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BAC can not be compared with JPM and WFC as you note. BAC offers a much deeper discount than others at the moment and the potential to double is much higher.
Good strategy MexCom. I often do the same- first I select from those trading near their lows, then eliminate based on beta and sustainable dividend.
good mix of international stocks...stocks impacted by EU seems to be the best deals
Thursday, November 10, 7:36 AM Bloomberg reports former Greek and EU central banker Lucas Papademos has been named Greece's new Prime Minister with the new government set to be sworn in on Friday afternoon. (earlier on Papademos)
Thanks for your thoughts MexCom. I like your optimism about BAC. I also do believe there is still a long way to go before any significant upside for BAC.
Thanks for clarifying.Yes, that's what I meant to say. KO is less severe than the market, but generally moves the same direction as the market because there aren't too many surprises. In my past article, I have explained the flaws of the beta and mentioned KO as a good low beta stock to keep: http://seekingalpha.co...
Thanks for quoting me in your article =). I am glad we share similar views on BAC.
I agree.... these stocks have already hit their bottoms, but I still think significant increase in price is some time away. In the long-term, financials present a lot of potential for gains.
Thanks Mr. Massive. I agree with you- Citi has the most room to grow. BAC also seems to be discounted right now, but both of these stocks present the most uncertainty in terms of their balance sheets. JPM to me seems the safest.
Netflix's real problem: public relations.
PR problems should be the priority concern for Netflix. All the mess with its business model can be tackled, if it focuses on the sole reason for its success- customer satisfaction.
In comparison, AT&T is a safer option.
Thanks for this new series and a very informative article on portfolio building...good to see emerging markets, real estate, and natural resources are added to the mix.
Thanks Colin for your insight. I like to consider various views before I feel strongly about anything and I am always open to change. Here are my thoughts on the current state of the airline industry. Have not made up my mind about AMR yet... http://seekingalpha.co...
Thanks MexCom... I agree depreciation and fuel are some of their major concerns aside from the debt issues. I also think that some of the depreciation loss will be covered by savings on more efficient fuel use made possible by the newer additions.
Hi Colin thanks for the article...do you think AMR will go under or survive the rumors?
What are your thoughts on the AMR bankruptcy rumors- do you think it it will bounce back?
Thanks Frank for covering IBM - seems to be a forgotten stock.
AMR is down 30% today
I am assuming that applications for unemployment benefits falling doesn't necessarily mean more people are employed, if just means that long-term unemployed don't qualify anymore and have dropped out of the claim numbers... please correct me if I am wrong.
Thanks for the encouragement all...Seeking Alpha is a great platform to write and learn from diverse viewpoints.
Agreed David... T is a very good stock from fundamentals, earnings, and yields point of view.
Dividend stocks are the way to go with treasury notes yielding 2% on 10 years
Dividend stocks are the way to go
Amazon has a bright future, but I also like Best Buy
Thanks for giving a balanced approach to this strategy and explaining it so well.
Thanks Frank, I agree on your ideas and also think AT&T is a good buy...here is my analysis on it: http://seekingalpha.co...
I agree Norman.
Yes AFL seems to be doing that, but in the long-run it should recover significantly. AFL should continue to have opportunities to buy low in the near future.
Thanks for a well researched piece.