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Sounds so similar. Hmmm...
Funny, that.
There's only about 13 million in circ. now. Even with the limit, the supply can still nearly double.
As the limit draws closer, there's more incentive for new electronic currencies to be created. Heck, there could be 100 new 'bitcoin-like' currencies created (theoretically) overnight. Another scandal and bitcoin could end up being a has-been as others gather favor.
I like the idea, but I trust the system as much as I do governments and their currencies. Just above zero.
It's interesting and fun to watch, that's for sure.
Merely asking people to pay what they owe?
If you've ever been in a situation where you (at that time) cannot pay, have nothing to give them but they still make your life a living hell, you would disagree. I can only assume you've never been there.
I've always made good on any debts, but due to family medical issues many years ago that took every dollar available, I have been on their lists. It could take 5 minutes for them to ask the right questions, see the evidence and know when someone wants to pay, but cannot at that moment in time. They do not care about that... they either keep the hell going or sell it themselves to another collector that puts you through that again. It can be a dozen collectors for EACH debt hounding you, a debt you want to and will pay when you are able.
My last dealing with idiots like that was for a bill that was paid (on time) but somehow was marked incorrectly. Every time we gave evidence that the debt was paid and was never late, none deleted the incorrect credit reporting information and that 'debt' was sold - a total of 4 collectors owned it and tried to collect over 11 months. All for a non-existent debt. A 'debt' for which we had a letter from the original hospital stating it was paid in full and on time. That letter even confirmed that the listing of the debt was an error. But they didn't 'own' that debt any longer and could not stop the collectors from buying and selling it.
Merely "asking"?
I'm floored.
I've been doing this long enough to not be fooled by a reasonable sounding (but also 100% bunk) explanation.
Their readers? Please, they need to attract hundreds and thousands constantly because they do get screwed. Those in the know can trade the reco's and know when to bail, but they target thousands of individual investors who do not know (on purpose) they are paid and it's a promotion. They make it SOUND like they've done research and really, truly believe they like that stock.
OK... Let's see if ANY of those 'free' sites will do this: Not take cash... take only shares as payment and with a LOCK-UP. They cannot buy/sell any shares until one week AFTER their promotion stops.
Do you think any of them would take that deal?
If the answer is no... then your comment is more bunk.
If they cared about their followers, they would do what we do. Yeah, they'd make a lot less, but that would be the right thing to do for the readers.
Answer me this... do you know of ANY free penny promoter that REFUSED to take $$ to promote a stock because it was not a good long-term investment for their followers?
I thought not.
We've been offered cash over and over to promote or to sell our reader's emails, etc... We've refused and ignored every single one. True, I do not have a flashy car, a helicopter or anything like that... but we're not trying to steal money. We're just making an HONEST living.
Not much of that around anymore, unfortunately.
Just one comment? I am guessing with that smooth sounding comment (much better than most used car salesmen) you work for or have a newsletter.
If so, why not put "We are paid to promote this stock." on the front page, up top, so everyone can see? I dare ya!
100% Bunk. These guys are paid to pick a stock. This is a Google link article, that's all.
They research and look out for good companies? Nope. Their disclaimer says they are paid to publicize. So, that's a lie.
Their newsletter is "comprehensive, well researched resource for investors interested in penny stocks"? Nope. Their disclaimer says they do no research and rely on the company to provide that.
Another lie.
"constantly on the lookout for pump-and-dump operations"? They are one.
I guess when you're not intelligent enough, you have to lie to make a living.
100% Bunk. These guys are paid to pick a stock. This is a Google link article, that's all.
They research and look out for good companies? Nope. Their disclaimer says they are paid to publicize. So, that's a lie.
Their newsletter is "comprehensive, well researched resource for investors interested in penny stocks"? Nope. Their disclaimer says they do no research and rely on the company to provide that.
Another lie.
"constantly on the lookout for pump-and-dump operations"? They are one.
Nice article and summation. We profiled MAGS for our readers back in early February around $4.
You have great timing regarding a pullback, or at least some volatility. Today it traded from a high of $6.14 to a low of $5.40. The one and five-day chart look like an old wooden roller coaster.
Still, there's room to go. We posted a mid/long-term price target of $7-$8. Definitely possible with their entry into new markets, better margins and recent contract wins being announced almost daily. Maybe long-term was too pessimistic.
Thanks again.

If you would care to take 10 second before throwing accusations, you'd know that we are never paid and never have been paid to profile any stock. Never. We also do not own any stocks we profile. Period.
We try to find two types of companies... longer-term growth stories and excellent undervalued momentum plays like this one. Another one that moved fast was XPO just days after we profiled it, or SIFY, up from 2.88 to over 8.00 in less than two months. A long-term example? ZAGG profiled at $3.13.
This just fit what we are looking for. A little luck in timing helped!
Thank you again.
As mentioned before (several times), I am not hoping for a collapse. I do not even wish to see a recession. This is just a warning of what could happen if things fall into place.
The pace of real estate devaluation in China is many times the rate the US had, even at its worst. Again, I am not predicting anything. This article was written to warn others of the risks. Many investors have not heard of many things mentioned. Beijing itself controls news outlets. When that is the case, history teaches that governments (just like here in the US) paint the best picture possible - and the truth is usually much worse. Not to compare China with the USSR, but many preached that the Soviet Union was fine.
I do not believe 100% what my government says. I certainly will not believe 100% what those wishing to stay in power in any other country say.
As mentioned, I do not wish for a collapse. It would be devastating for more than just the people of China.
People's opinions are well respected?
If that was the case, Beijing would not have so many journalists (and even bloggers) in jail. Not to mention many that just go missing.
Thank you for the kind words.
Nowhere in the article am I predicting a crash. Just putting the pieces together to show it could happen.
The West is so dependent on China for so many things, just imagine is they fall into just a recession. Really. Just a recession. Perhaps have to sell our Treasuries. Just negative growth in China would almost immediately hurt the US and many others.
The shopping mall is still empty. That's not a rehash.
The 60 million figure is quoted "as high as". Not a known fact.
The gov't has banned many things. In the US, drugs are illegal. So is insider trading. So, it doesn't happen?
The copper financing is still happening. The link source is current. If they are correct, a majority of the copper in the past three months is being used for that. The "ban" is just window dressing.
Firms will get around it. If not copper, something else.
The last two points? If you're talking about the protests they are still happening. The plant closing was not very recent, but it was a great example and the full story came out. That is rare where the government controls the media.
New newsletter? Hmm... Since 2004. That's "new"?
Sensationalist? Again... what was sensationalist. Check my figures. Click the links.

If you find anything incorrect, let me know.
India is not a free Democracy. They still have a caste system. If you are in a lower caste, try running for office. Or owning a business. It's only a Democracy if you are from the right family.
Since there is no upward mobility for millions, the Democracy label is a facade. Worked well enough to fool many. You too?
The article has been corrected. Thanks for catching that.
As mentioned, I have no equity holdings (long or short) and even recommended UTA and GURE before in my newsletter. GURE tripled after that. I write about small-caps and wanted to include a couple in the article. The two ETFs listed were the first two that I saw on SA in bullish articles. That's why I chose those.
Democracy or a Democratic Republic form of government is the only style that will work. India may meet your definition of democracy, but not mine. They still wallow in a caste system which prevents economic mobility. Because of that, the lesser people do not have access to the system. You mention Japan and S. Korea. Move any country in Asia into a system like theirs and you will see prosperity. It's the only form of government that works to lift all - if it's done right.
My point in the article was to bring across the fact that China is not as prosperous as they seem. It's a house of cards that could... could tumble.
Nope. At this moment, I hold (long or short) zero stocks. Not a single one. Other than mutual funds in a 401(k) type account, I have no positions in equities at all.

My newsletter actually recommended GURE and UTA a long time ago, that's why I mentioned them. Great stocks at the time, but I would no longer own them now. Too much macro risk. We profiled GURE (then GFRE) in June of 2009 and it tripled.
As mentioned, the 33 trapped miners were in Chile, not Peru. Peru did help lead the rescue operation. My mistake.
You are correct. They were trapped in Chile and all but one was a Chilean national. Peru helped lead the rescue and that may have been why I had Peru. My mistake. Thanks for catching that.
I hope a full collapse does not happen. If it does, you are correct. I hate to imagine what would happen to our economy and the world's economy. Everyone is worried about Italy. That would be a pittance in comparison.
Good point. Those who do not learn from history...
If anything here has been proven wrong, let me know. I'd love to hear it! The only thing I know of that's been disputed quite a bit is the number of vacant homes. It's because of that I stated "as high as 64 million". That's the high estimate. There was a recent survey that was much lower, but that was a survey of builders who are dependent on the government. They have many reasons to report low numbers.
They probably will. This is just a look at some of the problems they have that could become a nightmare. With over a billion people, they should already be the biggest economy by far. It's because of the government that they are not. If they were free, like Hong Kong was, they'd have a massive economy that would have surpassed ours years ago.
Professor Hector R. Cordero-Guzman and business analyst Harrison Schultz from the Baruch College School of Public Affair puts the unemployment rate of the Occupy protesters at 13.1%. In other words, approximately 85% employment rate.