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  • Dissecting Unemployment In Non-Farm Payrolls [View article]
    Exactly. nearly 6 million people have stopped looking for a job nad left the labor force since May of 2009. It's normal for the 'not in labor force' category to grow, but not at this pace. Unemployment would be 13% if these people were still looking for a job.
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  • Dissecting Unemployment In Non-Farm Payrolls [View article]
    hey, thanks =)
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  • Precious Metals Miner ETFs Will Outperform The Market [View article]
    I believe individual mining plays will also perform very well, but, due to the inherent uncertainties in mining I don't feel confident in choosing individual miners over a basket of miners and miner related companies. If you've done the research on individual companies, you may find individuals that will outperform the broader sector.
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  • Apple May End Mobile Phone Contract Era [View article]
    cereal -

    I don't think the change will be drastic to carrier profits, people just don't change that quick. On the other hand, people like myself who love the Iphone, and hate AT&T and Verizon, will be happy to switch to a low cost carrier like T-Mobile.

    I'm sure an equilibrium will develop eventually, but IMO until it reaches that point T and VZ will grow slightly slower, while cheaper carriers will grow slightly faster.
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  • Apple May End Mobile Phone Contract Era [View article]
    Interesting thoughts.

    I'd love to see the US carriers compete like foreign carriers too. I've used phones in other countries, and the cost is a miniscule fraction of what I pay here.
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  • Gold Is A Subjective Hedge, And Its Run-Up Won't Last [View article]
    When you can print gold, I'll buy into your theory.

    It has it's ups and downs like all currencies, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see it take a dive to 1500, heck even 1200. As long as currencies continue to not be backed by anything, gold is a fair play, and will keep rising.

    Your comparison to tulip bulbs is almost silly, that lasted an entire 5 months, gold has been a form of money for at least 4000 years. And what was the tulip mania caused by? The dilution of metals.

    Your other comparison, oil, is also inaccurate. If I had the funds and storage capacity, I'd gladly house a million barrels of oil for the next 10-15 years then enjoy profits over 400%. If America's economy wasn't in a recession, we'd be paying $7 a gallon for gas right now. Eventually the economy will recover, and when it does "Oil" will replace everyone's panic instead of "economy."
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  • Bank Of America's Solution Isn't Buffett, It's Dismemberment [View article]
    I'm pretty sure orestruss works damage control for BAC. His posts make it kind of obvious.
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  • How Bear Markets Expose The Fallacy of Fundamental Analysis [View instapost]
    Nice post.

    I'll admit during bull markets I'm a fundamentalist as well. I watch macro trends and prepare for the worst, but buy stocks mostly on fundamentals.

    You make an excellent point, once the bear market starts, fundamentals mean nothing.

    "But, as the Bear Market hits, Fundamentalists begin to realize they are, at best, the blind trying to lead the blind. Why are stock prices going down? Their fundamental information is still bullish"

    I'm glad I recognize this truth. It's one of the few things that has saved me this past month.
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