclassification lying down. Were they lobbied by a short or competitor? Hmmm...
My institutional contacts say: BUY
On Nov 6, 2014 -- Rockwell Medical: The FDA advisory committee meeting for Rockwell Medical’s Triferic met and then voted.
The FDA Panel voted 8-3 in favor of recommending approval for Triferic for the treatment of iron loss or iron deficiency.
Some good news: http://bit.ly/1tzqk3W
Hi - Of course they did. Management has been in front of these false allegations from day 1. I added on the fade. I would expect more positive news to follow. GL.
Well, I haven't been involved in a number of years but I have watched this company for the past 10-12 months and I do believe that it is setting up now after the direct financing and recent news. It will be interesting too to see what the 6,000,000 shares short will do as this one takes off like what happened with one of my last stock plays, QCOR at $20, then $40, $60. In summary Questcor Pharmaceuticals went to $94 and was acquired by $MNK who was $70ish and now its $90-$93 and going to $115 - $120 during 2015 as far as I can tell.
Dig further into your DD and see who's involved and the changes that have been made in the management team and board. The smart money is here and not for a few dollars either. This one should be a real winner for 2015-2016.
BTX is a Buy and Hold; not a quick trade.
From $3-$5 in 2010 and in Aug 2014, $LNG taps $80.
Nice work!
Standard & Poor's announces changes to US indices: MNK to replace RDC in the S&P 500; RDC moved to S&P MidCap 400; GLF to replace QCOR in the S&P SmallCap 600
S&P MidCap 400 constituent Mallinckrodt (NYSE:MNK) will replace Rowan Companies (NYSE:http://bit.ly/1oyk4Zb) in the S&P 500, Rowan will replace Mallinckrodt in the S&P MidCap 400, and GulfMark Offshore (NYSE:http://bit.ly/1pQ9Ukd) will replace Questcor Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:http://bit.ly/NjDwRY) in the S&P SmallCap 600 after the close of trading on Monday, August 18. Mallinckrodt is acquiring Questcor Pharmaceuticals in a deal expected to be completed tonight.
We get a lot of squawking from the shorts, then comes these 13G's whereby the Smart Money steps in. Coincidence???
Investors should know by now that the games on WS have escalated.
FUD is a part of financial terrorism; something I'm against.
Here's my observation and see if this makes sense to you?
Retail investors see a stock that has true potential and buys.
Vulture HFs see the same opportunity and ask, How can I take this stock down, flush out all the retail investors, and then buy up all the shares that I want? After a flush, all the retail investors want to do is get even and then sell. That's how it works!
Take notice that before each big run on a stock there is some kind of pressure on the stock. IE. Go see my recent KPTI pick at $27 in June after the flush.
My research suggests that there are others setting up right now.
Choose wisely.
That's all for now.
This was just came across my trading desk on Friday.
ChinaRock is in big.
New 13G filing - http://stks.co/q0eAD
Hi - TY for the reply. Shorts are fearful and their FUD campaign is getting ever so weak. They just can't admit defeat and this will cost them dearly IMHO. The writing is on the wall and even more so after the MNK CC this week.
My vision: I see the shorts get STEAMROLLED even worse then they already are if they continue to battle against one of the Big winners for 2014 - 2015.
This is such a solid company and team with a vision and plan to make investors a lot of money in due time.
I have done some extensive DD and MNK offers a 40% or greater upside from these levels.
Yesterday's news with China Unicom is another way to validate that this company is real.
NQ News: http://yhoo.it/1kO3GTi
China Unicom DD: http://bit.ly/1q0J9a6
This is no longer just a mobile security company folks. The company looks like it's expanding more into music and games to further diversify its global footprint.
Erghh ummm $9.80 would be too cheap.
Are private equity groups circling NQ for a steal? I think a number of true Value funds may be interested.
Is a bonafide 20-f coming? Yes, unless they are taken out beforehand. Its happened before.
Were there some minor accounting irregularities? Lose controls? My take is...This is probable, but DOES NOT CONSTITUTE FRAUD.
Is NQ Mobile a victim of a well orchestrated FUD Campaign? Yes, I believe so. Frauds go straight down and fast. This isn't happening folks.
Peace, EXPstocktrader
PwC was hired to perform an audit, and file the appropriate forms, period. What I see is that they went too far into the scope of acting like a forensic account and thus created delay after delay. This was clearly not in the Best Interest of NQ Mobile.
DT was the forensic auditor and you know what they said. No fraud. Look it up.
MW made some outlandish claims of no cash, no customers blah blah. All rubbish!
Stay tuned.
Very Nice!
Holding long for the reversal up.
Sixth: This article isn't even worth a read or response, but I'm curious so here you go...
$NQ is a tasty short here, right? So, in a few brief words please tell us how that $50 short on QCOR tasted?
Take a big short position. Don't post with No position and advise us on the contrary. Put your money where your mouth is and make bank if you are so inclined.
My Take - NQ was being held hostage and a decisive move needed to be made and they made the hard corrective action which should be viewed as a positive. Also, had PwC found any wrong doing (which they cannot claim) then they would have resigned months ago.
Taking this decisive action was warranted.
Thank you!
You're short. Sorry to see that. Lots of smart guys shorted at $50.
Good luck,
The author of this article clearly makes you think that NQ makes its money solely from the apps and some mystery ads and doesn't expand into the over 100 countries that NQ states that they are involved in globally.
Where is the discussion involving revenues collected from (wait for it):
Enterprise Partners
Hard Bundles
Joint Ventures
Revenue Content Sharing
IMSM Platform
Search Technology Licensing
Partnerships with Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile and others
Active premium user accounts
Other mobile ecosystem partners
There is so much more that this article doesn't cover and I cannot educate you on their complex business plan from my DD in a few brief sentences.
Keep digging because your research on monetizing app counts in the US is elementary from where I sit.
The company states; "Our businesses are performing strongly." Key word being "businesses." Implying multiple global Business Units - BUs, revenue streams...
Be good,
Managements response today: http://bit.ly/1lTIbu3
Also, I have reviewed the Raids in QIHU, MONT, FMCN and AMT. Erghh ummm, they all did just fine despite all the constant Short and Distort campaigns from the hyena crews.
Please Read The Game Plan Being Orchestrated Here IMO: http://bit.ly/1nfb88N
My question is will Carlyle Asia partners step in here soon or will it be someone else???
Example: http://bit.ly/1nfa1pJ and here http://bit.ly/1nfa9oU
I'm glad to see the gloves coming off a little more by management with the blog and more frequent news, as well as the new experienced executives and the advisor from TORO.
Q: Would you jump on a burning ship like these guys? Yes, if they saw nothing but growth and prosperity down the road. Why tarnish your good reputation now? No way unless...
Stay tuned.
PS. Funny how some articles get published within minutes and some take 24-48 hours. something to think about huh?
Managements response today: http://bit.ly/1lTIbu3
PS. Is this QTR who bashed QCOR at $50 hard, non-stop? QCOR is $93
Peace, EXP
$KPTI alerts were sent to my followers at $25 - $26
$IDIX and $MRK two years later: http://bit.ly/1l09thF
In an all-cash deal, Merck ($MRK) acquires Hep C drug maker Identix Pharmaceuticals ($IDIX) for $24.50/share ($3.85B).
We know, you are concerned again. Don't be.
Of course this is positive data.
SA refused to post this as a real article so I had to make it a blog post, go figure huh?