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  • China's 'Slowdown' May Be Your Opportunity To Buy Low
    Fri, May. 1 GXC, SPY, HAO 5 Comments
  • The Debt-Driven Expansion Requires Tweaks To Your Portfolio
    Tue, Apr. 28 XLV, BJK 6 Comments
  • How Much Faith In The Fed Is Too Much Faith?
    Fri, Apr. 24 HEFA, HEDJ, USMV 4 Comments
  • An Energy ETF Resurgence Defies The Naysayers
    Wed, Apr. 22 XOP, OIH, RYE 9 Comments
  • 3 Stock ETFs With More Than Price Momentum Alone
    Mon, Apr. 20 EDEN, TAN, EIRL 4 Comments
  • Is It Time To Rethink An Allocation To Gold?
    Thu, Apr. 16 GLD, IAU, SGOL 16 Comments
  • Understanding Why Rates Must Go Lower Leads To Better Risk-Adjusted Results
    Mon, Apr. 13 IEF, TLH, TLT 16 Comments
  • Government And Corporate Indebtedness Provide Investment Opportunity
    Fri, Apr. 10 IEF, VGLT, PKW 12 Comments
  • Paper Wealth In Your Accounts Is Great, But Only If You Know How To Protect It
    Wed, Apr. 8 ZROZ, MUB, UUP 13 Comments
  • Stocks And Long Bonds Know That The Fed's In A Pickle
    Mon, Apr. 6 UUP, GLD, TLT 10 Comments
  • Bull Market, Bear Market Or Barely Moving Market?
    Wed, Apr. 1 XLU, IYT, TLT 12 Comments
  • 50% Recession Possibility Calls For A 'Higher-Than-Usual' Allocation To Non-Stock ETFs
    Mon, Mar. 30 HEWG, EFAV, TLH 20 Comments
  • Are Transportation Stocks Hinting At A New Recession?
    Thu, Mar. 26 IYT, SPY, DIA 13 Comments
  • Why A 'Rate Hike Tantrum' Will Not Kill Bond ETFs In 2015
    Tue, Mar. 24 IEF, TLH, TLT 5 Comments
  • Technical Breakouts For Popular ETFs On The World Stage
    Fri, Mar. 20 HEWG, EWG, VGK 7 Comments
  • 3 Implications Of 'Shifts' In Fed Policy
    Wed, Mar. 18 DOD, SPY, HEDJ 2 Comments
  • ETF Risk Management In The Face Of A Surging U.S. Dollar
    Mon, Mar. 16 VIG, VOE, USMV 8 Comments
  • King Dollar Up, U.S. Stocks Down: A Different Investing Dynamic For 2015
    Wed, Mar. 11 FXE, FXY, UUP 5 Comments
  • Selling Winners In Your Portfolio Is Never Easy
    Mon, Mar. 9 EDV, TLH, HEWG 21 Comments
  • Everything Is Awesome? Time To Rethink Your ETF Asset Mix
    Thu, Mar. 5 VTI, BND, TIP 8 Comments
  • What The NASDAQ's Round-Trip To 5000 Really Means
    Tue, Mar. 3 EDV, VYM, USMV 3 Comments
  • Scarcity And Stocks: How To Follow (Or Avoid) A Late '90s 'New Economy' Playbook
    Editors' Pick  • Thu, Feb. 26 TLT, SPY, VIG 6 Comments
  • Why The Fed Has Lost The Will To Normalize Rates (And What You Can Do About It)
    Mon, Feb. 23 USMV, VYM, TLT 9 Comments
  • Saving Greece? What ETF Investors Should Really Be Focused On
    Fri, Feb. 20 VIG, MGK, XLV 2 Comments
  • U.S. Stocks And U.S. Bonds: What The Heck?
    Wed, Feb. 18 EDV, ZROZ, OEF 14 Comments
  • Currency Wars Offer Unique ETF Opportunities
    Fri, Feb. 13 MGK, HACK, TLH 6 Comments
  • ETF Allocation When Stocks Are Stuck In A Moment
    Wed, Feb. 11 SPY, PTTDX, USMV 3 Comments
  • Why TBT Doesn't Have A Prayer
    Mon, Feb. 9 TBT 60 Comments
  • ETFs For An Ongoing Stimulus Bubble
    Thu, Feb. 5 FXF, UUP, FXY 4 Comments
  • Risk Aversion Gains Momentum And Risk Taking Loses It
    Tue, Feb. 3 JNK, IEF, TLH 10 Comments
  • 3 ETF Investing Themes For A Wobbly U.S. Bull
    Thu, Jan. 29 BLV, NIO, EPI 6 Comments
  • Relative Value The Reason To Keep Buying Munis And Long Bond ETFs
    Mon, Jan. 26 BLV, TFI, NIO 12 Comments