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  • Why Apple Will Dominate China [View article]
    Gee, when I read an article like this it makes me wonder what Apple is, although admittedly I don't intend to make the slightest effort to find out. Everywhere I turn I see people fiddling with hand held 'somethings', and it is impossible to sit in a commuter train here in Sweden without hearing inane conversations about where the train is, and how long it stayed at this or that stop. Does that have anything to do with Apple?

    I don't understand Chinese, but when I worked in Hong Kong the trip between the university and my humble apartment on the top of one of those fabulous hills was literally a scream, because sometimes I would be the only one in the coach without something in his or her hand, or swinging from his waist. I even saw people armed with two 'objects'..I don't know what the advertisements for those gadgets claim, but I prefer to believe that the dumbing down of the general population is accelerating thanks to this particular revolution.

    I liked reading the bit however about how having the latest luxury goods gives you...credibility, and how humility is valued. Now I understand why, although I am a brilliant lecturer and teacher, I was never invited back, I aint got much humility.
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  • Steve Jobs Doesn't Want the iPhone to Become a Porn Store [View article]
    Any attempt to block porn is wonderful, whether it's real or hypocritical. The harm that porn does is enormous. I think that it is good that more women are in medical and engineering schools, but one reason they are there is that their consumption of porn is much less than that of men. In a Swedish newspaper the other day some guy wanted to know why there are so many women in his university. The answer to that is simple: the men are hooked on smut instead of textbooks.

    Why send tens of thousands of soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan when, as pointed out by babyfacemcgee and others above, the enemy of the United States is porn. The interesting thing for me is that in my 6 years in the army - mostly infantry but also artillery - I can only remember one soldier putting in a good word for porn.. The reason is simple, and well put by Jocko in the film 'The Hill': He said: 'I don't go for that trash, I prefer the real thing.'

    There has always been porn, and always will be - regardless of what Steve Jobs does or does not do - but why so much?
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  • The Implications of Russia's Declining U.S. Debt Purchases [View article]
    The Russians probably have better things to do than to buy dollars. I certainly would if I were giving the orders in their country. And I also do NOT believe that Russian leaders thinks of itself as the natural enemy of the United States. If Messrs M and P are as smart as I think they are, they are trying to figure out how to work closer with the U.S:
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