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  • Bohai Pharmaceuticals Has Our Vote As The World's Most Undervalued Stock [View article]
    I think they've had enough with the USA and are going to take themselves private - somewhat the trend now - for ex. JST just announced that yesterday (see below) - and we know a hedge fund has recently flown over and visited Bohai, but am not privy to discussions. I don't blame them & they'll have to pay some reasonable premium to market.

    Jinpan International Limited (JST), a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of cast resin transformers, today announced that its Board of Directors has received a preliminary, non-binding proposal letter dated September 21, 2014 from Li Zhiyuan, the Company's Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, and Chief Executive Officer and FNOF E&M Investment Limited (collectively, with Mr. Li, the "Buyer Parties"), to acquire all of the outstanding common shares of the Company not currently owned by the Buyer Parties in a going private transaction for $8.80 per common share, subject to certain conditions.
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  • Wellgreen Platinum Fully Booked At Institutional-Only Denver Gold Show [View article]
    After further review, 3 CEO's have told me they send Cook money to visit sites. "Honest guy" - he fudges his #'s like the rest. Down only 15% in 2013? "more like 40%" said a former subscriber. I can confirm such (his "returns' are fake - not real world) since we had over 2 mm shares of Rye Patch, which after he "sold" them fell another 50% before you could get any position out. It seems hypocritical defending Cook for what is real "lipstick" and nitpicking wellgreen, biased with "i don't like the new management" which you apparently have not met?

    Please name one better PGM project in North America that is sure to get permitted?

    Anyway, finished wasting time here an will not be back. Forwarded this comment by a friend, which we will share:

    “It appears that data filed on SEDAR has been quietly modified and snuck into the latest presentation” (as iternt said) well..... The cross sections were updated published publicly on the website and in the presentation at least 6 weeks ago following over 18 months of work by the company and independent consultants from around the world on the independent resource estimate. They reflect information gleaned therefrom and, as noted below, are necessary to differentiate in order to properly assign metallurgy processing techniques.

    there was a pop up on the website leading readers to the resource section of the site were the cross sections are and have had innumerable presentations since, describing the understanding of the geology post resource. Note - this is a massive 18 K strike, with 4 ore bodies. It's hard to grasp if you haven't visited it.

    Below from independent technical report. In the original and 2012 pea no such differentiation was made within the peridotite domain. the met news release notes the domains clearly as well.

    For the resource modeling, the dunite, peridotite, pyroxenite and clinopyroxenite were treated as a single domain collectively referred to as ‘Peridotite’. The sub-domains were created subsequent to grade estimation based on largely on grade distribution and distance to the footwall contact. It was not possible to differentiate these sub-domains based on visual logging but they were deemed necessary for differentiation of metallurgical recoveries.

    Grade estimation was confined to the Peridotite complex (including dunite, pyroxenite, and clinopyroxenite) and the MS-Gabbro domains. The extent of the MS-Gabbro (MS-Gb) domain along the Peridotite and footwall sediment contacts is illustrated in Figure 14-2 and Figure 14-3.

    7.4.1 Far East Zone

    The Far East Zone represents the easternmost part of the Wellgreen intrusion. The Zone lies between 578250E and Arid Creek, at approximately 578750E (coordinate system North American Datum 1983, Zone 7). The large plug of Maple Creek Gabbro represents the eastern boundary of the zone (Figure 7-3). In both the current East and Far East Zones, historic exploration efforts focused on defining massive sulphide horizons and lenses at the contact between the Wellgreen Intrusion and Hasen Creek metasediments and as such this contact is very well defined. This sedimentary contact was historically interpreted to be steeply dipping to the south based on the data available at the time, but it wasn’t until later work that the contact’s orientation was observed to be different with a fence of underground holes that were drilled in the East Zone (see below) that determined that the contact was a wedge of metasediments in a much larger ultramafic body, this change in orientation was corroborated in the Far East Zone by drill holes 154, 160, and 165. Further drilling determined that the main Wellgreen Intrusion is likely contiguous with the southern contact of the North Arm.

    The typical steeply-dipping lithological sequence of Dunite-Peridotite-Pyro... with massive sulphide is very well defined in the Far East Zone. The core of the Far East Zone shows a broad sub-horizontal sulphide-rich pyroxenite, clinopyroxenite, and gabbro/skarn horizon with a second clinopyroxenite and gabbro enriched zone at the lower contact with the metasediments.

    In the easternmost portion of the Far East Zone, all lithologies exhibit a similar sub-horizontal dip to the symmetrical sequence further west: with Dunite transitioning to Peridotite then Pyroxenite, Clinopyroxenite, and Gabbro with skarn units and massive sulphide immediately prior to the basal contact with Station and Hasen Creek metasediments. This lower sequence is interpreted to be contiguous with the basal sequence observed 350 metres farther to the west. The basal contact is interpreted to be contiguous with the northern contact of the North Arm. Additionally, the foot-wedge pinches out to the east such that, in the upper portion of the intrusion, the various contact-proximal lithologies are absent.

    7.4.2 East Zone

    The East Zone lies between 577900E and 578250E, and was historically explored for massive sulphide at the Wellgreen-footwedge contact. As mentioned above, this Zone was the first in which the change in the footwall contact’s orientation was observed in drill core, although it was never followed up by subsequent operators in this Zone. The Peridotite-Pyroxenite-... sequence is observed to wrap around the base of the wedge in the East Zone. Historic drill holes ended in mineralized material such that it is currently unknown how thick the mafic-ultramafic package is beneath the foot-wedge which remains open at depth.

    The historic East Zone (current East and Far East Zones combined) was mined by Hudson Yukon Mining in 1972 and 1973, and approximately 171,652 tonnes of ore was extracted.

    The Central Zone lies between 577500E and 577900E. The eastern portion of the Zone is similar to the East Zone whereby well mineralized Peridotite gradationally transitions to Pyroxenite to Clinopyroxenite and Gabbro units are observed near the contact with dominantly Station Creek metasediments. The western portion of the Central Zone exhibits a sub-horizontal, symmetrical, mineralized unit similar to that intersected at depth in the Far East Zone. Additional drilling will be required to test whether the higher grade sub-horizontal mineralization intersected in the Central zone connects with that in the East and Far East zones. This represents high priority exploration target.

    7.4.4 West Zone

    The West Zone lies between 577120E and 577500E. Similar to the western portion of the Central Zone, well mineralized Pyroxenite overlies a comparatively thick package of Clinopyroxenite and Gabbro with significant semi-massive and massive sulphide zones. The small wedge of sedimentary rocks that separates the Middle Arm from the main Wellgreen Intrusion is still present, and was intersected by two drill holes in 2001. The West Zone remains open at depth and additional drilling will be required to test whether the higher grade mineralization connects with the subhorizontal higher grade zone in the core of the Central Zone.

    7.4.5 Far West Zone

    The Far West Zone lies between 576720E and 577120E, and the northern part of the Zone is interpreted to be a branching sill from the main Wellgreen Intrusion. This sill is generally zoned outwards, with well mineralized Pyroxenite in the centre grading to Clinopyroxenite and Gabbro towards the contact with the metasedimentary country rocks. Grades in the Far West Zone are significantly elevated starting at surface with high sulphide content. This Zone has not been tested at depth to test its connectivity with the West and Central Zones.

    7.4.6 North Arm Zone

    The North Arm Zone is located in the east-central portion of a narrow 1,200 metre long sill, positioned approximately 150 metres stratigraphically below the main Wellgreen Intrusion. It was discovered by Hudson Yukon Mining in the 1950s and explored in 1987 with three drill holes by All-North. All of these drill holes intersected mineralization, and the best reported intersection was 0.51% copper, 2.01% nickel, 0.96 g/t platinum and 0.65 g/t palladium over a core length of 3.4 metres. The geology of this zone is similar to both the East and West Zones. Mineralization consists of massive sulphide lenses, disseminated sulphide in Gabbro and Clinopyroxenite, and as fracture fillings in footwall Hasen Creek metasediments. The North Arm Zone was tested in 1988 and 2005 by limited drilling and was determined to have a subvertical dip. The information collected to date suggests that the North Arm Zone is relatively narrow in comparison with the main Wellgreen body at surface, but it does represent a prospective area of nickel-copper mineralization that warrants further work and may be contiguous with the main Wellgreen Intrusion at depth.

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  • Update: SantaCruz Silver Mining Sells Silver Forward, Secures $28.4 Million In Financing [View article]
    Nice update. The shares are off today, besides the lousy market, because a newsletter - who had bought it on the quite preposterous notion that it was going to be sold - sold his shares as this means they are going to build a company. It's excellent news, the terms were fantastic. They should do very well once some sanity returns to silver as this will be a multi-mine mid-tier producer.

    Note our comment on Ben's other recent article - "I think the market is going to be very surprised at how far along they are at financing San Felipe, with quality debt."
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  • Wellgreen Platinum Fully Booked At Institutional-Only Denver Gold Show [View article]
    All this drama reminds me of Pretium - "experts" bashing the company, while they keep pulling out great stuff.

    Pro articles are premium articles that the editors select the $150 - $500 payment. Read the link for yourself, but here is what is says DIRECTLY off SA website. Maybe SA pays people differently, but I promise, we are not getting paid for this article. Goodness forbid we confuse anyone with the facts:

    "Premium Article
    Premium articles must be exclusive to Seeking Alpha (more details here), and must be accepted by our editors for publication. Premium articles earn $35 upon publication and $10 per 1,000 page views."

    "Regular Article
    Regular articles do not need to be exclusive to Seeking Alpha, but must be accepted by our editors for publication. There is no payment for regular articles."
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  • Wellgreen Platinum Fully Booked At Institutional-Only Denver Gold Show [View article]
    If I make it to a mining show you are at I'll invite you to lunch or dinner. Better to have a nice chat over a prime steak, me thinketh - tired of these threads; it's a counterproductive use of time.

    China just started another big stimulus program yesterday, along with the "shocking" cut in coal imports; finally getting serious about pollution too, which is good for nickel, pl and pd - a good place to hide in case gold/silver continues to stink. Good luck to all.
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  • Wellgreen Platinum Fully Booked At Institutional-Only Denver Gold Show [View article]
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  • Wellgreen Platinum Fully Booked At Institutional-Only Denver Gold Show [View article]
    I've met Cook a number of times, nice fellow, honest, knowledgeable and a superstar at self-promotion. He stinks at making money, however, and lost a fortune for his subscribers. Am I wrong?

    You seem a civil fellow, so I want your hear your say, but "Sorry, I'm not impressed by new management." Have you met anyone? What about John Sagman? Management and Board have participated in every Financing, so I guess they are really stupid. Plus, it's naive to think we'd post our institutional clients/contacts names on a website - but you'll get an easy $25K - privately - if I can't - take a shot!

    The only one on SA I think does quality work is Ben Miller, his Santa Cruz piece was good and I know it well, also I was in on pre-IPO for Finders, he has been right, but I would not re-buy right now.

    I'll keep track - we are happy to pay for consistent winners in this sector, it is sure a pain, on that we all agree. Which stocks then will outpreform the GDX over the next 6 months to 1 year? Iterent thinks that Ivanhoe and GPL are good - Bob Archer has been conning people for years, had lunch with him in Geneva a while back; same old sthick . What are your top picks?

    We'll say Wellgreen, ANV, AG, Santa Cruz, Klondex - Premier and RIOM are tougher now as they have already been significantly outpreforming.
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  • Wellgreen Platinum Fully Booked At Institutional-Only Denver Gold Show [View article]
    THANK YOU. Finally, we can finish once and for all :

    You really don't know what you are doing, and do not bother checking your facts, once your mind is made up.

    I do.

    PRO articles are "premium" articles - as SA website says: "Premium articles earn $35 upon publication and $10 per 1,000 page views." It's your penny - I think you need it.

    My article is "regular" which is not paid. I do not need the money; clients actually like our reports as SA does have the best footprint.

    I think you just well-summed up your creditability.
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  • Wellgreen Platinum Fully Booked At Institutional-Only Denver Gold Show [View article]
    Don't bite. He's just trying to create "controversy" since every time you click on his article SA pays him. Look at his posts. It's a scheme. Go to the other MB's where others have more informed comments.
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  • Wellgreen Platinum Fully Booked At Institutional-Only Denver Gold Show [View article]
    Who is this "they"? How about recognizing that a completely new management team is basically re-doing the project from scratch since the 2012 PEA - so "they should have brought the project to PFS stage by now" is rather misleading, since "they' just arrived in 2013. You are correct this is a lot of work. You seem sharp, though, why don't you see it for yourself? others who have came away with significantly different conclusions, which is all I am saying. Who are you saying Wellgreen is paying off?

    At least your comments are non-hyperbole like the other one, but, this reminds me of Brent Cook, who hates everything, except his own picks don't make any money either and preform even worse. Besides, Cook was big on Duluth. - you could be making a couple million selling your expertise if the entire industry is that incompetent (in a market this this, only the best deals get done.) Don't know the rest as we do not follow newsletters.

    I'll provide, privately, the actual institutional investor names and contact info, but you'll have to put up $25K if I can, fair? - even the actual WOW e-mail, from a real analyst who has a much better resume than anyone here (including ours).

    If you have a better pt. project in North America, let me know. In the land of the blind, the one eye man is kin.! Investment managers like scarcity, pay premiums for it, but I can't seem to get that through.
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  • SantaCruz Silver Mining Is Showing Significant Progress And Remains A Compelling Speculation Stock [View article]

    Excellent piece Ben, you beat me to it - I think the market is going to be very surprised at how far along they are at financing San Felipe, with quality debt - have them bring you down for a look - there's an analyst tour soon - walk around SF, you can see the high grade outcroppings everywhere, which are not yet in the Resource/PEA - this could become a whole new mining district PLUS you have one of Mexico's most classy and best-connected family's behind it (owning around 41% if I recall correctly) their interest are in tandem with shareholders (unlike most miners).
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  • Update: Wellgreen Platinum Delivers Excellent Metallurgical Recoveries [View article]
    Seems obvious but I guess I'll have to spell it out more clearly - Wellgreen is not saying anything; they are forwarding comments from the highly-respected 3rd parties: SGS has been the world’s leading inspection and verification company since 1878. Based on the proprietary data "observed in their global databases" this grades as "excellent". What else do you want? We can only do limited spoon feeding on this free website.
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  • Update: Wellgreen Platinum Delivers Excellent Metallurgical Recoveries [View article]
    As we noted: "Based on the work with XPS and SGS labs, the Wellgreen mineralized material shows excellent metallurgical response that is typically above that observed in other similar grade deposits documented in their global databases."
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  • TOR Minerals: Recovery Of Titanium Dioxide Business And Shift Towards Higher-Margin Products Are Two Overlooked Catalysts [View article]

    I'd be careful with this one - there's a new process (patented and proprietary) by Argex Titanium (OTCPK:ARGEF) which produces TiO2 at a fraction of TOR, so it's going to get worse, not better - maybe that's why DD is getting out - although in fairness Argex is finishing up plant financing and still 2 years away from production.
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  • Update: Santacruz Silver Mining's Q2 Earnings Show Continued Progress At Rosario [View article]

    Having visited the properties myself I can say that this is a classy Company, even better, the PEA on San Felipe should be out within days and I think it's going to great - it'll become the elephant that drives the whole company.
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