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    I enjoy seeing a Twitter stream that is virulently anti-Joe Kernen. It amazes me at how worked up people get about his "antics."

    I don't particularly agree with his political views but I think he's really very funny and offers the kind of irreverence that makes it much easier to watch at 7 AM. I mentioned him a few times in my book, as well as in the acknowledgements
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    I think we will all go to our graves wondering whether Yogi Berra was intentionally funny.
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    He's about 60 years too old and no real evidence of developmental disability to have seen me, but you're right, I would have had a few good speech pathologists interested in his case, which does not appear to be of neurological origin.
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    Well, you may have a point, as in this most recent round of earnings the financials have demonstrated good numbers and do stand to benefit in an interest rising environment.

    But the point that I like the best are related to that advice for marital harmony. Great strategy.

    They may have moved the sidelines, though. After being fully in for the past 8 pr so years, I've been getting down to 25-30% cash after Mondays and typically getting back to about 40% by assignment on Fridays (higher at monthly expiration). That pattern has been pretty steady for the past three months, as I hope to have at least 30-40% available if and when.
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    I bought more eBay last week and have LVS on my alternate list for this week, especially if it gets closer to $52.50. I never did pick up RDS.A when I mentioned it in an article two weeks ago, but still may consider doing so in advance of its upcoming dividend..

    You bring up a very good point about the relative calm in DC. I live just outside the Beltway and can tell you that when traffic picks up near the end of August so too does the rhetoric inside the Beltway, as you've noted.

    Neither of those is good.

    It really is amazing that these elected officials who appear to often have only their own narrow interests at heart, do not see the destructive paths that they create in that process.
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    I won't ask if his "former" status is in any way related to his "mediocrity"
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    No, you'd have far too much company. Instead, aspire to achieve and maintain mediocrity and dwell in relative anonymity.

    Works for me.
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    I guess Uecker was an example of not even having to hit a lot of singles.

    So you would think it was his defense that kept him on the roster, but If I remember, he once led league in passed balls, despite only catching a small number of games. I think he was one of the Niekro brothers designated catchers, so the knuckleball may have been his excuse.

    But when was the last time baseball turned out a guy that was as funny?
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  • Love Fest And Victory Tour [View article]
    I have links on the weekly articles that refer back to the concepts:

    For Double Dip it is

    ANd for "PEE" it's

    I don't calculate ROI on the basis of a weekly article, as I may not execute all of the trades. Recently (the pas t3 months) as I've been more negative, I've gone from an average of about 10 new positions a week to 5 or so (this past week was 7), however, I don't always follow the script. Sometimes the new positions weren't part of the weekly article. This past week, for example, that included selling puts on DOW, new positions in LLY, JCP.

    Subscribers receive either text message trading alerts or e-mails and have access to the web site where performance is tracked daily and summarized weekly.

    I published an article in Seeking Alpha earlier this year that looked at 2012 performance and anticipate a similar article in 2013, although thus far 2012 is proving to have been a better year, as 2013 has been moving in a singular direction, which is the antithesis of a covered option strategy.
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    Thank you.

    That sentiment is exactly what I believe many are missing.

    You don't need homeruns, lots of singles will do just fine and ultimately is a far more sustainable approach, even in negative markets.
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    Very nice.

    I recently provided a link to a commenter about a 12 month experience with CAT, that mostly was with covered calls, but also included some put sales.

    It is such a prime example of how through repeated ownership you can actually emulate a buy and hold strategy but instead of ending up at the same place you started as prices moved up and down repeatedly, you end up far ahead.

    If you look at that link and use Friday's closing price for the 2 lots of shares that are currently open, the cumulative return since July 2012 is 35% (as opposed to 44%), despite the fact that the average cost per share was nearly $3 above Friday's close. (Note: The table assumes that purchases were in equal sized lots and currently open lots use their strike prices in determination of ROI)
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    Your humble opinion is as valid as those put out by people getting paid for their opinions.

    Prognostication hasn't worked terribly well or consistently in the markets, or anywhere else for that matter. Just go to your physician's office and pick up a 6 month old copy of TIME magazine and see just how accurately "futurists" called the economy, arts, politics, etc..

    You do make a very good point that we may be our own catalyst, by virtue of getting back to work and feeling better about the future, but that would end up being reflected in corporate earnings. So far, that isn't happening.

    But who knows, next quarter could be different, especially if recent employment reports are accurate.
    Jul 27 09:13 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
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    While there's probably no fear that our home grown technological advances will cease and that we will continue to put out great new products, it may take more than that to spread the fever throughout the market.

    I'm not imaginative enough to have any idea of what industry, company or product may serve as a catalyst, but there will be something, someday.

    Who knows, if Tesla could offer a reasonably affordable product that could re-invogorate auto sales and all of the trickle down component industries. Maybe it's just as simple as a strong housing rebound., but any kind of "feel good" optimisitic story line would go a long way.
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    Thank you.

    The spreadsheets could probably use some greater explanation, especially when puts are considered. The current version of the spreadsheet contains weekly worksheets going back to about September 2012.

    Some weeks, however, I don't follow the script very much. For example, last week's article that you cited, saw me only open 3 new positions from the list and 4 new positions that weren't on the list. As prepared as you try to be when the bell rings on Monday, you just never know where the path takes you from trade to trade.
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    I wonder how much of that "Apple" money became realized profits?

    Based on comments to some articles I wrote about Apple when it was in the $600 and $700 range, the critical opinion I had was met with real fervor and belief that the share price could only go higher.

    You'd like to think that people, especially if over-invested in Apple would have taken some profits, but I'm not entirely convinced that was the case.
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