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Frank Grossmann  

Frank Grossmann (founder and partner of

I am Swiss and living in Zurich. I studied Microtechnics at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and Business Administration at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. After the studies in 1989 I founded Labocontrol AG. This company was sold to the US company Digital Now Inc. where I continued to work as a chief scientist.

Since 13 years I have my own software company which develops algorithms for digital image processing. These algorithms do things like image enhancement, red eye removal or pattern (face) detection. My passion however was always to search for pattern in financial data and then develop and ...More
  • Description: Full-time Investor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Bonds, Commodities, Developed International Markets, Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs, Energy stocks, Forex, Gold, REITs, Stocks - long, Stocks - short, Tech stocks
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The SPY-TLT Universal Investment Strategy Nov 26, 2014