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  • Art: Pre-Capitalist Conspicuous Waste?
    Sun, Dec. 21 9 Comments
  • The Quadraphonic Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Dec. 21 SNE 1 Comment
  • The Let's Kill All The Lawyers Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Dec. 14 3 Comments
  • The Arts And Crafts Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Dec. 7 Comment!
  • The 'Matching Gift' Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Nov. 23 Comment!
  • The Special Philanthropy Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Nov. 23 Comment!
  • The 'Smoking Up Behind The Bleachers' Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Nov. 9 Comment!
  • End Of An Era (Podcast)
    Sun, Nov. 2 AAPL, USO, OIL Comment!
  • Trust No One (Podcast)
    Sun, Oct. 26 JPM Comment!
  • The 'Read These Books' Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Oct. 19 Comment!
  • The 'Bad Advice' Episode (Podcast)
    Mon, Oct. 13 AIG, XLK, VGT Comment!
  • 'Broken Sapphire' In Bull Market
    Mon, Oct. 13 GTATQ 28 Comments
  • Bond Investing Isn't About Forecasting
    Sun, Oct. 5 MUB, PZA, TFI 11 Comments
  • The 'Second Guessing Lehman' Episode (Podcast)
    Sun, Oct. 5 1 Comment
  • The 'F**k It, I Quit' Episode (Podcast)
    Sun, Sep. 28 YHOO, HYS, TUZ 5 Comments
  • The Hilton Trade
    Mon, Sep. 22 BX, HLT 6 Comments
  • The Froth Is Nonlinear: The Chinese Economy And Share Repurchasing (Podcast)
    Sun, Sep. 21 FXI, PGJ, GXC Comment!
  • The Regional Episode (Podcast)
    Sun, Sep. 14 Comment!
  • Apple Hasn't Solved The Smart Watch Dilemma
    Wed, Sep. 10 AAPL 86 Comments
  • Dollars And Sense (Podcast)
    Sun, Sep. 7 Comment!
  • House Of Cards: Magic And Probability (Podcast)
    Sun, Aug. 31 AMZN Comment!
  • The Ethics Of Buying Stocks (Podcast)
    Sun, Aug. 24 AMZN Comment!
  • The Payday Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Aug. 17 Comment!
  • The Impenetrable Business Jargon Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Aug. 10 Comment!
  • Babies And Burgers (Podcast)
    Sun, Aug. 3 MCD 1 Comment
  • Argentina's Default Option
    Fri, Aug. 1 ARGT 5 Comments
  • The #GrieFault Trade: Why Argentina's Bonds Might Be Worth Even More In Default
    Mon, Jul. 28 ARGT 4 Comments
  • The 'Of Course' Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Jul. 27 HLF Comment!
  • The Many Merchants Of Death Edition (Podcast)
    Sun, Jul. 20 RAI, LO 1 Comment
  • Slate Money: The Cupcake Indicator
    Mon, Jul. 14 CRMB, APP 2 Comments
  • The 'Monetizing Others' Episode (Podcast)
    Sun, Jul. 6 GM Comment!
  • The Stock Market, In 6 Charts
    Sun, Jul. 6 SPY, DIA, QQQ 15 Comments