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Fraud Research Institute  

The Fraud Research Institute ("FRI") specializing in the research and discovery of financial scandals and corporate malpractice in the United States with an emphasis on the small cap markets.

Our business model is to publish the highest quality and most compelling professional research reports that highlight all material information necessary for short-biased traders to identify superior risk-to-reward trade ideas that are primarily a result of market inefficiencies created by the artificial demand from stock promotion (pump & dump) campaigns.

We identify Wall Street's biggest frauds and profit from them.

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  • Description: Full-time Investor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Stocks - short
Fraud Research Institute The Fraud Research Institute is a Washington, DC based organization comprised of a team of stock market researchers, traders and journalists. We seek out Wall Street's biggest frauds with one goal in mind - profit by identifying public information that is not correctly priced into the market. We specialize ...More
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Securities Fraud Accusations And Misrepresentations Leave Vapor Group Up In Smoke $VPOR Mar 27, 2014