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it was so hard to get a ticket at the AMC theater i usually go to so I wouldn't hang my hat just yet
this article lacks substance...
please refer to Dan Strack's Articles for reference:
wow George, you look alot like David Schneider.. what are the odds?!
dont you think the upcoming films are baked into the current share price?
Love your articles btw
This is one of the best thought out articles I have read. I would have loved to hear about their active safety systems a bit more and how they would compare to mobileye but still a great article. Also, does their dividend get foreign withholding tax? Thanks again.
is it worth owning REITS in taxable accounts?
This company buys alot of their clothing in USD and sells in Euros which mean margins will be hit HARD....IDEXY is less affected by this phenomena as it has alot of products made in Europe..
Share buybacks dont mean anything especially for a company with terrible management like Nuance. Without you going into detail, how do we know what percent of the buybacks is for covering stock-based incentives for its employees?
Their sharecount keeps increasing ... so whats going on?
Deep-water projects, which carry a hefty price tag, are more resilient to short-term price swings because they have long life-spans, producing massive amounts of oil and gas for decades, the report notes. Shale drilling onshore is cheaper but production tends to fall off by as much as 80 percent in a year. Offshore wells typically decline by 30 percent in the same time period, the report notes.
“It’s really the nature of the beast,” said Jackson Sandeen, senior research analyst at WoodMackenzie. “These projects offshore take several years to develop. As soon as you sanction a project it could take three or four years to see that firsts production. So you don’t have as much of a knee-jerk reaction as you would onshore.”
I put those questions to Imran Khan, a research analyst with oil consultancy WoodMackenzie. He says that the average breakeven oil price needed for new deepwater Gulf of Mexico developments in early stages of construction is between $65 and $75 per barrel. That “breakeven” implies a long-term annualized 10% return on capital.
As for completed projects like Jack/St. Malo, where so many billions have already been sunk, Khan says the breakeven price needed to justify incremental investment from here on out is as low as $35 per barrel. Indeed, he says that some of the world’s most economic oil projects today involve new deepwater fields discovered nearby existing offshore infrastructure. These so-called “tie-backs” can generate that 10% breakeven even at oil prices as low as $30 per barrel. Now that’s some cheap oil.
Can drillers back out of the backlog commitments ? How much on average does it cost to produce a barrel of deep water oil
Thanks Amit. Really looking forward to your response. Really interested in a non-conventional water play. I am also looking at $ERII.. check it out!
Very interesting but what is proprietary about this technology to coat the water? It appears that this is not a new notion and there are soon to be others who will enter the space? Will the costs to monitor the bodies of water plus cost for product outweight the benefit ?
A article I read said that more water is evaporated than what we consume so perhaps it is worth a shot..
Thanks for a great interesting story.
In regards to the accounting company: you are absolutely right. I just get cautious about smaller cap companies and their accounting practices as its not uncommon to see refilling and fraud in small caps
Regarding their "Technology", are they using proprietary technology to handle their distribution or logistics? Doubtful. So again, why is this a food tech company and not a well-run specialized food distribution company?
How are they funding all these bolt on acquisitions? How has the share count grown over the years?
Why should someone invest in a stock that provides no liquidity?
I like this company as well. In the earning call he mentioned a lot of companies have jumped over 3G and went over to 4G/LTE..what about "5G"? Will some customers wait till 5G and if that's the case will MVNR have the software technology to handle these customers?
Not really sure what's so food tech about this company... its simply a distribution company of high end specialty products and portion controlled food.
liggett vogt & webb p.a.
these smaller companies, need the prestige of doing audits for public companies so there could be a conflict of interest in reporting discrepencies..
i could be wrong but with no trading volume, ill stay on the sidelines of Fiber Application Systems Technology who is now known as Innovative Food Holdings.
again, i havent bothered loooking at the 10k, 10q but i suspect if they have a small market cap, they arent using the accounting bohemeths to do their financial statements....who knows how trustworthy some of these small accounting firms are
There is no trading volume in the stock
I didn't dive into the financials but I wonder who Audits their financial statements
Fresh Diet Repeat rates look great but I wonder how long an average customer buys the Fresh Diet program as its pricey and dieting is a fad
Although they will benefit from lower gas prices for their deliveries for Fresh Diet, how do they compete with the marketing power of Nutrisystem?
Why not buy, "ZAGG" instead. They do headphones, keyboards, and phone protection. With new apple phone refresh, they should see an uptick in sales.
Skullcandy doesnt compare to GoPro or Beats. GoPro and Beats earn a high valuation because of their technology. GoPro's ability to compress movies and Beats audio service. Skullycandy is a hardware company unless I am missing something?
Can you describe what exactly is incentive compensation?
Another question, Do companies like Brightroll and YuMe share the same access to inventory or do they have exclusive rights to said inventory? Meaning can you only go through Brightroll to feature your videos on JohnSmalls.com?
Thanks again. I am very interested in starting a position in YuMe. I found your articles through my interest in Millennial, which I had taken a beating in the past on but still believe could be a viable player
Great article. What if Brightroll goes IPO? Would you still like YuMe?
certainly interesting...i wonder if some of these stores will reclaim their e-commerce logistics once online sales are a bigger portion of their revenue..looks like an e-logistics company would be well-suited for only smaller companies in the future or companies who are testing the idea of online sales..
You are correct. Companies are "ok" with using STM because motion tracking is still in its infancy as I pointed out in the article. Consumers will demand more from there phone and will shift all business to the superior product which is Invensense!
You hit on a great point. Information. It can be difficult to get information that we are accustomed to getting when dealing with larger cap stocks. Smaller cap stocks don't have the resources like the big players.
Apologies. Thanks for the pick up!
Any comments on the article aside from that? Whats your take on INVN?
i like focus graphite better..the have a graphene arm and a higher concentration of flake deposits...problem with graphene technology as a catalyst is that no one has been able to commercialize the idea yet..
What about graphene technology to replace silicone? that could kill this company
ive been following this stock since your reccomendation and am wondering if you think NCR competes directly with Verifone (PAY)...PAY gives exposure to gas stations and taxi cabs which i think are major areas for swipes
what are your thoughts on holding both?
people are forgetting about the developing countries...there is still a demand for computers in countries like indonesia, malayasia, phillipines..in fact, i like the fact that intel is not a market leader in the smartphone space because once your the leader in a space, the only way to move is to move down, so arm holdings has soo much pressure to perform and intel can just chip away..intel will bounce back once they get a new ceo..