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87.50 sounds about right to me!
while if you were talking about just any MOMO stock I would agree with you 100%. but this MOMO is going to do 1 Billion in revenue this year and 2.5+ next year. people will pay for growth no matter what kind of market it is. 21st century GE in its infant stages here with couple billion dollar market cap. This thing could be a 100 billion dollar company in 5 years
2 microns thick is impossible
Take $2 in EPS in 2016, with that kind of growth and markets GTAT can serve a P/E of 30 is a real possibility. Using a 15% discount rate, this thing could be trading at $22 bucks right now and I would consider it a fair valuation. This stock truly has "optionality" oozing all over it. The possibilities are limitless, they are a modern day hi tech GE with less than 1% of the market cap. GT is still a very small company that will grow into a juggernaut. I've been long since GT SOLR, so I have seen the ups and had a mid life crisis when it hit below 3. I should have bought more, but was happy to just not have sold and given up completely. Insiders taking profits at 14 makes sense for them, we still have the general market to worry about and they aren't getting paid that much money - especially for the moves TG has made in the past few years. I for one am waiting for this thing to dip to around $10 so I can load up like I should have. TO THE MOON!
#1 rule in manufacturing - if you have a competitive advantage, don't post a video of it online for all to try and figure out and copy.
long MKL as well...
I have one question I would like answered if you could. Every time someone mentions a reversion to the mean for something in a market that is so young it bothers me. The world is very different today than it was even 80 years ago, and 80 years isn't that long, especially when it comes to gathering data points. I mean how many trading days have there been in 80 years? - 20,000? How many "full cycles" have there been?
I enjoyed the article though.
i have no idea where the bottom is in this, but yeah this could be it
even below our worst expectations, great job management
not an owner of the shares but I must say that goldman is DEAD WRONG on this one. this is THE most shareholder friendly and competent management in the space. ANN could be paying a 4% dividend right now and everyone would be all over them. they are investing in stores and buying back shares, all positive LONG TERM. I have respect for goldmans long term macro forcasts but this is just horseshit. I hope ANN trades at 29 because I would love the shares at that price.
sold 75% of my position today for a handsome gain, holding the rest for now. The apple deal is great for apple and "should" be great for GTAT if they can leverage the press to make sales in other areas. the steady income stream will help. It lets customers know that GT will be there when they won't be so sure about everyone else. This should enable GT to grow into a larger company - so why did I take some off the table? It seems as if "next year" is always the year with GTAT. I'm sick of hearing about future earnings and would like to see something substantial. The deal is nice but what about the other businesses? I understand and applaud the move for the long term but I just dont feel comfortable paying 25x forward earnings right now. I'm a value investor who just happened to find a growth stock at the right time and stuck with it for the short covering. I still believe in the business, the stock is just too rich to be 130% leveraged long like I used to be. I hope I am right and am selling near an intermediate top but if I am wrong I will have my 25% position to cry on.
Its not going below 6
momentum trading creates opportunities for value minded investors, i say let them lose their shirts! GTAT isnt a momo, it was just severely undervalued at 2.60 a share and at 8 still represents opportunity for long term investors.
nania you sound like an infomercial, just write an article about it
still long, i would take a buyout at $16 per share and would at least consider selling a chunk if we hit 12
stop thinking like a quant and look at the business. its not going to zero. thanks for the your / youre correction. you still understood what i said
had to $1 up us didnt you?
The fact that you mentioned you think GTAT could be a total loss means you havent researched the company enough. Just because it isnt a "blue chip" you hear about everyday on CNBC doesnt mean it is going to zero. Your smart enough to have a small portion of your portfolio in it, but not smart enough to really realize what you are sitting on.
bet your not happy today
i guess you didnt buy at 2.62???
<img src="http://bit.ly/13w8XR4" alt="ANN Asset Utilization Chart" /><p class="yc_font">ANN Asset Utilization data by YCharts</p>
the more I read about the company the more I like it longer term. cash conversion cycle over 10 years is decreasing at a steady pace and asset utilization is increasing as well. shares outstanding went from around 75m to 48m. management is doing right by the shareholder and there just arent many companies that compare. long again avg price 32.50
GMAN has seen a nice run up since our analysis date (+18.5%), breaking through the shorter term moving averages with little resistance (albeit on less-than-stellar volume) and almost completely closing the most recent gap in the daily chart. This strength should soon be coming to an end as the declining longer term moving averages in both the weekly and daily charts are looming closely overhead and could be reached as early as this week.
its fundamentals are backwards looking during a time during extreme difficulty where many of its competitors went bankrupt or sold for parts (like hyperion) less competition for the same market share. higher prices and profits to follow
they have made boatloads in the past and are just in the middle of transitioning from a purely solar company to a technology company. eps this year ranging from .25 on the low end to .45 on the high end. thats making money.
all valid points, we just happen to disagree, thats what makes a market!
still long ;)
If I didnt think the market was headed to 1700 on the spy then I would be thinking about a short here
yeah talk about conviction huh
i think we have a WFM fan on our hands, good for you man, enjoy whatever you want but there is no need to preach. to each his own